How to Pass the Master Electrician Exam?

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Passing the master electrician exam can be challenging. Many electricians did not make it during their first take. However, with proper preparation and enough knowledge, you will successfully get the license. Once you get the passing rate, this shows that you are credible with adequate skills and knowledge to perform the job of a master electrician. When you have the license, you will open doors of opportunities, which is good for your career.

How Hard is the Master Electrician Test?How Hard is the Master Electrician Test?

To become a master electrician, you need a lot of dedication and hard work, including years of education and apprenticeship. Passing the master electrician exam is the last step to getting your license and practicing your profession independently. This exam is required to prove your knowledge, capabilities, and competence in the field. It would help if you had an intensive master electrician test prep to pass the exam. There are not too many people who pass the exam the first time around. Some people take the exam several times, and yet they still fail.

The regulations of the master electrician test can vary by state and locality. That’s why it is imperative to know the exam process to get an idea of what to expect. It composes 100 items with basic electrical test questions such as code references and calculations. It has a time limit to finish the test. Some states may conduct the test for 8 hours with some breaks in between, while others must complete it within 4-5 hours. The examination methods differ, such as written, oral, virtual, practical, or combination. However, do not worry, as there are tips on passing the master electrician exam that you will discover as you continue reading this article.

What Score Do You Need to Pass the Test?

What Score Do You Need to Pass the Test?

The primary purpose of the exam is to assess your knowledge and understanding of the National Electrical Code, basic and advanced electrical theory, layout, and design, and the laws and regulations of the state where you want to practice your career. The specific format, coverage, and requirement of the exam needed to get the license vary by state.

Before the exam, you must know the master electrician exam pass rate to prepare and aim for it. Usually, a score of 70% or better is needed to pass the exam and get the license. If you fail, you can retake the exam until you make it to the passing rate. However, you need to pay the additional examination fees for each attempt. The test provider will send the exam results through your email after a few days or weeks.

How Long Does It Take to Be a Master Electrician?

How Long Does It Take to Be a Master Electrician?

A master’s electrician has the highest degree of licensure in the electrical field. As a master electrician, you are allowed to do electrical work, like creating blueprints for electrical systems and leading the staff in conducting electrical system jobs. You are higher than the apprentices and journeymen electricians. Below are the steps for you to become a master electrician.

Get your high school diploma

Your first step to becoming a master electrician is to graduate from high school. Make sure to do good in your math subjects, particularly in Algebra. Some states require proof of proficiency in math.

Enroll in a technical school

You may begin your master electrician career at a technical school. They have credible instructors who will teach you electrical basics and job safety. You can finish 144 hours of in-class instruction and up to 4,000 hours of internship in the field. Usually, the technical school for electricians lasts up to 48 weeks.

There are also programs for electrical pre-apprenticeship that will let you experience practical learning with the instructors. Most of these technical schools already have an agreement with employers to deploy the students after graduation to let them work as apprentices for two years.

Finish a bachelor’s or master’s degree

Although it is not required to finish a bachelor’s or master’s degree, earning one can shorten the time needed to have the master electrician title. When you have a bachelor’s degree, particularly in a related field, you may only need three and a half years of internship. Meanwhile, if you are a master’s degree, you only need two years of apprenticeship to become a master electrician.

Become an apprentice

The first step in an electrician’s training is the apprenticeship. You cannot proceed to be a journeyman electrician without finishing the required hours for the internship. The apprenticeship hours differ from one state to another. However, completing it usually takes four years or about 8,000-10,000 hours. That’s why it is an advantage if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree because this reduces the hours required for an apprenticeship.

During this stage, you will learn the basic skills of an electrical worker and the various codes required for building structures, which can be commercial or residential.

Become a licensed journeyman electrical worker

After you finish the required hours for an apprenticeship, you may take an exam to become a licensed journeyman electrical worker. Many people did not pass the exam during the first take. Hence, you may need to take it several times to pass the exam. A journeyman electrician can conduct most electrical procedures and interpret electrical blueprints.

Take the master electrician exam

Passing the master electrician exam is required to get licensed as a master electrician. Preparing for the written and practical exams covering electrical competency would be best. You must prove that you are an expert in creating and interpreting the blueprint, operating the electrical equipment, and understanding the advanced electrical systems. Some states require a good moral standing before receiving your licensure. Thus, providing credible references or letters of recommendation from your previous employers is essential.

How to Study and Pass the Master Electrician Exam?

How to Study and Pass the Master Electrician Exam?

Although it is pretty challenging to get the license, there are tips for the master electrician exam that may help you.

Before The Exam

Be mentally prepared and follow the 4Cs of mental toughness

Before the exam, you must be mentally prepared. You can follow the 4Cs framework of mental toughness created by Professor Peter Clough of Manchester Metropolitan University. The 4Cs are Confidence, Commitment, Challenge, and Control. To apply the 4Cs, you must practice visualization and mental rehearsals to help you perform well during the examination.


It would be best if you believed in your abilities. Thus, it is vital to think you will pass the licensure examination. That’s why having a positive attitude is necessary. The way you talk to yourself has a significant impact on the way you study and learn. Always tell yourself, “I can do this,” and “I will pass this exam.” You may do this in front of the mirror before reviewing for the examination.


Stay committed and continue your dedication and hard work until you get that license. Study in advance for the information to move into long-term memory. Choose the best time of the day for you to study your notes calmly and with focus. Some people find it effective to study early in the morning when they still have a fresh mind, while others opt to study at nighttime. You may study with music or choose a quiet place alone. In this manner, you will increase your focus and set your mind on your goal of becoming a licensed master electrician.


It would help if you perceived the examination as a challenge, not a threat. You will consider this as an opportunity that makes you more likely to be flexible and agile.


It would be best if you control your emotions, particularly the negative ones like fear and anxiety. When you learn how to manage your feelings, you are less likely to be distracted. If you feel you are already stressed, you can do relaxation activities like listening to music, aromatherapy, exercise, and meditation.

Be physically healthy

Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep, about 8 hours. Maintain your sleeping habit like you sleep at 8 in the evening and wake up at 4 in the morning; constantly do that. Exercise is also essential. Make it a habit to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour as much as possible. Maintain your healthy eating habit. Do not skip your meal; always hydrate by drinking adequate water and eat healthy meals.

Study and be prepared

It would be best if you develop a study time. As a result, your body and mind will follow you once you make this a habit. Below are the pointers you need to review:

The code

One of the topics you need to study before taking your master electrician exam is the National Electrical Code (NEC) – this is standard in the United States for the safe installation of electrical components and wiring. You must know everything about the NEC to pass the exam and prove yourself as a credible master electrician.

Meanwhile, the PSI is an association that works with different states to create the exam. You may go to the PSI testing agency or your testing state so you can download the testing guide specific to your state. This guide will help you know what you can and shouldn’t do to the codebook. For example, you may not be allowed to write anything in the code book. This guide will also tell you what kind of calculator you can bring and use during the exam.

Before you review the National Electronic Code, you must buy your code books, notepads, pens, and even highlighters. These materials will help you study and understand the code. You must know how to use the code to pass the exam. The code consists of nine chapters. It is divided into four groups: General Requirements, Specific Requirements, and Communications Systems and Tables.

The calculation

Another essential point you need to study is calculation. You need to know all the necessary formulas and compute of electrician math. You must review basic calculations such as fractions, decimals, and conversions. The advanced calculation topics may include motors, conductor sizing and protection, transformers, voltage drop, box and conduit sizing, demand loads, over-current protection, and residential and commercial load computations.

The electrical concepts

You must also have in-depth knowledge about electrical theory and concepts such as Resistors, Ohms Law, Inductors, Series and Parallel Circuits, Capacitors, Transformers and Electrical Motors, Various Measuring Instruments, Power Factors, Units of Measurement, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Motor Control Centers, and a lot more. There are practice tests that you may answer. This way, you will enhance your test-taking strategies to understand the questions correctly, apply your learnings, and choose the correct answers.

During The Exam: Test-Taking Tips

Before going to the examination center, ensure you are well prepared. Eat a healthy breakfast and hydrate yourself with milk or water. Bring all the needed requirements like permits, pens, calculators, etc. Be there early to maintain a relaxed and calm mind. As soon as you receive your paper, here are tips on how to pass the master electrician exam:

Read the material carefully

Please read the material clearly so that you can start digesting it. Repeat reading if necessary, as this is one of the keys to success. You will have a solid foundation, to begin with.

Understand the questions clearly

Did you clearly understand the questions? Read it a few more times when you are confused. But make sure to move forward, as there is a time limit to finish the entire examination. Do not forget to review your answers. You may also encircle the important keyword before you finalize your answers.

Make an intelligent guess

There will be questions when you don’t know the answers to them. Do not spend too much time on one question to save time. You can make an intelligent guess by removing the possible wrong choices to narrow down your answers. In this way, you will increase the chance of getting the correct answer.

Check your work

Before submitting your work, make sure you don’t leave any questions unanswered. Do not change your answers during the last minute as much as possible.

Is Master Electrician Better than Journeyman?

Is Master Electrician Better than Journeyman?

A master electrician is better than a Journeyman electrician. A master electrician is more qualified, knowledgeable, and competent than journeyman. Journeymen continue to work under the master electrician for two years. They earn extra hours of experience as a journeyman before they can apply for a master’s electrician exam. Regarding the salary, the master electrician makes more income than the journeyman.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Pass the Master Electrician Exam?

You will have a greater chance of passing the master electrician exam when you know your National electrical code, calculations, and electrical concepts. Adding to that, do not forget to be mentally and physically ready. By answering the practice tests, you will be able to master answering the exam.

Walk-in with great confidence! Always remember that you have done your best to be prepared for the exam. If you pass it for the first time, that is GREAT! If you fail, you can review it again. Look at the items you need to work on to be fully prepared for the next time.

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