How to Study for the Journeyman Electrician’s Exam?

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Are you looking for ways to study for the journeymen exam? Do you need additional tips on how to get the most out of your study sessions? We have all the correct information for you. Making sure you pass on the first try is one of our biggest goals.

Make sure that you set your sights on passing the exam. That is the ultimate goal of taking the exam, to begin with. You will want to ensure that you have adequately prepared and are ready to take on what is presented to you.

To find information on the exam’s format, what to expect on test day, and even what happens when you fail, you must keep reading. This article will provide you with sources and more to keep ensuring that you are learning and growing.

What is Covered on the Journeyman Electrician Test?What is Covered on the Journeyman Electrician Test?

There are several topics included in the Journeyman Electrician exam. This consists of a wide array of topics and even basic definitions for electricians. The test is used to ensure that you have all of the needed knowledge and competencies to do well in your potential role.

It is crucial to remember that your exam may differ based on your geographical location. Certain states may include different information on a number of items as well as questions that other exams may not have. Journeyman may not know what to expect on the exam; however, this guide aims to provide you with some clarity.

There are a number of different sources you may go to pertaining to the information for the journeyman electricians guide; however, many of the exams keep a host of the same information. The electrical test questions and answers can be difficult, but you will certainly be ready with accurate preparation.

The list below contains items you should study and make yourself aware of before the exam. This includes a number of basic electricity concepts that journeymen must put into practice every day. These concepts account for the entirety of the exam though dispersed in different capacities.

  • Electrical Feeders
  • Generators and electric motors
  • Technologies specific to renewable energies
  • Service equipment and tools
  • Basic definitions, wiring plans, and so much more
  • Circuit calculations and unique jobs

How Many Questions Are on the Journeyman Electrician Test?

How Many Questions Are on the Journeyman Electrician Test?

The journeyman exam may be hard to pass. However, it is not impossible. The journeyman exam is one that may seem slightly tricky, but it is undoubtedly feasible to complete in the allotted amount of time needed. Based on your location, there are at least eighty to one hundred questions exam takers must answer to pass the exam

The exam includes a total of 80 multiple choice questions, which are given within a four-hour span. The number of questions for each section may vary as they are not easily distributed. However, a score of 70% or higher is needed to pass. It is important to remember that the test is just one part of your process of becoming a journeyman electrician.

Your state may request additional requirements. This will likely include a specific amount of on-the-job training under the guidance of a master electrician. This requirement must be met in addition to passing the exam, as well as paying a fee specific to your region. This fee includes exam fees and any applicable processing fees.

How Hard is the Journeyman Test?

How Hard is the Journeyman Test?

Failing the journeyman exam is not the end of the world. There is still hope for you to become a journeyman electrician. However, there may be some extra steps you need to take in order to do so. Remember, you are not alone. A good portion of applicants fails the journeyman exam on the first try.

In fact, the exam only has a 32% pass rate in many states. Approaching the difficulty of the exam is a touchy subject. There is certainly not a high number of applicants passing on the first try based on the pass rate. This can mean that students have not adequately prepared or that their practical experience does not align with the exam. However, this can mean a number of things for the exam.

What Happens If You Fail the Journeyman Test?

What Happens If You Fail the Journeyman Test?

Based on the exam pass rate, in the event that you do fail, you are not alone. It is relatively uncommon for test-takers to pass the exam on their first try. If you are one of these test-takers, do to beat yourself up. It just means you will need to go back to the drawing board and study harder.

Though different in every location, the retest policy is likely to have a similar policy in every state. However, your retest experience may be different depending on whether you are an international or a domestic examinee.

Depending on their test location, students will be given a chance to retest again. Many states have clauses surrounding the length of time which may pass for an individual to sit again for the exam. Failing the test only makes passing it that much sweeter when it finally does happen. Make sure you follow up with the state for documentation surrounding policies that may have a lasting effect.

11 Test Taking Tips for Your Journeyman Electrician Exam

11 Test Taking Tips for Your Journeyman Electrician Exam

Passing the journeyman exam is possible, and it can even be done on the first try. Use the tips listed below to help you prepare to pass the exam. These tips will help you to get a score worthy of passing the exam.

Do not rely on cram sessions

It is crucial that you do not solely rely on cram sessions to help you pass the exam. Although in some cases, they can be effective, it is one of the worse ways to study and often cause more harm than it does good. Cram sessions can leave students fatigued and ill-prepared for the exam.

Eat a sensible breakfast and get rest before the exam

Though you may feel that it is not vital, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It helps students to stay focused and keeps their minds from wandering to their hunger instead of the exam. You will also want to make sure that you are adequately rested for the exam so that you are operating in tip-top shape.

Know Testing Stipulations Before the Exam

It is crucial that you know what you can and can not have while taking the exam. For example, some facilities do not allow you to bring any personal items or cell phones to the exam facility. This means that when arranging travel, you must be aware of this prior to getting to the testing facility.

Use your resources

Outside of simply using text-based resources to help you get ahead, you should also use the material provided by your states. Some states provide students with an ample amount of paper resources to help them prepare for the exam. If you know someone who has taken the exam, use them as a resource to get insight on what to expect. Use these resources and other individuals to your advantage.

Skip things that you don’t know – but come back

Do not be afraid to leave questions until the end. You do not want to lose too much time, and you can be sure to leave yourself enough time to go back through and check your answers. You may be surprised at how few questions you have once you get to the end. However, this can help you to get through the information quickly.

Find a Study Guide that Fits Your Needs

There are several resources available to you when testing for the journeyman exam. These can include state-specific resources or more general resources which can be used in any state. These books provide a host of electrical test questions and answers.

They also provide a number of practice exams to get you acclimated to the exam. Finding the right journeyman electrician exam study guide can change your outlook on the exam and help you get a passing score.

Handwrite your notes

Handing writing your notes allows muscle memory to take over when recalling material. Writing helps the brain grasp context faster and engages your brain more than using someone else’s note or a printed copy.

Have someone quiz you

Studying in a group is generally far more effective than studying alone. This allows you to bounce ideas off of each other and challenge each other in areas where you may be struggling. Also, repetition is a great way to ensure memorization.

Check your location before testing

It is essential to understand where you are going to ensure you are on time for the exam. This may mean going to visit the site early before your exam time. This may also mean scouting out the exam room to ensure you know where to go. Parking is also an important aspect to know early. If you are in a busy metropolitan area, it is likely that there will be little to no parking available to you. Use unique available apps to ensure you have a place at the right time.

Use your real-world experience

Though your work experience may be different than what you read about, pull concepts from your notes and connect them to experiences you may have had in the field. This will allow you to see how practical application comes into play. This can also improve your retention of the material.

Do more than skim

Do not take shortcuts when preparing for the exam. Taking shortcuts means you are likely limiting the information you should know. Skimming your reading may be an excellent way to pull out key concepts; however, to truly grasp the importance of some material, it must be read in its entirety.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Study for the Journeyman Electrician’s Exam?

Though studying for the journeyman exam may seem overwhelming at first, it can really be an enjoyable experience. If you adequately prepare and give yourself time to study and plan as needed, you will do wonderful. We have given you several suitable tips to help you improve your study habits for the exam. We have even provided you with the information needed to understand what to expect from the test.

Doing things like studying with a friend and quizzing each other can b an excellent idea when using repetition to grasp concepts. You can also do things like connecting your on-the-job experience to the things you have learned in your textbook. This will allow you to gain a more thorough understanding of how concepts are used in practice.

Overall, as long as you find the right journeyman electrician exam study guide, follow the tips listed above and give yourself plenty of time to study, you will be sure to fall into the 32 % of individuals who pass the exam on the first try.

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