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The calculator is a must-have device for anyone who needs to solve math problems or perform other numerical operations. Whether you work at an office, go to school, or are just interested in keeping up with your finances at home, a calculator is an indispensable tool. While most devices that are commonly referred to as calculators are simple devices with limited functionality, there are more advanced models that offer much more than simple arithmetic operations.

A Computer Algebra System (CAS) is an integrated system of software packages designed to simplify and streamline the tasks of mathematicians and analysts working on a computer. A good calculator with CAS can help you simplify even the trickiest of math problems with ease. Read on to find out more about these amazing devices and discover our top picks.

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Our Favorites for Best Calculator with CAS

Here is our list of the best calculators with computer algebra systems for you. You will not be disappointed with any of them. We have done extensive research, analyzed reviews, and examined how well tested these products are.

TI 84 Plus CE

The TI 84 Plus CE provides a powerful, simple, and easy way to solve complicated equations and equations. This CAS calculator also has a built-in graphing calculator that can be used for advanced functions such as trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. In addition, it has an LCD that makes it easy for you to see what’s happening at all times while working on your calculations.

What Makes It Unique:

  • It has a built-in graphing calculator, so you can use it to do calculus, trigonometry, and more. The TI-84+ CE also has a scientific mode where you can type your calculations and display them on the screen.
  • The TI 84+ CE is compatible with the TI 83 Plus Graphing calculator, which means if you have one, you can transfer all of your favorite functions over to this new model.

Why Choose this Best CAS Calculator:

  • The new version of the calculator comes with a new color screen and touchscreen interface. This makes it easier to write formulas and perform calculations using your fingers.
  • The screen also supports handwriting recognition, which means you can enter equations into your calculator without manually typing them in.
On Sale
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Color Graphing Calculator, Black 7.5 Inch
  • High-resolution, full-color backlit display.Horizontal and vertical split-screen options..Display type : LED. Number of Items : 1.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Preloaded apps and images.Fourteen interactive zoom features

Last update: 2024-02-22

TI Nspire CX CAS

This CAS calculator has a large display and a simple interface, so you can easily see all the numbers you need to use in your calculations. It also has many features that will help you solve problems more efficiently and faster than other calculators on the market.

It also has several other useful features like an integrated language learning application, an integrated calculator app, and a built-in calendar. The screen is straightforward to read in bright light and still looks good even when it’s not lit up brightly at night.

What Makes It Unique:

  • A full-color display with a high contrast ratio for easy reading at any angle.
  • A touch screen display with a GUI (graphical user interface) for quick access to menus and functions.
  • A scientific calculator which allows you to perform calculations at the press of a button or touch screen.

Why Choose this Best CAS Calculator:

  • TI Nspire CX CAS has all the functions you need to solve problems or create graphs.
  • The interface is easy enough for anyone to use, even if they have never used a graphing calculator.
  • You can choose between different modes of operation, including scientific, engineering, financial, and statistical modes.
On Sale
Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator
  • Ideal for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Statistics, Business & Finance, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Physics, AP Calculus, and Linear Algebra.
  • Full-color screen with backlit display.
  • All the functionality of the TI-Nspire CX handheld plus a built-in Computer Algebra System (CAS)

Last update: 2024-02-21


The critical feature of Numworks is its ability to change any number into a numeral or symbol in various ways. Numworks has a built-in computer algebra system (CAS) that lets you solve equations, find the roots of equations, and perform other mathematical functions. Other calculators don’t have this capability.

Numworks also has a built-in graphing calculator, which can plot functions, graphs, and tables on screen. This makes it an excellent tool for scientific calculations and other visual work.

What Makes It Unique:

  • It has a graphical user interface (GUI). The traditional calculator always had to be programmed, but this one has a graphical user interface that makes calculations easier to understand and perform.
  • It is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and other programs that support CAS technology.

Why Choose this Best CAS Calculator:

  • Numworks has a unique graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to use. The GUI features a live preview of the results of your calculations, which is useful when you’re trying to solve complex problems.
  • It also has various tools that make it easy for students and professionals to use their calculators.
  • Numworks allows users to perform many math functions, including linear and quadratic equations, polynomial arithmetic, factoring, graphing functions, root finding, and more.
NumWorks Graphing Calculator
  • For high school students
  • User friendly and easy to learn
  • High resolution color screen (320 x 240 pixels) and high capacity rechargeable battery (20+ hours per charge)

Last update: 2024-02-22

Our Runner Ups for Best Calculator With CAS

There are a few calculators out there that are good for Math Major and Engineer students. The user interface is also intuitive, easy to use, and has comprehensive features.


TI-83 offers a lot of features, and it is easy to use. It also has a lot of memory and RAM to store more data. The TI-83 is one of the most popular graphing calculators in the world, and it is used by millions of students worldwide. This calculator has a built-in computer algebra system that lets you create and run your own programs on your calculator.

It also has an LCD showing you the results immediately, so you can see what you have done right away.

What Makes It Unique:

  • The TI-83 allows users to do various complex calculations quickly and efficiently.
  • The history memory stores previous calculations made on this calculator, including the results of earlier calculations, which can be retrieved later. This feature helps users save time by not having to enter data every time they want to recall past results for use in calculations or research.
  • It also has an algebraic entry mode that makes it easy to enter numbers, operators, and functions.

Why Choose this Best CAS Calculator:

  • The screen on this calculator is large enough to see all your results easily without having to scroll down or zoom in on them.
  • It also has a computer algebra system that allows you to perform calculations without writing them down.
On Sale
Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator
  • Permitted for use on SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, ACT, AP, IB and Praxis exams
  • Offers large 64 x 96 pixel, 8 x 16 display; 24KB of RAM; and 160KB Flash ROM memory
  • Also graphs 3 recursively-defined sequences; TVM, cash flows, amortization, and complex numbers

Last update: 2024-02-22

TI-89 Titanium

The TI-89 Titanium is a great CAS calculator with a powerful operating system that allows you to do algebra, advanced statistics, and calculus. The calculator also includes an extensive collection of functions, variables, and graphing capabilities.

TI-89 Titanium has an integrated computer algebra system that allows students to solve complex equations and statistics problems. The calculator features a built-in graphing utility that can plot data points or create graphs on the screen.

What Makes It Unique:

  • The calculator has a 64-bit processor, which makes it twice as fast as previous models. This means that you can do calculations up to 10 times faster than before.
  • This new processor also provides improved accuracy and reliability when solving complex equations and performing calculations involving trigonometric functions or inverse trigonometric functions.

Why Choose this Best CAS Calculator:

  • The TI-89 Titanium has an HD graphical display that provides clear and easy-to-read information. This makes it easier for students to understand what they’re doing and make calculations faster and more efficient.
  • The screen also has a backlight to see what you’re doing at night or in dim lighting conditions without turning on an extra lamp.
On Sale
Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator (packaging may differ)
  • Graphing calculator handles calculus, algebra, matrices, and statistical functions
  • 188 KB RAM and 2.7 MB flash memory for speed; plenty of storage for functions, programs, data
  • Large 100 x 160 pixel display for split-screen views. Compatible with CBL 2 system, CBR 2 motion sensor, vernier easylink and vernier easytemp systems to allow collection and analysis of real-world data

Last update: 2024-02-22

Our Value Picks for Best Calculator With CAS

A calculator is an essential tool for students and professionals alike. You will use it at work, school, and even at home. A good calculator ensures that you can do your calculations accurately, anytime, and anywhere. The calculators below can be a great buy to help you save money and get the right product at the right price.

Casio FX-9750GII

Casio is known for its high-quality products, and this model certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has a large display that makes it easy to read and understand the numbers entered and an integrated CAS system that allows for real-time complex algebraic equations and calculations.

The FX-9750GII also comes with ten function keys that can be used for quick access to standard functions like square root of trigonometric functions.

What Makes It Unique:

  • It has a computer algebra system that allows users to perform calculations using their formulas, constants, and symbols. The calculator also has a built-in graphing function, enabling users to plot functions and equations graphs.
  • The Casio FX-9750GII calculator has an onscreen display (OSD) that shows the results of your calculations at a glance by using its large display. The OSD can be used both within an application and within the calculator itself.

Why Choose this Best CAS Calculator:

  • It includes buttons for operations such as add, subtract, multiply, and divide. In addition, this calculator can be used as a general purpose calculator or scientific calculator by pressing the mode key on the keyboard.
  • This calculator has many different modes, including standard mode and inverse mode. The user can perform basic arithmetic operations in a standard mode such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Inverse mode allows the user to perform trigonometric functions such as sine, cosine, and tangent on variable input values provided by the user through keyboard input or by dragging the cursor on the screen where variable values appear in real-time.
On Sale
Casio fx-9750GII, Standard Graphing Calculator, White
  • Large 21-character x 8-line display and Icon menu provides easy access to advanced functions.
  • Graph rectangular, polar and parametric functions and inequalities, graphical analysis, streamlined solving for intercepts, intersections, etc.
  • Capable of graphing x= relations. Built-in graphing of conic sections. Interactive Equation Solver.

Last update: 2024-02-22

Casio FX-CG50

It is a 15-key calculator with an added computer algebra system that makes it easy to do calculations in your head and find the correct answer. The CAS button is pressed to see if you’re expected to solve for a variable, and when you press it, the calculator will show you what the answer would be if you were solving for that particular variable. It also has a memory capacity of 50 functions, so there’s no need to memorize all of them.

What Makes It Unique:

  • Casio FX-CG50 comes with an easy-to-use interface, making it easy for users to learn how to use it.
  • This calculator has a lot of memory which is more than most other calculators have. This means you can store many numbers in it and use them whenever you need them.
  • This calculator has three different problem-solving modes: symbolic method, sine wave method, and computer algebra system (CAS).

Why Choose this Best CAS Calculator:

  • The calculator has a high-precision scientific display, which can be used for complex calculations in calculus.
  • Casio FX-CG50 also has several special functions related to probability theory, statistics, and optimization problems.
  • It has an extensive library of math formulas that can be used for solving problems in engineering fields such as electronics, communications, and control systems.
CASIO FX-CG50 Graphic Calculator
  • This UK version is recommended and approved for UK AS & A level, Core Maths and International Baccalaureate (IB), UK curriculum and exams.
  • This new model replaces the Casio FX-CG20, adding 3D graph capability.
  • High-resolution colour display with over 65, 000 colours, with 'natural textbook display' showing fractions, square roots and other numerical expressions in the same way as they appear in textbooks.

Last update: 2024-02-22

Casio FX-9860GII

The device has an integrated graphing calculator, allowing users to perform calculations efficiently. The device also has a backlit display and a rechargeable battery that can last up to 9 months.

The CASIO FX-9860GII has a 4GB memory that allows users to store data and programs. The device also has a USB port for charging devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It also features a memory card slot for storing files in external memory cards.

This CAS calculator comes with a user guide that includes basic instructions on how to use the calculator correctly. This helps beginners learn how to use it correctly without problems or issues.

What Makes It Unique:

  • Store thousands of numbers in memory so you can refer to them easily without having to retype them every time.
  • Store data from up to six different calculators on one device (or multiple devices).
  • Use CASIO’s Personal Learning Mode technology, which allows you to learn more about math by playing games and solving problems on this calculator.
  • This model is equipped with an equation solver, allowing users to solve equations quickly by entering variables and pressing one button. The equation solver can also work on complicated formulas such as quadratic equations and other equations such as cubic equations, etc.

Why Choose this Best CAS Calculator:

  • CASIO FX-9860GII comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to nine months before replacement. This makes it ideal for anyone who travels often or needs their calculator for more than nine months because they are busy all year round with work or school projects.
  • It has a large LCD that shows results in four different colors.
  • It also has 16 user-programmable keys, so you can use it just like an old desktop calculator without having to download any software on your computer.
Casio fx-9860GII Graphing Calculator, Black
  • REF/RREF function, random integers, unit conversion, new types of regressions, chi-squared GOF function, 9 new probability functions, pie charts & bar graphs, graph X=f(Y) and much more
  • 1500 KB Flash ROM
  • Built-in eActivity and spreadsheet applications

Last update: 2024-02-22

How to Choose the Best Calculator With CAS?

Finding the best calculator with CAS can be difficult, especially when you have several options. You must determine what type of calculator best fits your needs and budget. This can be done by considering several factors, including price, features, and practicality. There are a few key things to look for when shopping around:

Does It Have the Features You Need?

The calculator you choose will depend on your specific needs. For Math students, a scientific calculator is the most common choice. These devices have a high level of accuracy and can be used to perform many types of calculations.

If you’re looking for a calculator for algebra, it’s essential to choose one with an algebra system. This means it will allow you to enter formulas and perform operations with variables in real-time. This makes it possible to use the calculator as if it were a pencil and paper.

Does It Have a Good Layout?

When shopping for a calculator, there are several things to consider. One of the most important features is the layout of the calculator. The layout should be easy to use and have all the necessary buttons. Some calculators have more functions than others, so it is essential to find one with many easy-to-read functions.

Are There Available Resources Like Guides and How-tos?

A calculator with a computer algebra system (CAS) is an essential tool for students, teachers, and other professionals. A CAS can solve complex equations quickly and easily. It also offers unlimited resources to help you learn more about the subject matter.

What makes a good calculator with CAS? One of the crucial things to consider is the number of available resources. A calculator that has plenty of tutorials and guides will be more beneficial than one that doesn’t. If the user manual doesn’t provide enough information, it may be better to look elsewhere for another calculator with CAS capabilities.

Is the Calculator Allowed in Your School, SAT, ACT?

Most students are familiar with the calculator. It is a tool that everyone uses in their everyday lives. However, it may surprise you that some schools do not allow calculators on campus. They may be the ones who provide your education or the school where you attend classes. If this is the case for you, you should know how to choose a calculator that will be allowed in your school or college campus.

Calculus is a math class taught in high schools, colleges, and universities. Calculus is essential for students preparing for SAT, ACT, and other standardized exams for college admissions. The calculator used by the students in this subject should be easy to operate and have various functions. It should also be able to solve complex equations with ease.

The best calculator with a computer algebra system will allow you to do all these things without trouble. The calculator should also have many features to do everything quickly.

The best calculator with a computer algebra system will also come with many other features like graphing and statistics functions, which will help you understand how each variable affects one another when multiplied or divided by another.

Other Features to Look For

Other features to look for when choosing a calculator with a computer algebra system include:


A calculator with a computer algebra system can be used with any computer with an operating system. The primary purpose is to make it easier for students with different computers to use the same calculator. This means they do not have to buy a new one each time they switch computers.


The amount of memory on a calculator determines how many variables can be stored at once and how many equations can be solved at once.


Calculators with computer algebra systems tend to be faster than those without them because they do not have to calculate as many numbers as other models. The speed depends on the processor in your computer and how powerful it is compared to other processors in the market today.


Several factors influence how good a calculator looks, but most people choose one based on its size and design rather than appearance alone. If you want something stylish, you should look for slim and sleek calculators, so they fit well into any setting.

Wrapping Things Up: The Best Calculator with CAS

Doing math can be a lot of fun. You get to take the results of your calculations and use them in new ways to explore more ideas. Regarding the best calculators for CAS, there is a lot of fanfare surrounding the TI-84+ CE, TI-Nspire CX II CAS, and Numworks. This is because of their cutting-edge technology.

But, calculators like TI-83 and The TI-89 Titanium can come on par with the calculators with CAS because of algebraic mode, function keys, and graphing capabilities.

Lastly, if you want to purchase a calculator with CAS without breaking the bank, you can rely on our value picks of calculators. This includes Casio fx-9750GII, Casio fx-CG50, and Casio fx-9860GII. These excellent calculators have a lot of additional functions and unique feature modes.

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