How Do You Pass the Paraprofessional Test?

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Are you a student wondering what it’ll take to become a paraprofessional? Do you find teaching exciting but don’t have the needed qualification to go into the profession? Perhaps you should consider working as a paraprofessional. Being a paraprofessional does not make you a teacher, but it allows you to work as a teacher’s assistant. Here, you won’t necessarily need a teacher’s certification to work in the classroom. You just need to pass the Parapro assessment test, and you are good to go. Unfortunately, not many people can scale through the hurdle that the test sets without falling off.

If you are wondering how you can pass the test, you are in the right place. The rest of this article contains useful information to help you pass.

Is it Hard to Pass the ParaPro Test?Is it Hard to Pass the ParaPro Test?

The answer to this question can vary depending on who’s asking. However, it’s important to note that the ParaPro Tests are structured around basic skills deemed necessary for a ParaProfessional. What this means is that they often don’t require a lot for you to pass them as long as you are ready to put in the necessary efforts during preparations.

Unfortunately, not many potential candidates know what proper planning means or how to go about it. Poor planning typically sets you up for failure. But, adequate preparation readies you for everything that the test will throw at you.

To properly prepare yourself to earn a passing grade on your ParaPro Test, you must fold your sleeves and work. Available resources can often seem too much and overwhelming. However, being able to sort the right material for yourself will set you on the path to success. Although often overlooked, study guides are materials that can help you know what to study. The best ones contain the information you’ll need to prepare better.

What Does a ParaPro Test Consist of?

What Does a ParaPro Test Consist of?

As a potential candidate for the Parapro test, you are probably wondering what you’ll likely encounter. Fortunately, that’s not so hard to decipher. The ParaPro Assessment Test is mainly computer-based exams. It typically contains three parts: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. As a paraprofessional, you’ll need at least the basic knowledge in these areas to function properly. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the assessments are designed to test your knowledge in these areas.

Apart from the main subjects to be expected, other points worth noting as you prepare for the Parapro test include:

  • Most of the questions are multiple-choice questions, and picking more than one answer option on a question automatically means that you’ve failed that question.
  • Aside from the multiple-choice section, some questions require you to type in the answer. For instance, most questions with numerical answers would require that you type in the answer in an answer box next to the question.
  • The maths section of the Parapro test typically consists of basic maths topics like division, multiplication, measurement and decimal calculation, basic algebra.
  • The writing section features plain and applied questions on grammatical construction and rules, parts of speech, punctuation, clauses, and sentence formation.
  • The reading section comprises comprehension, vocabulary, and other parts.

Generally, your ParaPro Test Assessment is designed to feature questions that will test your knowledge of the subjects and how you can apply this knowledge in classroom situations.

What is a Passing Score on the ParaProfessional Test?

What is a Passing Score on the ParaProfessional Test?

Your ParaProfessional test passing score is the score that qualifies you for a role as a Paraprofessional. The Paraprofessional assessment passing score usually ranges around 450-upwards. Evidently, this score varies from state to state.

Different states have different passing scores, and students from these states must hit these scores to be qualified for a parapro certificate. Without this passing grade, there’s no guarantee the candidate will be eligible for a role in ParaPro.

Apart from hitting a passing score in the Parapro test, different states have other requirements that potential paraprofessionals must meet before they are considered for this role. Paraprofessionals are basically assistant teachers, so most of the requirements are similar to the requirements for a teaching job.

The Paraprofessional Assessment test is designed to enable school districts to evaluate the capacity of their ParaPro test candidates to perform efficiently in the academic setting. Therefore, it’s not surprising that some districts are more uptight in setting their passing score. While 450 is considered the general passing score, some districts may require higher scores. This is why the passing score typically differs across different states.

Below is a table of some states and their ParaProfessional passing score.

States  ParaProfessional Assessment Test Passing Score 
Washington 455
South Carolina 456
Vermont 458
Oregon 455
New Jersey 456
Louisiana 450
Illinois 460
Connecticut 457
Pennsylvania, West Oak Lane Charter School 462

How are ParaPro Tests Graded?

How are ParaPro Tests Graded?

The ParaProfessional Assessment Test is graded serially. Each question that has been answered correctly gives you one point. The total score is the cumulation of the scores from each answered question. Your total score typically determines whether you pass or not.

Invariably, to make sure you stand a chance of passing your ParaPro Assessment Test, you must take every question seriously. Provide the best answer for every question. Skip questions you are unsure of and come back to them after you’ve answered other questions. In ParaPro Assessment Test grading, no particular question and answer carry more points than the other. Each question shares the same points.

Depending on the district and circumstances, the ParaPro tests can be taken both online and offline.  The grading system and passing score for both kinds of tests may differ slightly across different districts. However, it generally falls around 420-480. For the internet-based test, the passing score ranges between 460-476. On the other hand, the passing range for the paper-based test is between 458-475.

Some other essential things to note about the ParaPro Test grades include:

  • Internet-based tests are scored immediately. This means that the moment you submit your work, you can access your grade point immediately. Importantly, this score, which can be printed out, is only an unofficial result. The official version of the result for official purposes will be mailed to the candidate after two weeks.
  • Results for the paper-based tests come in much later than the internet-based. The report of the result is mailed to the candidate four weeks after the test.
  • Irrespective of the grade on the result mailed to you, the only sole determiner of whether you passed or failed is your school district. Even one mark away from the school district’s passing score can disqualify a candidate.

How Do You Prepare for Your ParaPro Test?

How Do You Prepare for Your ParaPro Test?

The first thing required to prepare for any form of professional assessment is adequate study. Unfortunately, reading alone isn’t enough to help you scale through the Parapro exams. You’ll need to take other helpful steps. Simply put, your preparation must be holistic and targeted at helping you pass the test.

Beyond reading, there are several other preparatory steps you may want to consider when getting ready to write a ParaProfessional Assessment test. Most of these steps are not one size fits all, so experts often recommend finding a strategy that best suits you and sticking to it. However, you must start preparations early so that you can cover all the materials you’ll need to cover.  This ParaPro study guide intends to walk candidates through all the necessary steps that will help them prepare well for the test. For starters, here are some valuable tips to help.

Familiarize Yourself with the Parapro Test Structure Using Online Study Resources

Using online study resources to prepare for the Parapro test is becoming even more popular. More websites are adding preparatory resources to help serious students prepare better. Some of these websites and materials are even free, so you can access them without necessarily paying anything. One of the most significant benefits of using this method is the availability of specific resources to suit your study style. Platforms like Praxis®, Zone, and Mometrix have resources that you can download to help you prepare better for the test.

Use the ETS Interactive Practice Test Material

Like in every other exam, practice tests would help to familiarize you with the Parapro test structure. It’s normal to feel nervous before the test date. One of the best ways to overcome nervousness is by familiarizing yourself with the test structure. Take tons of practice tests to prepare yourself psychologically. Fortunately, the online platforms we’ve mentioned in the last point have past questions that you can download for practice. Alternatively, you can ask a bookstore owner to help suggest where you can get practice guides.

Use Alternative Study Methods

Many students find it helpful to use alternative study materials when preparing for the Parapro test. While this may not be a popular option, it is still beneficial. There are tons of flashcards and study guides available today to help you prepare. These guides and flashcards are typically designed to offer potential candidates a more well-rounded experience as they study for the Parapro test. They also help ensure that you spend time with all the subject matter you may likely encounter during the test.

As usual, there are so many other options you can try. The key to it is finding an option that suits your learning style. You can also contact your school counselor to suggest options that will suit you.

Memorize the Parapro Math Formulas Well

As explained earlier, math is one of the compulsory subjects that make up the Parapro test. Therefore, you must also prepare for it. Remembering essential formulas can help you answer the questions more quickly. Remember that you’ll not be given a formula sheet in the Parapro Math test. But don’t fret – the test usually requires simple formulas that you probably already know. However, you’ll still need to practice the application of these formulas so that you can easily remember them on the test day. If you are unsure about which formulas to practice, you can look up the topics that make up Parapro Math in reliable guides. Another option is to join a study group where you can share ideas with other potential test-takers.

Wrapping Things Up: How Do You Pass the Paraprofessional Test?

Now that you’ve gone through our guide on how to pass the paraprofessional test, you should feel more confident about your chances. As expected, the test will likely involve recalling skills and knowledge that you’ve not used for a while. Hence, the need for adequate preparation. However, it’s another thing to know the right preparatory steps. Fortunately, this guide has beamed its light on important information about the exams, as well as tips that can help you pass the exams. If you are unsure about how prepared you are, you can contact an exam counselor or take a series of practice tests under the supervision of somebody to see how you’ll perform. Check out Mometrix ParaPro Assessment Secrets Study Guide, which provides all you need to know to prepare for the Parapro exam.

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