How Hard Is It to Get Into CU Boulder Honors College?

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If you are not the average student that simply wants to enroll in a typical university, then you should consider the honors program offered by the University of Colorado. Being an honors student is a challenging but enriching experience. It provides a problematic curriculum but various research opportunities in general.

That said, finding your way through the application is intimidating. Such a prestigious program has a challenging admission process. Hence, throughout this article, you will learn how to get accepted into the honors program, explore some tips and tricks, then learn about the honors community.

What is University of Colorado Boulder Honors Program?What is University of Colorado Boulder Honors Program?

The University of Colorado Boulder Honors Program (the CU Honors) is a selective academic program for high-achieving students who want to attain a better education through more challenging courses.

According to American Honors Organization, an honors program offers an enriching educational experience. Typically, it entails a smaller class size, more challenging courses, and one-on-one mentoring. Hence, you can closely work with professors and other students on various research and projects.

Generally, you will not have to submit an individual application when applying for the honors program at CU. You will automatically be considered for the program if you are within the top 10% of your graduating high school class.

However, if you do not receive an offer or invitation by late April, you have the right to send an individualized email requesting consideration for the honors program.

So, what are the general benefits of joining the CU honors program? What does it entail, and why would someone want to participate? Read through the list below to find out:

  • You can live in the HRAP (Honors Residential Academic Program). This residential housing is an incredible experience that connects ambitious people. If accepted into the program, you can apply for this housing option.
  • Advanced coursework is offered for all honors students. For example, the Arts & Science Honors Program offers 17 advanced courses people can choose from.
  • You can become part of a closed community surrounded by people with the same intellectual curiosity. This allows you to grow and develop much faster and quicker than others.
  • You can always attend honors events only offered to those who join the program. Some of those events include mixers, symposiums, and meetings with professionals worldwide.
  • You have the opportunity to write an honors thesis to have a chance to graduate with Latin honors. Not only will this help you achieve better academic development, but it will increase your chances of getting better opportunities upon graduation.

What Are the University of Colorado Boulder Honors Programs?

What Are the University of Colorado Boulder Honors Programs?

CU Boulder offers several Honors programs for specific students. They all have the same points in common, which we discussed above. However, there will be slight differences, which include the courses offered, the type of events you can attend, and the general requirements. Hence, explore below the fields that provide an honors path at CU Boulder.

Arts & Sciences Honors Program

The Arts & Sciences Honors Program provides you with optional courses to take. Hence, the great thing about it is that you can customize and individualize your schedule according to your needs. From History courses to Advanced Writing Workshops, you have various courses you can choose from.

Engineering Honors Program

The CU Boulder Honors Engineering Program calls their students EHP students. It builds a close-knit community of the top 10% of high school graduates and brings them closer together to work on research and advance their fields. The students who make up the group are ambitious, committed, and very supportive of one another.

Business Honors Program

The CU Boulder Business Honors Program, also known as CU Boulder Leeds Honors Program, provides more advanced courses for its students. You even have the choice to choose between two different programs. One is the Scholars Program which emphasizes leadership, and the other is the Honors Program, which works on the academic aspect.

Environmental Design Honors

Environmental Design (ENVD) allows people to complete a written honors thesis or work on a final project design. You are required to portray creativity, intellectual thought, and exceptional research through your work. You can graduate with honors, as no specific honors program is offered.

College of Media, Communication, and Information Honors

The College of Media, Communication, and Information offer you the chance to graduate with Latin honors. You must complete a project showing your insights and learning experience. Hence, it allows you to shine through and have an impressive addition to your CV.

Music Honors

You can also graduate with honors if you are studying music. However, you must have exceptional academic records to achieve this award. You can graduate with honors with a GPA of 3.7, high honors with a GPA of 3.8, and highest honors with a GPA of 3.9.

How Competitive is CU Boulder Honors College?

How Competitive is CU Boulder Honors College?

Undoubtedly, this college honors program is challenging to get into. So, how hard is it to get into CU Boulder Honors College? Since the top 10% of each class receives an invitation, your chances are much better if you fall within that top 10% in rank. While this does not guarantee admission, at least it allows you to get considered for this chance.

However, if you are already an enrolled student, then you can also enroll in the honors program according to the Arts & Science Honors Program. All you need to do is maintain a GPA of at least 3.3 to get into the program.

What is CU Boulder Honors Acceptance Rate?

What is CU Boulder Honors Acceptance Rate?

There isn’t a particular released percentage for the CU Boulder Honors Program acceptance rate. However, The U.S. News states it has an 80% acceptance rate for CU Boulder overall admission. This does not reflect upon the honors acceptance rate.

The admission process is not considered to be selective for the regular application. However, as discussed earlier, the top 10% of each class is admitted. This is if you are a first-year student. If you are not, you can apply in your second year if your GPA is above 3.3.

How Do You Get into CU Boulder Honors?

How Do You Get into CU Boulder Honors?

There are various CU Boulder requirements to enroll in the honors program. While the university admission officers do consider your academic performance, it never is solely revolved around that. Hence, refer to the list below to find out how to increase your chances of acceptance.

Meet the Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements vary according to the field you are applying to. Hence, let us review the top two majors: Engineering and Arts & Sciences.

If you want to apply to become an EHP, you must understand that the process is very selective. Around 200-400 applications are sent each year, and only 80 spots are available. Moreover, you must apply to the engineering department and then complete a separate application to become an EHP.

We recommend that you visit the university and contact some professionals from the college to find out exactly what the admission officers are looking for. You must demonstrate exceptional skills throughout your EHP application, from recommendation letters to essays.

As for the Arts & Sciences Honors Program, know that you do not have to submit a separate application. Instead, your application is automatically considered for honors if you are within the top 10% of your class. Generally, if you fall within that pool, you will receive an application from the college.

Submit Additional Material

If you want to learn how to get into CU Boulder, reviewing the checklist requirements for your application is essential. This includes the application, the fee, essays, letters of recommendation, and your high school or secondary school transcripts. Keep in mind that the SAT and ACT scores are currently optional.

Visit the College

You are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the college. The best thing about this is that you can schedule a Zoom or face-to-face visit. Moreover, for those who are almost done with their honors application or ones who have been accepted, you can explore CU Boulder.

Is CU Boulder Honors Really Worth It?

Is CU Boulder Honors Really Worth It?

Whether the University of Colorado Boulder Honors College is worth it depends only on your personal goals and aims. Hence, you should consider both this program’s benefits and drawbacks.

Before diving deeper into the benefits and disadvantages, consider taking a CU Boulder Honors scholarship. For example, the Boettcher Scholarship provides many EHP students with scholarships, which is an opportunity that provides students with funding for any Colorado institution.

Each department will have its scholarship opportunities. For example, the engineering department has the Astronaut Scholarship. Moreover, many graduate students have exceptional opportunities due to their rigorous coursework and extraordinary skills.

Now, explore the pros and cons of the program.

Benefits of CU Boulder Honors Program

There are many pros to enrolling in this program, such as:

  • Fewer people in each classroom to study with.
  • Having better and more opportunities for research and projects.
  • You get a chance to engage with intellectual peers and professors.
  • You get specialized housing and a closer-knit community.
  • More individualized career and academic advising.
  • Better opportunities at obtaining internships, scholarships, and other programs.
  • A prestigious accomplishment on your transcript and resume.

Drawbacks of the CU Boulder Honors Program

There are various disadvantages to this program. Hence, consider the below and decide what you want to do:

  • This program is less prestigious than other honors programs offered at other institutions.
  • The coursework and expectations are much higher and more demanding than average enrollment.
  • The application process is competitive.
  • You will need more time and effort to fulfill the honors requirements and graduate with them.
  • You might feel more isolated within the smaller group of people you surround.

Wrapping Things Up: How Hard Is It to Get Into UC Boulder Honors College?

Ultimately, the CU Boulder Honors College offers a unique chance for students willing to work hard for their goals. With more challenging courses but better research opportunities, this choice is only for people who are confident in their abilities to grind all the time.

While the admissions process is competitive, you get various benefits upon acceptance. Moreover, if you do not enroll in the program in your first year, you can apply again once you maintain a high GPA. Hence, consider the CU Boulder Honors programs above if you want to challenge yourself!

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