How to Not Hate School?

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Do you hate school? Are you tired of being stuck in school all day without learning anything? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps it’s time to take conscious steps. Thankfully, there are several steps that you can take to stop hating school. Remember that your attitude towards school can significantly affect your performance. Hence the need to develop love and interest in school. However, the question is, how can you stop hating school. This article contains the answer to your numerous questions. Read on to find out how not to hate school.

Why Do Some Students Hate School?Why Do Some Students Hate School?

Ask any schoolchild how they feel about school, and their reaction will tell you they are not pleased with being forced to go to school every day. Most children dislike going to school and deliberately hate it when you ask them to go to school. There are several reasons that could result in this, and in this section, we will review some of the most common reasons students don’t like school.

Freedom of Action

When students are in their prime, they fancy adventures and want to do as much as their energy can carry. Schools are typically known to have rules and regulations that limit this freedom. You’ll often hear students talking about how they don’t get the freedom they want at school. To them, school feels like prison yards where inmates can’t do anything based on their will. The four walls of the school already limit them. Join that with strict school rules, and you can tell that many students will skip school when they have the opportunity to.


Most students are aware of how common bullying is in schools. School bullying has been in existence for a long time, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll end any time soon. It is known to cause harmful and long-lasting damages to students’ self-esteem. Therefore, most students would rather sit at home than face the physical and psychological torture of school bullying. Educational experts recommend keeping a check with your kid to ensure that they are not skipping school because of bullying. Bullying affects students in all aspects and can cause them to fail or even contemplate suicide at some point. As a parent, you should decisively deal with a case of bullying when you notice it.


One of the earliest home battles that are related to school is homework. Let’s face the fact; most students do not like home works. This is because it feels like additional stress, after all they’ve had to do in school. Hence, they often battle with questions like where to do it, how to do it, when to do it, etc. While some schools may choose not to introduce assignments until the later grades of students, it still inevitably becomes a routine at some point. Students feel that home works take away the time they’d probably have spent doing other fun things. Therefore, the thought of having daily homework may dissuade a child from going to school.


Yes, despite the number of students present in schools, students still feel lonely sometimes. This is especially the case for students that are just enrolling in a new school. They’ve left their friends in their former schools, and as expected, they’ll feel very lonely for the first few weeks. Students feel comfortable to loosen up in environments when their friends are with them. On the other hand, they become uncomfortable in environments where they have only a few or no friends at all. The awkward feeling of not having friends to communicate with maybe why some students fake sickness and create an excuse not to go to school.

Suppression of Their Desires

It’s a known fact that children love nature and as such, can spend hours exploring it. They are in a tender age where staying in a controlled environment feels like being imprisoned. They want to express their feelings, but instead, they get bound and almost forced to learn math, sciences, and other subjects. In fact, they are not allowed to talk to a fellow or to move during class hours. The experience of being confined in a room for hours may not be suitable for some kids, causing them to dislike school.

What Do Students Dislike About School?

What Do Students Dislike About School?

For most students, the hatred for school doesn’t just come. It starts gradually from them hating a few things but soon extends to them hating school completely. Therefore, when planning on what to do if you hate high school, the first place to look at is how to fix the things you don’t like about school. We asked several students to mention the things they dislike about school, and here are some of the common things they mentioned.

Rigorous Home works

Many students dislike the idea of taking school assignments at home. It often feels like limiting them from doing the things they love to do at home. Some students even extend their hatred for rigorous homework to the teachers giving them the works, therefore making the teachers’ subject difficult for them to understand.


Nobody likes failure in anything. No student wants to be associated with failure of any kind, and they’ll do anything to escape failure. However, despite the hatred for failure, some students still fail for different causes. It takes seriousness, and hard work to overcome failure, and not all students are willing to put in the desired efforts to overcome failure.

Grade Expectations

The present grading system in high schools and colleges puts a lot of pressure on students. As a student, you must struggle to reach a certain grade in different subjects. Failure to achieve these grades can sometimes be depressing for students. In a small survey, we asked 50 students what they dislike about school, and a majority of them said they disliked the present grading system because it puts a lot of pressure on them.

Long School Days

The present education system requires students to attend school from Monday to Friday. Many students are not comfortable with this arrangement. Being confined to one place for several hours per day makes them feel like prisoners. Most students would fancy a reduction in the number of hours spent in school. The feeling of imprisonment that comes with staying hours every day in a controlled environment can translate into a complete hatred for school for some students. To help, teachers must learn how to balance work and play during school hours. Some teachers go as far as introducing recreational games to help students to begin to enjoy school again.

What Do You Do When You Don't Like School?

What Do You Do When You Don’t Like School?

Do you hate school but love learning? Well, maybe it’s time to think about the things you can do to tone down your hatred for school. When you stop to ask yourself questions like, “why do I hate school work?” You’ll discover that the reasons are not far-fetched, and you can take steps to make things better.

One crucial step that always yields results is talking to someone about your problems with school. It’s important to talk to someone you can trust about the issues that are making you dislike school. It could be your parents, relative, school counselor, or teacher. This step is especially important if you are being bullied or facing hurt from someone.

Another effective step is to write down the things you hate about school. You can get a diary or any book for this. Writing has always been a great way to let go of emotions that may be stuck inside you. Apart from letting go of emotions, writing can help you think deeply about how to deal with your problems.

If you feel disorganized or think it too hard to keep up with your school works, then perhaps it’s the right time to talk to your teachers or school counselors. These people are always dedicated to seeing the best from you and, as such, would do anything possible to help you overcome your troubles. Teachers typically expect you to talk to them when you find it difficult to learn their subject.

Allowing your problem to go on for too long may make solving it to become more difficult. Remember that it’s easier to catch up on one chapter than the whole book.

Of course, the change of emotions doesn’t just happen automatically. It may take a while for you to get over your hatred for school. But you must realize that you can’t change everything. Learn to take it one step at a time, and with time, you’ll be glad you attempted it in the first place.

5 Helpful Tips to Enjoy School

5 Helpful Tips to Enjoy School

Sometimes, your hatred for school might be because you’ve not figured out the right things that will make you happy about school. You can do several things to help you begin to enjoy school more than before, and this section highlights some of them.

Attend school regularly

To enjoy school, you must learn to attend school every day. Remember that each day of learning typically builds upon the previous. Therefore, missing a few days can make catching up feel like a load. Of course, there’ll be situations that will force you to miss school, but you should try everything within your power to attend school as regularly as possible.

Participate in class

One sure way to make classes very boring is to quietly sit at your desk while the teacher presents a lesson. A sure way to make it interesting is to participate. Beyond raising your hands to answer questions, there are so many other things that you can do to participate. Things like taking notes and becoming an active listener can make the class more interesting. Learn to ask questions, even when your questions may sound foolish. You can also take leadership roles in group activities. Basically, being involved in the learning process makes learning easier and more exciting.

Pick good friends in school

No man is an island; you can’t survive on your own without mingling with people. However, you’ll need to choose your friends in school carefully. It’s a new environment, and you are bound to meet different people from different backgrounds. While selecting your friends, choose people that will help you to become more responsible in your studies. Making friends with the right people will not only help you enjoy your studies, but it’ll also help you become a better student.

Remember the bigger picture

Times will come when certain events weigh you down. It could be a bad grade, a bad performance review, or just anything. When it happens, try to remember that it is just one event among many others that will happen to you in school. Avoid blowing up the event into something all-encompassing.

Take a walk

Remember the Golden act of taking a walk to ease your mind of its stress. Taking walks has its therapeutic benefits. Therefore, when life hits you hard as a student, you can easily take a walk alone to clear your mind. It is also more beneficial to your health than eating a box of cookies.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Not Hate School

Being a good student takes work, but it’s the main key to unlock your inner love for school. If you find yourself hating school, then it’s time to think about the possible ways to get the feelings away. This article highlights all the reasons why students don’t like school. It also discusses many possible strategies that can be adapted to help students love school and take their education seriously. Therefore, if you or your child dislikes school; you can adopt the tips in this article to make things right again.

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