How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions?

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Would you like to know how to answer multiple-choice questions? Even though some people may view the multiple-choice test as simple, we understand that it can be quite tricky. Don’t worry, by the end of this article, you will learn how to outsmart a multiple choice test because we will share some secrets to taking multiple choice tests.

How to Prepare for Multiple Choice Exam?How to Prepare for Multiple Choice Exam?

There are many things that one can do to help them prepare for a multiple-choice exam.  Here are some of them that you can practice to help you ace that test.

Use Flashcards

Using flashcards to practice on your own or in groups is a way to promote quick recall that can be quite useful when taking multiple-choice tests. You can write commonly asked questions or information that pertains to the subject matter in question form on a flashcard and then write the answer on the other side. Periodically, you can go through these flashcards to test yourself, and this will help you to recall the answer to similar questions in the exam.

Group Study Sessions

Studying with your friends in group sessions is another useful way to prepare for multiple choice exams. When you study in groups, you learn new ways to approach questions and new points of view that can help you learn about topics that you did not previously understand in class. When you are in a multiple-choice test, you may come across a question that was covered in a group session, and it would be easier for you to remember the answer because you will remember one of your friends who said it.

Do Mock Exams

Mock exams are great practicing tools for multiple choice test practice. If possible, try to get past exams of the same test to understand and get accustomed to the way questions were posed previously. Doing these mock tests will prepare you by exposing you to questions that come up in that subject area, allowing you to time yourself to develop a mental clock when doing the real exam, and others.

Study (read, watch, listen)

Try to study on your own. Go over the material covered by your teachers so that you can better understand the topic and discover errors you don’t understand so that you can go over them again with your teachers or study group. There are various ways that you can study on your own. You can either read the material for the class, watch videos about the topics or listen to audio clips with the required information. Even though your multiple-choice test may seem like an easy challenge, it won’t be easy to pass if you don’t study.

How to Outsmart a Multiple Choice Test?

How to Outsmart a Multiple Choice Test?

Answer easier questions first

One rule of thumb when answering questions in a multiple choice exam, is answer the questions that you believe you know first. This is especially useful if you are doing a test that is timed.

There are a few reasons why it is advisable that you do this. First, answering the questions that you know first will allow you to save time, as you won’t waste as much time on questions that you find difficult. Secondly, answering these questions will take you through the entire test and you may inadvertently find the answer to more difficult questions while reading.

For example, a difficult question could be “1. What year did Christopher Columbus land in the Americas?” Further on in the test, you may come across another question that answers the first question. For example, “5. In 1492, where did Christopher Columbus land when he first came to the Americas?” Right away, you would know that the answer to the first question would be 1492.

Answer using process of elimination

Sometimes while you are in a multiple-choice test, you will not know all the answers right away, but using the process of elimination while reviewing the answer options, you can narrow down your choices to one or two options. To do this, read the question and once you have understood the question, read the answers and eliminate the ones that you know are outright wrong. Whatever you are left with will either be the correct answer or options you can make an educated guess from.

Always select an answer, even if you don’t know the correct answer

Remember that you are attempting to pass the test by acquiring enough points from correct answers. Even if you are not aware of the correct answer to one or more questions, at the end of your test, make sure that you go through and select an answer to every question. You could get lucky, and the answer you selected could be right, but if you did not choose an answer, you would not get a fighting chance.

5 Steps to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

5 Steps to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

Answering multiple-choice questions effectively is a process that starts even before you enter the exam. There are five steps that you should follow to make sure you pass.


Entering an exam without studying is asking for an F. No matter how much you think you know, try to study as much as possible before taking any exam. Studying will provide you with the knowledge you need to do well in the exam and in real-world applications.


Practicing is a lot different from studying. Studying is acquiring knowledge, but you need to practice how you convey what you know in exams. As you may know, many people do not test well, even though they are quite educated. Practicing on mock tests and in study groups can help you to do better on exams. Sometimes you can practice how you take tests by doing tests from other subject areas you are more comfortable in.

Answer easier questions first

When you start your multiple-choice exam, remember to answer the questions that are easier first. If you try to answer all the questions in order, you may waste time on the ones that you can’t recall at that exact moment. If you move on from questions that you don’t remember the answers to, you may remember the answers to them later on, and you can always go back to answer them. It is also possible that the test creators may inadvertently provide the answers in the questions to come.

Eliminate clear wrong answers

If you are having difficulties with a question on the multiple-choice exam, you can try the process of elimination to determine the correct answer. If you get a question and some of the answers are clearly wrong, you can just cross those out of your thought process and focus on the possibly correct answers. Sometimes if you are lucky, after eliminating the wrong answers, only one is left.

Double-check before submitting

In any exam you do, it is of utmost importance that you remember to double-check all your answers before submitting the test. Sometimes we forget to answer a few questions, and sometimes we believe we know the answer to begin with, but we could have overlooked an essential word in the question. Reviewing the exam questions and answers will allow you to catch most if not all of the mistakes you may have made and help you get a better mark.

5 Effective Ways to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

5 Effective Ways to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

Stay calm and remember what you studied

No matter how difficult you may find the test, panicking will never help you. Try to stay calm and remember the information that you studied. If you can’t remember, do not panic, as this may cause you to forget answers that you otherwise would have known.

Read the entire question

Always read the entire question, sometimes twice. Do not answer a question until you have done this. You may think you know what the question is saying, but there could be keywords that change the question from what you believe it is.

Read all the answer options

Similarly to reading the entire question, make sure that you read all of the answers before selecting one. Sometimes test creators will place close answers at the top of the answer key, but there could be a more suitable answer at the end of the answer key. If you fail to read all the answers, you will select the wrong one.

Eliminate wrong answers

Remember to eliminate wrong answers for questions that you find difficulty answering. Eliminating the answers you know are incorrect will give you a better chance of selecting the correct answer.

Double-check answers, even the ones you think are easy

Sometimes we believe that some of the questions on a test or the entire test are relatively easy. This may be true, but not always. If you take the time to review the questions and the answers carefully, you will often find where you made an error. It does not hurt to go through your answers at the end of the test to ensure that you answered everything correctly.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions

The first step to passing a multiple-choice exam is to study. Study with your friends or classmates and study on your own. When you enter the exam, stay calm, read the questions carefully, and read all the answers carefully too. After you’ve completed the test, take some time to review the questions and your answers before submitting them.

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