How to Prepare for ASE L1 Exam?

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Are you an automotive technician who aims to improve your career by taking and passing the ASE L1 Exam? If yes, there are many ways how to prepare for the ASE L1 exam, even if some of the previous takers find it difficult.

No matter how challenging it is, passing ASE L1 test is the only way to improve your career, increase your income, and gain more opportunities.

With the complete information, the right study guide, and enough preparation, you can get the ASE L1 certification.

If you are one of the automotive technicians asking how to prepare for the ASE L1 exam, we will discuss some useful guidelines in this article.

What is the ASE L1 Test?What is the ASE L1 Test?

ASE L1 practice exam or the Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Certification is an examination offered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). The exam is for automotive repair technicians who want to obtain a certification for analyzing automobile driving and emission problems, computer-controlled engine systems, light-duty trucks, and sports utility cars.

The automotive service and repair technicians must pass the exam to get the ASE L1 certification after acquiring at least three years of experience in service, repair, and maintenance of light or heavy-duty cars/trucks.

How Many Questions are on ASE L1?

How Many Questions are on ASE L1?

As mentioned above, the ASE L1 has a new guideline to use the Composite Vehicle Type 4 Reference Booklet that will give the takers a total of 60 questions in which the 60 items are scored, and the remaining ten items are non-scored. 50% of the questions will be generic, while the other 50% is about the new Composite Vehicle Type 4 Reference Booklet.

Is the ASE L1 Test Hard?

Is the ASE L1 Test Hard?

According to those who took the ASE A1 test, a lot of good study guides will help you practice the test. However, the test is more difficult in real life than the sample questions provided in the study guide. Some even reported that they wished the questions were easy, like in the study guide. Unfortunately, they found out that the ASE test questions were difficult. That’s why intensive study and preparation are needed before the exam.

How Do I Pass the ASE L1 Test? 3 Steps to Prepare

How Do I Pass the ASE L1 Test? 3 Steps to Prepare

If you want better opportunities as an automotive technician, you should acquire the ASE L1 certification. By passing the exam, you will have more chances of increasing your income and job offer.

However, passing ASE test can be challenging. It requires rigorous study, practice, and preparation before the exam schedule. Before you take the ASE exam, it would be best if you know the pre-requisites first, which are listed below:

  • You must pass the automobile engine performance (A8) test.
  • You must have at least three years of relevant and hands-on experience. Although you may take the exam without the three-years of experience, you will still not be able to receive the certificate unless you submit proof of work experience.

Do the Early Registration

You must be familiar with the registration. Register early and do not wait until the last minute as much as possible. The test will be conducted in several Prometric test centers and satellite areas. You can choose the location where you want to take the test.

When can you take the test? You can do the registration online or by telephone. You can take the exam all year round, which means you can register in winter, spring, summer, or fall.

How much will it cost you? You need to pay $100 for the advanced level test fees, including the ASE L1 test.

Once registered, you will be given ninety (90) days from the original registration date to schedule your appointment to take the exam. You can have it during the day or night or on weekends, depending on the availability of the test centers. You can choose the best dates and times for the exam.

Make the Preparation

After you register, you need to prepare for the exam. As mentioned above, it is a complicated exam.

What to study?

It will help you if you know the possible topics that may come out in the exam. In this way also, you will know where to begin and what to study. L1 exam coverage will be the following:

  • General power-train diagnosis
  • Emission control systems
  • Ignition systems
  • I/M test failures
  • Fuel and air induction systems
  • Computerized power-train controls (Including OBD II)

The new guideline includes using the Composite Vehicle Type 4 (CV4) Reference Booklet. It is vital that you know and familiarize yourself with this booklet. The booklet contains the following:

  • A table of contents
  • Descriptions of operation for the systems on the Composite Vehicle
  • Input and output descriptions and specifications, including sensor voltage charts
  • Definitions of the Composite Vehicle operating modes
  • Scan tool data chart
  • Pin/Component cross reference chart
  • Electrical schematic
  • Vehicle systems cutaway drawing

Aside from that, there is new technical content in the CV4 booklet like the following:

  • Air/fuel ratio sensor input for fuel delivery
  • A variable valve lift control system
  • Upgraded knock sensing capability
  • EVAP system enhancement, including engine-off natural vacuum leak detection
  • Enhanced fuel pump control
  • Enhanced scan tool data PIDs
  • A new 6-speed automatic transmission, complete with a shift solenoid/clutch apply chart

Note that the CV4 booklet has an enhanced set of system information, a lengthened index for a bigger wiring schematic, and a new numbering system for the pins.

Do not forget the ASE A6 and A8 questions. Most previous takers reported that the first 25 items of the exam are not about the (CV4) Reference Booklet because it is about the A6 and A8 questions. So, you better include these questions in the pointers you need to study.

Where to get the references?

You can practice the test questions found on the ASE website. You can download the PDF file or get some copies.

The study guide contains the following:

  • Test specifications
  • Sample questions
  • List of tasks
  • Glossary
  • Training resources

Moreover, you must also download the Composite Vehicle Type 4 Reference Booklet because some of the questions will be from this booklet.

You may also consider getting practice test questions from third-party websites. It is also recommended to watch YouTube videos and other related websites as they offer a wide range of study guides and sample test questions that you can answer as a practice.

What are the types of questions?

Knowing the possible topics and the types of questions will equip you to answer the exam. For example:

  • True or False
    Usually, you will decide on what will be the technician’s view based on the case given. You will choose either true or false. Make sure to select the best answer.
  • “The most likely cause”
    It is the direct or completion type of question. In this question, vehicle equipment and a symptom that occurs are stated. You must complete the question with “the most likely cause” answer. This question can be tricky, so constant test-taking practice is necessary.
  • “Except and less likely.”
    Somehow this is the same as the “most likely cause” type of question. It’s just the opposite one. You will read about a case. You will answer the question based on whether it is a less likely or an except question.

Are there difficult questions?

The test usually comes with 35 items of challenging questions from the CV4 Reference Booklet. You may need to refer to the diagrams frequently. Thus, it would be best if you also studied about it. You can make study notes or even flashcards to help you understand and memorize the lessons.

Take the exam

No matter how anxious you are during the exam, you need to stay calm and not panic. A relaxed mind will give you focus on reading, understanding, and answering all the questions. The following guide may help you:

Come early

As much as possible, come early to the testing center. This way, you will get acquainted with the place, making you feel at home and relaxed. If you are allowed to take your seat, you may do so as this is also good preparation. Coming early to the test center will prevent cramming, affecting your focus on answering the test.

When you arrive at the testing center, you will have your locker where you can store your personal belongings, such as your mobile phones. Moreover, you will also have your pencils and scratch paper given to you. Mobile phones are prohibited inside the testing room.

Budget your time properly

Do not forget that you must only finish the test within two and half hours. The exam has fifty scored multiple-choice questions, while the remaining ten questions are not scored as they are for statistical purposes only.

Take note that there are no marks for the ten non-scored questions. Thereby, you will not know which questions are scored and not scored. That’s why you must answer all the questions and give your best.

Do not stay too long in one question. You may proceed to the next question when you don’t know the answer. You may go back later if you still have time to review and answer those you have skipped.

Read the questions carefully

Although you must budget your time as there is a limit, you must also ensure that you read and understand the questions carefully. In this way, you will understand the case or question given and make the best correct answer.

Never leave an item unanswered. You can make an intelligent guess if you don’t know the answer. By doing that, you will have more chances of getting the correct answers.

Review your answers

One of the reasons you must budget your time properly is to have adequate time to review your answers, making sure you haven’t missed any item. Once you are done, you can pass your paper.

At the test centers you will receive a pass or fail result.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Prepare for ASE L1 Exam?

Passing ASE L1 test can change your life. You will not only increase your income, but you will also have an impressive resume that may attract more clients and opportunities.

How to prepare for the ASE L1 exam can be easily accomplished if you have the determination to pass the exam and improve your career. Knowing the things to prepare, such as the registration process, will guide you on what to do.

Another thing is, you must know the topics you need to study and the references so you can spend your time efficiently. You will only focus on the concepts that may come out in the exam.

Lastly, during the exam, remain calm and relaxed. Read each question carefully and give your answers to the best of your ability. Remember, there is a time limit and do not leave any items unanswered. Once done, you can wait for the result if you pass or fail.

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