How Hard is it to Get into ASU Barrett, The Honors College?

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Many students want to attend college in Arizona, and their first pick almost always happens to be Arizona State University. And why wouldn’t they? ASU is one of the nation’s greatest universities. Particularly ambitious students who want more than just the popular option aim a little higher: they want to be part of ASU’s Barrett Honors College and become part of its prestigious honors student body.

Just how hard is it to get into ASU Barrett, the Honors College? What will it take to be admitted–if you can be admitted there at all? It is very fortunate for you that this article is here to help you find out.

What is Barrett Honors College?What is Barrett Honors College?

Arizona State University is one of the premier universities in the state. It is host to a gorgeous and large campus with a robust variety of classes held there. Many people don’t think much of Arizona as a place to stay, but just one look at Arizona State University will make you want to go to the Grand Canyon State. Just don’t mind the heat!

The university has a low bar for anyone who wants to join, such as having a very high acceptance rate and low tuition for new students, even if they don’t use financial aid. But just talking about Arizona State University isn’t our intention today. No, instead we are going to talk about the Barrett Honors College.

The Barrett Honors College, also rendered as Barrett the Honors College, is one of the many colleges hosted by Arizona State University. Barrett enhances the experience of the students at Arizona State University, offering three whole tiers of advising support, mentorship with the faculty, opportunities unique to honors students, and even distinct honors communities and residencies in each of Arizona State University’s Phoenix campuses.

Because it is part of the ASU, undergraduate students across the four Phoenix campuses as well as online students, can join the Honors College. But “potentially’ is the operative word, as like with many honors colleges, it is much more challenging to get into than any regular college. But just how special is the Barrett Honors College compared to the other college, and what can you come to expect from Barrett?

How Prestigious is Barrett the Honors College?

How Prestigious is Barrett the Honors College?

If you are able to get into Barrett, the Honors College will offer you various benefits and bonuses that attending the simpler Arizona State University or any regular university will not.

This prestige is reflected by how comparatively rare it is to gain admission to the college. Like other honors colleges in the United States, Barrett does not let anyone into their ranks. Students who want to enjoy a prestigious college life must prove they have the academic inclination to maintain high scores until graduation.

But is there a measure that shows how many students get admitted into Barrett Honors College? What does the acceptance rate look like?

What is ASU Barrett Honors Acceptance Rate?

What is ASU Barrett Honors Acceptance Rate?

Like many honors colleges, the exact acceptance rate for getting into Barrett Honors College is not immediately apparent or readily available. We know the acceptance rate to get into ASU usually, being a very generous 88%, as well as other statistics related to Barrett Honors College, such as the average high school GPA for incoming students (3.81 unweighted).

Like any honors college, the actual task of getting into the college is going to be the most challenging part. So, what are the requirements to get into Barrett Honors College?

3 Requirements to Get Into Barrett Honors College?

3 Requirements to Get Into Barrett Honors College?

Now that we have gotten into what Barrett Honors College is like, if you haven’t been scared off by all the news, then you should be ready to know the set of requirements to get in there. We aren’t going to talk about what you would need to earn or do to have your application succeed—this is simply about the pure requirements you need when you summon up the courage to try!

Submit an Application

To join the Barrett Honors College, you must join Arizona State University. The process of doing such is general for the university, and while you can apply to Barrett before you are admitted to ASU, you can’t join the college until you are admitted into ASU.

There are different requirements for students depending on if they are first-year students at ASU, currently enrolled in ASU, come from a different university, or have been admitted to the school online.

Since first-year students must also apply to ASU in general, applying to Barrett Honors College mixed in with that.

  • Unlike when you apply to ASU, you must have two letters of recommendation as part of your Barrett application.
  • Potential honors students have a deadline to meet to apply.
  • Finally, they need to submit an application essay about their belief that their education and experience are an excellent fit for Barrett.

The rest of the requirements are typical of a college application, such as needing transcripts and test scores. However, applying to Barrett Honors College requires a higher-than-average grade standard.

The requirements for students currently enrolled in ASU are not notably less strict; they are just different. Namely, current students who want to join Barrett in their second semester can join the Lower Division. Students who completed half of their years in ASU and have at least 60 credit hours can join Barrett. Otherwise, they have the same requirements as a first-year student, including needing two letters of recommendation and compiling an application essay.

The requirements are generally all the same for transfer and online students as for currently enrolled students.

Meet the Academic Requirements

Unlike most honors colleges, Barrett Honors College has no minimum grade point average requirement for admission. Additionally, for 2023, Barrett does not consider ACT or SAT scores for honors college applications. Barrett only considers GPAs in the context of the programs they were earned because different schools may have different standards for their GPAs. In other words, while a student should pass their classes and achieve high ranks to get a chance at being in Barrett, it does not directly affect your chances of getting into the college.

Additionally, students can share additional test results on their application, such as Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) test results: this marginally impacts your success, unlike your GPA or SAT/ACT scores.

Be an Arizona Resident

A requirement to join Arizona State University at all is to stay in Arizona and stay at one of the campuses in Phoenix. This is especially for first-year students; if you are an enrolled student who has already taken their first year, you should be used to living on campus, but you can now go where you choose. A sizeable number of students at Arizona State University are non-residents, but they all take their time on campus.

Barrett Honors College students must spend their first two years on campus. Those who choose to stay for the whole ASU Online students have the option, but not the requirement, to live in the Barrett Honors College. But generally, regardless of how you apply for the honors college, you should be prepared to be in Phoenix for your college education (but of course, why would you be there if you weren’t in Arizona?).

How to Get Into the Barrett Honors College: 3 Tips

How to Get Into the Barrett Honors College: 3 Tips

But enough about how difficult it is to get into Barrett Honors College. You don’t want to know how unlikely it is to get in—you want to know how likely it is that you can! We have three simple but very useful tips that will help your chances.

Work on Your Studying

If you are most concerned about how your academic performance affects your chances, then the most obvious solution is to get ready to study and learn how to study. Honor colleges like Barrett do value a student who knows how to achieve the highest marks, and studying is the only way to do that.

Studying isn’t just the ability to read and remember a textbook. It’s to know how to take notes, know what to read from the material and apply it correctly, and how to create a schedule to make the most out of your studying instead of overloading your brain with information. Getting into the habit and making sure that you can prepare yourself for even the most difficult challenges and questions is perhaps more important than the ability to pick the right bubble on a test.

You can also flex your English and writing skills by taking the time to draft, edit, and craft the perfect admissions essay; one that will be less suggesting your admission and more demonstrating your value as an honors student.

Studying should be your number priority if you want to become an honor student. However, there are additional methods you can take if you want to achieve success.

Talk to People for Recommendations and Information

There are people in the Barrett Honors College, people who graduated from the Honors College, and people who continue to work there, each of them all willing to give information about the college to anyone who asks.

Don’t just sit by yourself trying to get in. You have many different avenues in which you can develop a clearer and more functional idea of your chances. You can talk to staff, alumni, or students at ASU or the Barrett Honors College. In addition, you can get help in receiving the letters of recommendation you need for your honors admission.

It may seem daunting at first, but this is yet another crucial step to increasing your chances of success! Finally, we have one more important tip to mention.

Get Some Extra Activities Done

There is something that dramatically affects your chances of success that isn’t always made readily apparent or talked about, and that is your extracurricular activities. This includes attending school clubs, volunteering in your town, or taking internships.

While extracurricular activities do not immediately look impressive compared to one’s GPA or SAT / ACT scores, many colleges, but especially Barrett Honors College, indicate that a student is more than just their ability to take tests and get good scores. Having a wealth of extracurricular activities under one’s belt is a healthy indicator that the student has a social life and isn’t afraid to meet new people. It means they are ready to take on a challenge and do more than what is required of them.

With extracurricular activities under your belt, you will have a greater chance of making it into Barrett Honors College. Before you even thought about applying, you may have already done some activities; what colleges accept as extracurriculars may differ.

Wrapping Things Up: How Hard is it to Get into ASU Barrett, The Honors College?

How hard is it to get into Barrett Honors College? Like any honors college, it is rather tricky, as they ask only for the best and most academic students. To become an Arizona State University honors student, you must commit to achieving incredibly high grades and residence as ASU’s home students. However, those obstacles are not insurmountable! If you follow our tips, commit yourself to study, get well-known with as many people as possible, and prove yourself a great honors student, your chances of success will be nigh guaranteed!

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