Is the Parapro Test Easy?

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Are you looking to work as a paraprofessional or as a teacher’s assistant? You’ll need to take the Parapro assessment test before applying for the job. To adequately prepare for the test, you must first understand the test’s purpose, its structure, and how it is scored. Here’s a brief review of everything you should know about the exam before sitting for it.

What Does the Parapro Test Consist ofWhat Does the Parapro Test Consist of?

If you are going to write the parapro test, one of the first things you’d consider knowing while preparing is what the test consists of. Basically, the ParaPro test consists of 90 different multiple-choice questions selected from three main categories of the test: reading, writing, and mathematics.

Apart from the exam structure, another aspect you should know before going in for the test is its duration, which is usually 150 minutes. Simple arithmetic shows that you’ll have to spend less than 2 minutes answering each question.

Additionally, there are rules governing the test conduction, and you must know these rules to avoid infringements. For instance, using calculators during the test is highly prohibited. Every calculation is done either on a provided worksheet or as mental maths.

Another thing to note is that all the questions in the ParaPro Test are basic knowledge questions used to assess the skills and knowledge of prospective teaching assistants. Other aspects of the test that every candidate should know before sitting for it include.

  • How easy is the ParaPro test? If you are preparing to take the ParaPro test, chances are you’re wondering how easy it is, and that’s why you’ll often ask questions like, “is the ParaPro test easy?”, “Is the ParaPro test hard?” While there are no official answers to these questions, most people consider the test a bit difficult, and that’s why adequate preparation is recommended before the test time.
  • Can you oractice online for your ParaPro test? Yes, you can practice online. In fact, there are so many online practice materials today that you can use to acquaint yourself with the structure of the test. Apart from that, most online practice materials are designed to allow you to study at your own pace. You can also dedicate more study time to areas that are too difficult for you.
  • Can the ParaPro test be taken more than once? You can retake your ParaPro test as many times as you wish, but this is only possible after 28 days of taking the first test. Violation of this policy means that your test result will not be recorded, and your test fee will be refunded.
  • What do the questions focus on? The questions, although divided into three parts, are segmented to focus on two significant aspects. One part focuses on basic skills and knowledge questions, while the other part, which is ⅓ of the questions, focuses on testing how you can apply those skills and knowledge to classroom situations.

How Many Questions Are on the ParaPro Test? 

How Many Questions Are on the ParaPro Test?

Of course, we’ve talked so much about the structure and modality of the Parapro test. However, one aspect you should also know is the number of questions to expect in the test. Knowing the number of questions to expect helps you prepare better. It would also help you condition your mind on what to expect and the best ways to attempt the questions.

Basically, the ParaPro Assessment Test contains only 90 multiple-choice questions. The questions are divided into three parts touching across the three main categories of the test. Below is an outline of what to expect in each category and how the questions are structured.

  • Reading: 30 questions. This category features questions that would test candidates’ reading skills. It’ll also test how you can apply your reading skills in classroom situations and how you can understand the context and interpret texts.
  • Writing: 30 questions: This section features questions designed to test your writing skills. It’ll also test how you can apply your writing skills in classroom situations.
  • Mathematics: 30 questions. This section features several math problems from different math topics like algebra, probability, fraction, basic maths, data analysis, geometry, and measurement. It seems to test your ability to handle classroom problems that require quantitative reasoning.

The exam board chose this structure to ensure that the test touches the relevant aspects needed to become a top-level teaching assistant.

What is the Passing Score for the ParaPro Assessment Test?

What is the Passing Score for the ParaPro Assessment Test?

If you are serious about passing the Parapro assessment test, one of the questions you’ll ask before the test date is, “what is the passing score of the Paraprofessional test.” Like in every other test situation, knowing the passing score would help you understand what you should aim for and how to do it. Unfortunately, the passing score for the Parapro test differ from state to state, so you may need to do some research to find what works for your state. However, from a general standpoint, candidates are advised to score up to 450-470, irrespective of state or location. Higher scores would not only qualify you, but it’ll also give you a competitive edge over other applicants.

Below is a comprehensive table of states in the United States and their passing grade score.

 States  Passing Score 
California, Fillmore Unified School District 458
California, Merced Union High School District 458
California, Oak Park Unified School District 458
Florida, Brevard Public Schools-Adult and Community Education 464
Montana, Hamilton School District 462
Minnesota 460
New Hampshire 460
Pennsylvania, Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3 462
Pennsylvania, Hempfield Area School District 462
Rhode Island 461
Texas, North East Independent School District 465
Wisconsin, Lakeland Union School District 460
Vermont 458
Texas, South San Antonio Independent School District 465
Tennessee 456
Texas, Education Service Center-Region 19 467
South Dakota 461
Wyoming 462
Connecticut 457

Please remember that not meeting up to the required passing score automatically means you cannot qualify yet for any Paraprofessional role.

An important thing to note about these passing scores is that, while they differ from state to state, a fail score in a particular state could be a qualifying score in another state.

How Long is the ParaPro Test Good For?

How Long is the ParaPro Test Good For?

Like many other professional tests and exams, there’s a time limit on how long the Parapro test is valid. According to the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the ParaPro test would be valid only for ten years. This means that your certification automatically becomes invalid after ten years.

However, states like Texas have different policies on the expiration date of the ParaPro certificate. In Texas, a Paraprofessional certificate is valid only for five years. And, for certificates issued before September 1, 2017, those certificates are only valid for two years. The time limit is to ensure that all certificates meet the latest security standards set by the examination board.

What to do when your ParaPro test expires

  • Retake another ParaPro test. The test is always available for anyone looking to retake it. So, you can register to retake it at any time you wish to update your certification.
  • Reapply for a full teaching position. Most institutions give their teaching assistants the leverage to qualify for a full-time role after some time within the system.

7 Tips for Taking the ParaPro Exam

7 Tips for Taking the ParaPro Exam

The Parapro assessment test is not an easy exam, and as usual, many people struggle to pass the test. However, with adequate preparation, you’ll be able to handle all the challenges that come with the exam. Yes, preparation can also be difficult if you don’t know where to start, and that’s why this section focuses on giving you valuable tips that can make your preparation effective.

Thorough Research

The first step to successfully preparing for the Parapro assessment test is extensive research. Start by gathering online and offline materials related to the test. Fortunately, you access many of them online. Read every aspect of the test you can lay your hands on. In addition to getting you better prepared for the test, proper research can also help you learn new things that you can apply in different aspects of your life.

Consistent Practice

Whether you are learning a new skill, preparing for a big soccer tournament, or getting ready to write the Parapro assessment test, constant practice will always pay off. As explained above, the Parapro test is not such an easy ride. Add that to the time limitation, and you can almost tell that you are walking on a thin rope. However, with constant practice comes professionalism. The rule is simple: the more you practice, the easier it becomes for you.

Read Questions Thoroughly

One major mistake that students make in almost all exams is hastily jumping to answer questions. Yes, we know you’ve studied so hard for the test, and you are beaming with confidence. But the smallest mistakes can cost you your weeks of study. Some sections contain trick questions, and you won’t know these questions unless you read them carefully. Therefore, you must take your time to read each question carefully and ensure that you pick the best answer.

Attempt all Questions

This one is a no-brainer, but well, perhaps we need to reemphasize it. While it’s good to be tenacious with time, don’t be in haste to submit. You have 150 minutes to answer all questions, so make the best of it. Try as much as you can to tackle every question during the exam. Skip questions that are too difficult for you and return to them if you still have enough time left.

Review Answers

Do not be in a rush to submit. Before clicking on the submit button, always take out time to review your answers. This will help you locate possible errors and to correct them when possible.

Read and Follow Instructions

Every exam carries instructions. The instructions direct you on how to go about the test. Before starting, read all the instructions carefully. Don’t just assume based on past questions. A new set of instructions may be added during your exams.

Keep to Time

Yes, we’ve talked about taking your time to answer all questions, but that doesn’t mean you should not be time-conscious. Remember that the exam lasts for only 150 minutes and you’ll need to try to finish within this time. So, it’s essential to be as fast as you can while avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

Wrapping Things Up: Is The Parapro Test Easy?

Working as a paraprofessional or as a teacher’s assistant is a great way to enter the teaching profession and learn first-hand what it takes to run a classroom. However, there’s always one obstacle standing between you and working as a paraprofessional; the Parapro assessment test. Guess what? It’s not as easy as you may want, but don’t be dismayed; you can pass it if you prepare well. So far, in this article, we’ve reviewed useful information that can help you prepare better for the Parapro assessment test.

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