AP Exam Test Dates 2020: Complete Calendar and Schedule

By May 18, 2019 October 16th, 2019 High School Study Tips
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If you are looking ahead to the 2020 AP exam dates, then we got you covered. We have listed the important AP test dates you should take note of while also providing you relevant tips on how to study for the AP exams to get a high score of a 4 or 5.

Read on and keep track of all of these dates while taking our advice to come out with a 5 in your AP exams.

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2020 AP Exam Dates and Schedule

All of the 2020 AP exam dates are scheduled in two weeks starting from May 4 and ending on May 15. Of course, you will have the weekend to prepare for the second week of the AP exams. There are also late-testing dates scheduled after the first two weeks.

Week 1 of Advanced Placement Exams

Week 1Morning

8 am


12 noon


2 pm


May 4, 2020

·    United States Government and Politics·    Physics C: Mechanics·    Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

May 5, 2020

·    Calculus AB

·    Calculus BC

·    German Language and Culture

·    Human Geography


May 6, 2020

·    English Literature and Composition·    European History

·    Physics 2: Algebra-Based


May 7, 2020

·    Chemistry

·    Spanish Literature and Culture

·    Japanese Language and Culture

·    Physics 1: Algebra-Based


May 8, 2020

·    United States History·    Art History

·    Computer Science A

·  8 pm – Deadline of submission of digital portfolios for AP 2-D Art and Design, 3-D Art and Design, and Drawing

·  Last day to gather 2-D Art and Design and Drawing students for physical portfolio assembly

Week 2 of Advanced Placement Exams

Week 2Morning

8 am


12 noon


May 11, 2020

·    Biology·    Chinese Language and Culture

·    Environmental Science


May 12, 2020

·    Seminar

·    Spanish Language and Culture

·    Latin

·    Psychology


May 13, 2020

·    English Language and Composition·    Microeconomics

·    Music Theory


May 14, 2020

·    Comparative Government and Politics

·    World History: Modern

·    Italian Language and Culture

·    Macroeconomics


May 15, 2020

·    Computer Science Principles

·    French Language and Culture

·    Statistics

Week 3 of Advanced Placement Exams (Late)

Late-Testing Dates

8 am


12 noon


May 20, 2020

·  English Language and Composition

·  European History

·  Microeconomics

·  Physics C: Mechanics

·  Psychology

·  Statistics

·  Chemistry

·  Computer Science A

·  Japanese Language and Culture

·  Latin

·  Music Theory

·  Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism


May 21, 2020

·  Biology

·  Computer Science Principles

·  Environmental Science

·  Physics 1: Algebra-Based

·  United States History

·  World History: Modern

·  Art History

·  Chinese Language and Culture

·  French Language and Culture

·  Italian Language and Culture

·  Physics 2: Algebra-Based


May 22, 2020

·  Calculus AB

·  Calculus BC

·  English Literature and Composition

·  Human Geography

·  Seminar

·  United States Government and Politics

·  Comparative Government and Politics

·  German Language and Culture

·  Macroeconomics

·  Spanish Language and Culture

·  Spanish Literature and Culture

671 Epic AP Study Tips

Overview of AP Exam Fees

*AP Exam Fees
Regular Exams$94
AP Capstone: AP Seminar and AP Research$142
International Exams$124
Late-testing$45 per exam in addition to the exam fee
*Based on the 2019 fees and may change

How to Register for the AP Exams

  1. For those enrolled in AP classes
    You can register for the AP exams through your school. You have to ask your school’s AP coordinator as it is their job to coordinate with the College Board and to handle anything related to the AP exam registration process.
  2. For those homeschooled or those who do not have AP classes in their school (self-studying)
    For homeschooled students and for those attending schools without AP classes, you can still take the AP exams by coordinating with any nearby school participating in the AP. Contact AP services and ask for the names of any local participating AP schools that accommodate outside students. You can also ask them for the contact information of those schools’ AP coordinator for more information.The registration process will be the same as if you were attending the accommodating host school. Also, the host school will be administering the AP tests for you instead of your own school.

AP Exam Study Tips

Now that you already know the 2020 AP exam dates relevant to you, it might be time for you to start preparing for the test. If you do not know where to start, here are some AP exam study tips you might want to consider:

  1. Diligently take notes during your AP classes. By taking AP courses in your school, you have bound yourself to the possibility that you will be taking the AP exams. In that case, you do not want to waste your time and money in classes doing nothing. Instead, take notes. Listen to your teacher and write down any relevant information you see or listen to.If your note-taking cannot keep up with everything your teacher says, it might be best for you to write down a few words or certain phrases that could trigger your memory of that topic. The most important part here is that you do your part in listening to the teacher. As long as you did that, even three or four words in your notes will be enough to trigger that memory.
  2. Start studying early for your AP exam prep. As soon as you have taken note of the 2020 AP exam schedule and have decided which one of those you are planning to take, study. It is always best to start studying early so that you will not end up cramming a few weeks before the AP exams. Studying early allows you to pace yourself instead of rushing through your books and notes.Also, the good thing about studying early is that you can afford to study smart. That means that you do not have to spend a lot of time during the day reading through your notes. Instead, you can allot about an hour or two of productive study hours a day while it is still early.
  3. Use the best AP review books. There are a lot of high-quality and proven AP review books on the market. Use some of those books so that you do not have to use your textbooks all over again. The best AP review books will be able to help improve your chances of getting a 5 in your AP exams without having to let you go through hundreds or even thousands of textbook pages.However, since it can be difficult to take your pick because of how there are dozens of AP review books to choose from, do your research first and see which one of them best fits your needs and your personal preferences. It is best for you to go get one review book that would serve as your main reference and one or two complementary materials.
  4. Plot your AP study schedule early. Making your own study schedule is a good way of preparing for the AP exam because you will be able to set your goals on a daily or weekly basis depending on your pacing and study habits. The important part here is that your study schedule should be personal in the sense that it fits your needs since not all students have the same habits and learning curve.Also, always see to it that you are able to follow your study schedule diligently or else you might end up losing a lot of valuable time. This usually results in cramming just weeks or even days before the AP exams. However, in case something prevents you from following the schedule, make sure to make adjustments.
  5. Take breaks. The top students’ secret to success is to not let their brains burn out. That means that there is no reason for you to 10 straight hours studying through your notes and materials. In that case, take a few breaks once in a while. Your mind also needs to rest as much as your body does. Studying when your entire system is too tired will only lead to unproductive hours for you.Your study breaks do not have to be short. You can take days off to relax, watch movies, play games, and go out with your friends. When you feel like your mind and body are ready for the grind again, get back to work. You will notice how big of a difference breaks can make when it comes to your productivity as a student.
  6. Take care of your body and eat properly. In line with the previous tip, you should also make sure to take care of your body. Breaks and rests in between studying are important but so is proper nutrition. Do not neglect your body’s needs even though you are in the middle of an intense study session.Eat on a regular basis and do not forget to eat the proper types of food. That means that you should load up on some good carbs, healthy vegetables, and also vitamin-rich fruits. Your mind can only work at the top of its game if your body is well-fed and nourished.
  7. Manage your anxiety well. Anxiety is one of the toughest opponents any student faces when preparing for the AP exams. You simply cannot avoid obsessing about the things you need to learn or getting anxious about what kind of questions you will be encountering in the test. Often times, anxiety can take over and can help you lose valuable sleep.If you find it difficult to manage your anxiety, try to spend a few hours a day reflecting and de-stressing. You may want to go out and exercise to distract your mind. If physical activities are not your thing, try taking up a hobby such as cooking or gardening. You can even read a novel or a few magazines or even play video games. As long as it is an activity that takes your mind off the AP exams, it will surely help you manage your anxiety better.
  8. Always study with your AP goals in mind. When things get too tough and you find yourself hitting a rough patch, always remember why you want to take the AP exams in the first place. Everyone has specific goals and reasons for taking AP courses and AP exams. Whatever they are, keep them in mind while studying so that you will always be reminded of why you are making yourself go through that ordeal.One good way of doing so is to write your goals down on some pieces of paper and place them somewhere visible in your room so that you will be reminded of them as you wake up or as you read through your materials and notes. As long as you have your mind set on accomplishing your goals, there is no reason why you cannot get a 5 in the AP exams.

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