How Hard is it to Get into Ohio State Honors Program?

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Ohio State University is a large university known for its outstanding performance in research. How hard is it to get into Ohio State Honors Program? Honestly, it is challenging. It would help if you were focused and determined to ensure you pass all the requirements for admission. Your application should be more impressive than the rest of the applicants.

What is the Ohio State Honors Program requirements? It has a GPA and SAT scores higher than average. So, keep on reading. The rest of the helpful guide will be presented in this article.

What is the Ohio State University Honors Program?What is the Ohio State University Honors Program?

Ohio State University Honors Program is created for students who are passionate and interested in research. Because of this, students develop many skills that make them valuable after graduation. The program has its goals for the students. The “GOALS” are Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement. The program looks forward to highly intellectual and motivated students who want enriched academic experience, diversified ideas, and various people.

If you make it to Ohio State University Honors Program, you will be working with two people who are the following:

1. Honors Program Manager

The honors program manager will be the one who seeks to learn about experiences and opportunities for you through career exploration, academic support, and service learning. He will also help you build your linkages in the community and with various mentors. He will also guide you in meeting different leaders on and off campus. You will also get updated with the university events.

2. Faculty

The faculty will meet you during office hours to provide faculty programming, opportunities, and linkages.

The honors program also comes with learning objectives, which are the following:

  • To embrace the challenges of the curriculum as required by their specific college.
  • To participate in learning events.
  • To build more linkages among peers, faculty, staff, advisor, and alumni.
  • To participate in a community where they belong and feel accepted regardless of society’s diversity.
  • To determine resources that will foster academic, career, and personal interests.

As part of the honors program, you are expected of the following:

  • It would help if you were committed during your four-year stay on campus. You will live together with the other honors.
  • You need to finish the curriculum no matter how challenging it is. You must complete the 4,000+ level or graduate courses.
  • Your GPA should be 3.4-3.5 by the end of each year.
  • Your college may even require you to submit a research or thesis.

Even if it can be challenging to be in the honors program, you will have new and unique experiences that will cultivate you personally and professionally.

Honor Courses

You will be able to participate in honor courses, where you can choose the faculty who can mentor you. While finishing the courses, you will also be able to meet people. Since your class size is small, you will participate in many class discussions.


You will conduct research and collaborate with the other team members, which will help you contribute your ideas and learn from them. It will eventually develop your communication and decision-making skills. You will be able to participate in various research forums that may also open new doors of opportunities.


Ohio State Honors Program will also assist students in applying for national scholarships and fellowships. In this way, you will grow more professionally.

Learning Community

You will never feel alone if you are at Oho State University. The learning community is just waiting for you to explore and meet different people with the same mentality as yours.

Is Ohio State Honors College Hard to Get Into?

Is Ohio State Honors College Hard to Get Into?

According to, Ohio, State University ranked 49 among the Top National Universities and 17 in Top Public Schools last year, 2022. That’s why Ohio State Honors College is a challenging school in terms of enrollment. They will choose the best and most deserving students for their honors program.

If you choose a competitive major, there is a slimmer chance of acceptance. Another one is if you are not from Ohio, you may also get a smaller chance of being accepted compared to Ohio residents.

Recently, most accepted students got an SAT score of 1260-1420, while the ACT score ranges from 26-32. As to the GPA, most accepted students belong to the top 10 in class during high school.

What is the Acceptance Rate at OSU?

What is the Acceptance Rate at OSU?

According to, The Ohio State University Admissions, every year is 57%, considered more selective. The Ohio State University acceptance rate in 2023-2024 was projected to be 48.6%. However, this shouldn’t discourage you because as long as your application is unique and impressive, you will always have the chance to be part of the OSU Honors College.

5 Requirements to Get Into OSU Honors Program

5 Requirements to Get Into OSU Honors Program

It is vital to know the requirements of the OSU Honors Program so that you can prepare for it before enrollment. As early as high school, you need to prepare and do good in your academics to have more chances of getting into the OSU Honors Program.

What should be your GPA?

One of the requirements for the OSU Honors Program is your GPA. However, what should your GPA be to have more chances of being accepted into the program? As mentioned above, most accepted students are top 10 in the class. Your GPA should be at least 3.7.

Although the OHU Honors program has a nominal acceptance rate, you should present to them a high GPA. In this manner, they will choose your application because you excel greatly in your academics.

Because of that, you should not avoid any rigorous tasks and courses. Choose a challenging course like AP, IB, PSEO, and others. You must accept the challenge and do your best to get a high GPA and maintain your high-class rank.

How high should your SAT and ACT scores be?

Among the factors considered when getting into the Ohio State Honors Program are the SAT and ACT score. You should take the test 6 weeks before the admission deadline so that there will be enough time for Ohio State to receive your scores.

Please note that Ohio does not allow a combination of ACT or SAT scores. It would be best to aim for an ACT score of 26-32 and SAT score of 1592. It would be best to get the official scores from the testing center. Ohio State does not accept scores sent on a transcript.

Do you have an impressive extracurricular profile and work experience?

Create an impressive extracurricular portfolio like your awards, recognition, and work experiences before you enter Ohio State. You can also include your leadership awards, advocacy, and leadership position or involvement. Your volunteer and community work can also significantly help your application. You must present to the enrollment officer your innovation, initiative, and determination to create positive change in the world.

Can you create an interesting CommonApp essay response?

You should demonstrate your critical and analytical thinking skills by writing an essay. It would be best if you went the extra mile by expressing yourself. Most importantly, it would help if you express your personality through an essay. You must think and reflect on the topic by articulating your ideas briefly and error-free but comprehensively.

Can you show other positive attributes?

Your application should be strong enough by including your other positive attributes. Are you a great musician? Perhaps, you have received an award from a competition as the winner. You may also have awards because of your talent in sports and arts. It would be more advantageous if you have published research works too. All of these accomplishments can create a positive impact on your application.

How Do You Get Into the Ohio State Honors Program? 3 Tips

How Do You Get Into the Ohio State Honors Program? 3 Tips

Although getting into the Ohio State Honors program is challenging, it doesn’t mean you won’t make it. Below are some tips you can follow to increase your chances of getting accepted:

Be futuristic.

It won’t work if you will not think ahead of time. Adequate preparation is essential to get into the Ohio State Honors Program. If you decide to be in the honors program without enough preparation during high school, you will be less likely to make it to the honors program. So, when will you start your preparation? It would help if you thought about this starting high school as much as possible. Your high-school years should be dedicated to building your profile for the honors program. Below is the information you need to know during your preparation:

  • What should you do to build your credit profile while you are in high school?
  • What are the admission requirements of the Ohio State Honors program?
  • What are the activities you need to do to build your extracurricular portfolio?
  • How can you strengthen your leadership skills?
  • How can you implement positive change and positively impact the community?
  • Can you write good research? What are these that can lead to innovation?

Stand out.

In Ohio State Honors Program, you are expected to stand out and be unique. You are not an ordinary student. You need to be on top and be the best. Although they implement the test-optional policy, test scores are still important. Your ACT should be 26-32, and your SAT must be 1592 or higher. You must be in the top 10 in class, and your GPA must be 3.7 and above. You should complete two foreign language courses. It would be advantageous if you took math and science during your fourth year in high school.

During the admission, processes are essays and extracurricular activities. You must provide an effective and impressive essay to the enrollment officers. You must keep them reading your essay because they are interested in your ideas. Your extracurricular activities should be unique and impactful to the community. You can choose to go the extra mile through volunteerism and community service.

Be early.

If you want to be in Ohio State Honors Program, you must prepare all your requirements early and submit your application beforehand. This way, the enrollment officer will sense that you are committed to entering the honors program. You can submit the following:

  • Submit a common application online.
  • Ask for a recommendation from two teachers.
  • Prepare your secondary school report.
  • Ask for a recommendation from a counselor.
  • You may submit your midyear report after your first semester grades.
  • If you have your final report, you may submit it too
  • Prepare your application fee.

The enrollment officers are looking forward to applications that present high academic performance. They choose students who are enthusiastic about leading, handle diverse people and ideas, search for linkages, are willing to find solutions to problems, and grab each opportunity that may impact the world.

Wrapping Things Up: How Hard is it to Get into Ohio State Honors Program?

OSU honors program acceptance rate is low and challenging. However, with the correct information and adequate preparation, you will increase your chance of getting into the Ohio State Honors Program. It would be best if you started your preparation in high school. You must maintain being on top in class, have a high GPA, and rigorous academic performance. You must stand out in your extracurricular activities, essay, and work experience. You can check out the website of Ohio State to see and mark the application schedules.

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