Hey, we’re Conquer Your Exam, and this is our story.

Back in school, we were you. The anxious, sleep-deprived teenagers striving endlessly to do well on their high-pressure exams to get into great universities.

We studied hard and most importantly learned which study materials were most impactful in accelerating learning. Our hard work paid off.

We scored 4s and 5s in every single Advanced Placement class we took.

We applied to the top universities, and with our strong test scores combined with our notable extracurriculars, we were offered admission to the Ivys, University of ChicagoNorthwestern, amongst other top public schools. Not just that though, our credits from our AP classes meant we saved thousands of dollars in college. In addition to our AP credits, we won a ton of financial aid in scholarships.

Stressed about the AP exam

Whether you’re a struggling student or in the top 10% of your graduating class, Conquer Your Exam is for you.

Our mission is to help students, parents, and teachers quickly find which resources they should be using to bring their ‘A’ game on test day. 

Conquer Your Exam offers the most fair and comprehensive buyer’s guides for tough exams. Unlike others, we deeply investigate the strengths and the weaknesses of different resources. We don’t publish reviews just for the sake of publishing them. Aside from actually looking into each product, we further support our research by understanding how educators and tutors in these respective subjects feel about each resource.

We believe when you’re deciding which resources to use for your exam, you should know what is the best of the bunch, which resources were close runner-ups, and which offer the best bang for your buck (after all, student debt is on the rise)!

Aside from our book reviews, you may find in the future we’ll include more study tips and ideas for you to apply to your test prep to make the most of your limited study time.

If there is a subject you are looking for that is not yet covered, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.

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