College Rescinding: What It Means and What to Do?

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You are ready for the next chapter of your life: entering college. You have put all your effort into passing the entrance exam to your ideal university. After days of waiting, you finally receive your acceptance letter! This is it! You will start your college journey at your dream university. It sounds and feels like heaven, right?

However, did you know that you can also receive a college rescind letter? A college rescind letter contains the information why the college that accepted you will revoke your admission. Although it seldom happens, it is still possible. That’s why it is vital to understand the admission rescinded meaning so you will know how you can’t let it happen to you.

Why Would a College Reject a Student?Why Would a College Reject a Student?

It doesn’t mean that if you are accepted into the college, you will not be rejected anymore. The college you are in has the right to deny you because of several reasons like the following:

Failure to meet your required GPA.

One of the common reasons why your college admission can be rescinded is when you fail to maintain your GPA in your senior high school. This event is called “senioritis” when students become lenient in their studies as their graduation is nearing. Perhaps, the students lost their motivation to study harder. However, an explanation will be required from you when this happens. Most of the time, the college will consider if the sudden drop in grades is because of health or other serious personal problems.

Performed misconduct or grave offense.

Another reason colleges revoke your admission is that you have committed a major grave offense such as alcohol drinking, smoking inside the campus, substance abuse, stealing, cheating, and many more. The college admission officer will reject your admission if you are arrested or suspended because of this offense. The admission officer will do a background check, like looking at your social media profiles to determine if you have the values accepted by the college.

Dishonesty on the application.

Perhaps you have asked someone to take the exam and pass it for you, cheated, or submitted false documents. You are invited to fill up some forms and submit the necessary documents during your college application. In a case like this, the college has the right to conduct an investigation. Once you are proven guilty, the college will rescind your admission.

Double depositing of more than one college.

You cannot attend more than one college. That’s why it is unethical to double deposit and accept admission to multiple colleges. Do not be overwhelmed when there are several colleges received your application. Only choose the best one where you can enroll and finish your degree.

Did not graduate from senior high school.

Perhaps, this is the most apparent reason your college admission is rescinded. However, there are some instances when students did not graduate from senior high school due to personal, health, and even family problems. That’s why you must be ready for college and do your best to attain good grades and graduate from high school.

What are the Odds that a College Acceptance Will Be Revoked?

What are the Odds that a College Acceptance Will Be Revoked?

Although it is unlikely that your college admission will be rescinded, it can happen, especially if you lose your guard in your studies. So what are the odds that a college acceptance will be rejected?

How low do the grades need to be to get rescinded?

Colleges are always busy looking into the requirements of each applicant. If there is a slight change in your grades, it won’t affect your application. However, if there is a major discrepancy between your previous and present grades, the admission officer will notice this.

For example, you have maintained straight A grades in all your subjects. However, during the last period, it suddenly went down to straight E. This will bring a message to the admission officer about why this happened. There could be a serious reason behind this.

If the evaluation shows that you become lenient in your studies during the last period, your college admission will be revoked.

How bad does the grave misconduct need to be to get rescinded?

Colleges will ensure that they have students who abide by ethical and moral conduct. However, suppose you have committed a serious offense like felony criminality such as rape, murder, assault and battery, burglary, substance abuse, and any hate crimes and intimidation. In that case, the college will revoke the admission. The college will also protect the other students’ safety by not exposing them to a student who is arrested and proven guilty of criminality.

How bad does the dishonesty need to be to get rescinded?

During the application, you need to be honest from the beginning up to the end. You should not commit fraudulent applications. For example, your transcript of record and diploma is fake because you did not graduate from senior high school, or your grades are manipulated because, in reality, you have a sudden drop in grades.

Another example that your admission will be revoked is when someone pretended to be you and took and passed the exam. It can also be that during the entrance exam, you are caught cheating.

What Happens If You Get Rescinded from College?

What Happens If You Get Rescinded from College?

Most of the time, the admission officer will inform you that your admission is rescinded during summer, and you may not have enough time to make an application to another college. In some cases, you will still be accepted even if you have committed those reasons mentioned above for college rejection. However, you may lose or decrease your financial aid funds, mainly if the basis is your grades.

After evaluating your explanation and evidence, some colleges will accept you, provided that you are under probation status for a specific period. However, the worst is when you cannot enroll in any college, which means you have to stop for a semester or even for the entire year. As a result, you will extend your college years before you finish your degree.

Don’t let your chance to enter college slip away! If your admission is rescinded, it may reach the other colleges, and thus, they won’t accept you. That’s why it is vital to be careful in your decision-making and actions to prevent being rescinded.

What to Do if You are Rescinded from College?

What to Do if You are Rescinded from College?

Usually, you will receive a college rescind letter, and you will be allowed to explain. Make sure your reasons are valid. The college will inform you through a phone call or email. You must respond immediately and take this seriously! You must provide your explanation by talking to the admission officer and taking full responsibility.

Be proactive rather than reactive.

After you have received the letter and in case you are guilty, it is much better to admit your mistakes, make amendments, and provide them with the necessary documents. In this way, you will increase your chance of being accepted.

Most colleges accept valid reasons like the death of an immediate family, divorce of parents, sudden loss of job among parents, health conditions, and other unexpected circumstances. You need to explain to them and promise to work on your academic grades.

If you feel that you might lose your admission because you think you have performed poorly lately, do not wait to hear from the college. You must do your best to work things out and maintain your chance to finish your college degree.

Accept the probationary status.

There are some cases when the students are still accepted despite the sudden drop in grades, especially when the reasons are valid. However, the students are placed in a probationary status for a semester or the entire year. This period will be your chance to prove to the college administrator that you are worthy of being in the college. Even if it is a probationary status, you are still fortunate to get accepted despite the challenges.

Enter a community college.

If the admission officer still declines your appeal to be accepted, another option is to look for a community college. After that, you must focus on your study and earn a high GPA. When you achieve it, you can request a transfer after one or two semesters of good standing. Being in the community college will allow you to excel and change your misbehavior to be worthy of college admission.

Wrapping Things Up: College Rescinding: What It Means and What to Do?

Indeed, colleges rescinding admissions is stressful for the students. However, because you know the reasons and the consequences that may lead to college rescinding, you can now prevent it from happening to you.

As early as senior high school, it would be best if you prepared yourself for college by maintaining good grades and good moral characteristics. Do not do any wrongdoings by breaking the law, as you will be rejected in college. The college will do in its power to maintain its positive reputation by only accepting students with potential and good characteristics. It is also not good to double-deposit on more than one college. Choose only one college where you can enroll.

Lastly, do not delay your response if you receive a college rescind letter! As much as possible, you should go to the college where you can explain to the admission officer. Do not forget to bring the needed documents for your evidence.

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