Is the Journeyman Electrician’s Test Hard?

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Are you looking for information on the difficulty of the Journeyman Electrician exam? Are you anxious about what to expect and need to know the journeyman electrician test requirements? We have all of that information and then some.

Imagine walking into the exam, sitting down to take it, and knowing exactly what to expect. That is the level of confidence we want you to have. We will provide you with information on the difficulty of the exam, but we will also update you on some study tips that will ensure you pass.

If you have already taken the journeyman electrician exam and it didn’t go so well, never fear! All you have to do is keep reading for more information on what you can expect and how to prepare.

What is Covered on the Journeyman Electrician Test?What is Covered on the Journeyman Electrician Test?

The journeyman electrician exam is meant to test your abilities and competencies for performing the needed job duties to be an electrician. These exams differ by state, and often there are several state-specific requirements you must meet before sitting for the exam.

It is essential that you check these state-specific requirements before sitting for the exam. Several subject areas are standard for the journeyman exam. Though these topics may be covered in different ways, they are generally found on all exams. Things like exam format or included information may differ.

Though a potential journeyman is not expected to know everything, they should have a base knowledge. The exam includes basic electrical test questions and several other related topics. These topics include the following:

  • Wiring in various building types (commercial, residential)
  • Basic information surrounding low voltage systems
  • Generators, motors, and electrical feeders
  • Calculations, theories, and definitions
  • Various wiring methods
  • Electrical tools and devices
  • Special dwellings and conditions
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Conductors

In some states like Massachusetts, the exam will be split into applied and practical. There will be different time limits for each of these exams. Passing the journeyman exam is a significant accomplishment and should not be taken lightly. Once you have completed and passed the exam, you will be licensed to perform a number of residential and commercial electrical tasks. These tasks may include repairing wires, installing fixtures, and more.

How Many Questions Are on the Journeyman Electrician Test?

How Many Questions Are on the Journeyman Electrician Test?

The exam includes a total of 80 multiple choice questions, which are given within four hours. The number of questions for each section may vary as they are not easily distributed. However, a score of 70% or higher is needed to pass. It is important to remember that the test is just one part of your process of becoming a journeyman electrician.

Your state may request additional requirements. This will likely include a specific amount of on-the-job training under the guidance of a master electrician. This requirement must be met in addition to passing the exam and paying a fee specific to your region. This fee includes exam fees and any application processing fees.

How Hard is the Journeyman Test?

How Hard is the Journeyman Test?

The difficulty is a relative subject; however, based on the pass rates of the exam, it may be more challenging than many electricians would like to admit. As a journeyman, taking the following steps is a significant feat for any young electrician.

The exam covers a healthy amount of material that you are expected to know. Yet one thing you will need to remember is that practical application is different from the exam. What you experience at work is extremely different than the exam. Each exam differs slightly; however, you will do just fine as long as you are adequately prepared.

The pass rate on the exam is roughly 33%. This is not a high percentage and worries lots of students. This can mean that the test is complex and that students are not adequately prepared for what they are about to embark on. This is why following the study tips is so important.

What Happens If You Fail the Journeyman Test?

What Happens If You Fail the Journeyman Test?

Failing the journeyman exam is not the end of the world. There is still hope for you to become a journeyman electrician. However, there may be some extra steps you need to take in order to do so. Remember, you are not alone. A good portion of applicants fails the journeyman exam on the first try.

In fact, the exam only has a 32% pass rate in many states. Though you will need to check for specifics in your state, many follow a similar retake policy. This policy allows students to have a second chance at taking the exam and becoming an electrician. If you are a domestic test taker, you will receive your score immediately after taking the exam. This will let you know if you pass or fail.

If you fail the test, do not beat yourself up. Try to remember the things you struggle with and focus on those when studying the second time around. If you are looking to retest, you need to take the exam within one year. This means one year from the date that a student is notified of their exam failure, the clock starts. If the student misses out on this opportunity, they will be forced to take the needed steps to reapply and pay the necessary fees again.

How to Pass the Journeyman Electrician Test: 9 Study Tips

How to Pass the Journeyman Electrician Test: 9 Study Tips

Passing the journeyman exam is possible, and it can even be done on the first try. Use the tips listed below to help you prepare to pass the exam. These tips will help you get a score worthy of passing the exam.

Use all of your time

No matter how good you think you are, you should never complete your exam early. Use your time to go back and ensure that you have understood everything correctly. Take time to review questions you are unsure of. If you left any questions until the end, review those for accuracy.

Make educated guesses if you have to

Even if you are not sure about an answer, don’t simply make a random guess. Try to use your common sense or previous knowledge to narrow down answers. When doing multiple choice questions, look through the answers and narrow down the options to items you are familiar with. That would at least give you half a chance at getting the answer correct.

Skip things that you don’t know – but come back

Do not be afraid to leave questions until the end. You do not want to lose too much time, and you can be sure to leave yourself enough time to go back through and check your answers. You may be surprised at how few questions you have once you get to the end. However, this can help you to get through the information quickly.

Use your resources wisely

You must take advantage of the resources that you have available to you. Utilize your study guides and textbooks to help ensure that you have all the knowledge you need. There are several options available to help you. A few good resources include the following:

  • Mike Holt's Journeyman Practice Exam by Mike Holt The guide provides several questions for you to practice from. This includes several different topics like Electrical Theory, calculations, and so much more. The text also includes an answer key to provide you with a meaningful explanation. Students have found the text to be very comprehensive.
  • Journeyman Electrician Exam Prep 2021 VersionThe text goes into grave detail about the calculations needed to perform well on the exam. The text also provides electrical analysis and even test-taking tips for doing well on the exam. The text includes information on how to handle various electrical items like kitchen and laundry equipment.
  • Basic Electricity – Many individuals have found that this text is precisely what they are looking for. This is an excellent text for newbies, and concepts are explained in an easy way to grasp. They have several diagrams throughout the text that help push home the ideas of electricity.
  • Schaum's Outline of Basic Electricity – This Is an excellent text which marries many concepts together for aspiring electricians. The book details basic electrical principles that all reflect traditional skills and definitions that a journeyman electrician should know. The book contains electrical test questions and answers to help you grasp the needed information.

Know your testing location

It is essential to understand where you are going to ensure you are on time for the exam. This may mean going to visit the site early before your exam time. This may also mean scouting out the exam room to ensure you know where to go. Parking is also an important aspect to know early. If you are in a busy metropolitan area, there will likely be little to no parking available to you. Use unique apps that are available to ensure you have a place at the right time.

Study with Friends

One means of ensuring that you do well on the exam is studying hard for the exam. This can be a more significant victory when looking with friends. Doing activities like quizzing each other and organizing study groups are a great way to ensure that everyone is retaining the information and will have all the information on how to pass the journeyman electrician test.

Give yourself enough time to study

Making sure you have enough time to study is a critical factor in passing the exam. You do not want to cram and guess what you should study. Planning out your calendar is essential for ensuring that you have covered all information in great detail.

Practice with old exams

Practicing with old exams is essential for doing well. You want to allow yourself to use practice exams to help you understand the exam format and practice timings. Different sections have different time constraints. Use the old exams to practice and time yourself to know how to get through the exam.

Avoid last minute studying

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to create a study calendar.  This calendar will allow you the freedom to focus on different subjects each week. After your content reviews, it would also be smart to leave some time prior to your exam for cumulative reviews and practice tests as well.  This ensures that you have exhausted all study options without cramming the night before.

Wrapping Things Up: Is the Journeyman Electrician’s Test Hard?

If you are still wondering if the journeyman electrician’s test is complex, the answer is simple. Yes, it can be. The test contains not only the basic electrical test questions but so much more. You can do several things to ensure that you pass the exam.

Though passing the exam is hard, it is not impossible.

There are a number of students who have come to the exam and passed. This is due to their preparation and efforts to study for the exam. There are a number of tips that you can utilize to help you get the best score possible. Some of the most helpful tips mentioned above can be extremely useful when looking for information on how to pass.

Some of the most valuable tips include studying in a group or even making educated guesses as you see fit, with an emphasis on being educated. Al you have to do is apply the techniques learned, and you will be good to go. Happy testing!

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