What Does NSHSS Do For You?

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Are you one of those students contemplating whether to join the NSHSS or not? The National Society of High School Scholars, or the NSHSS, is an honor organization that distinguishes high-performing students. Its main goal is to support and encourage academically performing students who aim for excellence and a positive impact on the world. However, what does NSHSS do for you? Is it worth it? In this article, we will discover the pros and cons of NSHSS and all the necessary information to help you decide whether to join NSHSS.

What is the NSHSS?What is the NSHSS?

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) is an honor society that offers various benefits to academically high-performing students. It brings great pride and honor once you receive its invitation to become one of its members. However, it may sound fishy once you read in the part of the letter that it requires a certain membership fee. Is NSHSS legit? You may be asking the same question. But NSHSS is legit.

It was founded last 2002 by Claus Nobel, a relative to the man who formulated the Nobel Peace Award. At present, the NSHSS has more than two million members all over the world. The NSHSS offers resources and opportunities like scholarships and internships to qualified students from high school to college and even college to career. You read it right! With its membership fee, it is for a lifetime.

What is the Purpose of NSHSS?

What is the Purpose of NSHSS?

NSHSS recognizes high school scholars’ hard work and dedication in their academic and community services. With a one-time payment of ninety dollars as the lifetime membership fee, the students will have many opportunities and resources such as scholarships, internships, and study abroad to shape their future. Even after you graduate, you can still use the linkages opportunities to travel abroad, work, and join other programs.

According to Selina Nie, University of Notre Dame Class 2023, CLAES Nobel Academic Scholarship, she was grateful to NSHSS for she was granted a full scholarship to engage as an ambassador in the previous Congress-Buderstag Youth Exchange that was funded by United States Department. She was also given a chance to study abroad which was in Germany. Because of that, she was able to study her fourth language which is Deutsche.

The vision of the NSHSS is to have global linkages of high-performing scholars and help them become the next leaders that create a positive impact not just in their school but throughout the world. If you become a member, you will pledge to maintain academic excellence and use the knowledge and wisdom bestowed upon you to create positive changes in the world.

Why Consider Joining the NSHSS? Breakdown the Benefits of Joining

Why Consider Joining the NSHSS? Breakdown the Benefits of Joining

What do NSHSS members do? Once you become a member of NSHSS, you can enjoy this society’s benefits.

It offers scholarships.

NSHSS offers many scholarships for its members, such as the following:

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Stokes Scholarship – if you want to study mission-critical skills, this scholarship is for you. If you are a member of the NSHSS, you will have the chance to avail the CIA’s $25,000 financial assistance every year. It also offers internships and a job after college graduation.

Greg Goff Leadership Scholarship – are you born a leader? Are you aspiring to become one? Then, this is the scholarship for you. Greg Goff Foundation is offering scholarships according to outstanding leadership. The funds will be given to the university where you enroll. The funds can be used to pay tuition fees, books, and school expenses.

NSHSS Nobel Good Earth Sustainability Scholarship – do you have a passion for environmental conservation? Are you dedicated to solving the climate change problem of the world? This scholarship can teach you how to save Earth from pollution and many more.

It provides various classes, programs, and learning technologies.

NSHSS method learning – One of the benefits when you are an NSHSS member is you can access various methods of learning, such as online classes and modified tutoring. Through the NSHSS learning method, many students reported increased SAT and ACT scores. The members will receive a 10% discount for the method learning courses.

College Aid Pro – The CAP aims to help students stop student debt due to college by providing this software and expert guidance for college planning. It helps the students with the cost of college. The members can avail of the 15% discount on the package.

Educational Summer Camp – You can avail of its national leader in summer camp programs at East Coast and California university campuses. You can even save up to $100 on the program.

It provides opportunities for volunteerism and community service.

United Planet – You will have the chance to learn, work, volunteer and engage with different cultures. This organization can let you connect with different volunteers in over 20 countries.

It provides internship opportunities.

The Intern Group – You will have hands-on experiences through its global internship. You can either work online or even abroad. The Intern Group can let you experience working in Europe, Latin America, the USA, and Asia.

It offers study-abroad opportunities.

Outward Bound Costa Rica – Do you love adventure while learning? This scholarship is perfect for you. As a member of the NSHSS, you will have the chance to develop your leadership skills and knowledge while studying abroad. With Outward Bound Costa Rica, you can learn and explore Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua’s tropical reefs, rivers, and rainforests.

Liberty University – You can also study at Liberty University, which offers more than 300 programs. You will meet different students with unique potentials, personalities, and characteristics.

Is NSHSS Worth Joining?

Is NSHSS Worth Joining?

The opportunities the NSHSS is giving its members are truly worth it. Its membership fee is just a one-time payment of ninety dollars, and you can access its portal, where lots of resources, opportunities, and discounts are waiting for you. You can enjoy the benefits from your high school day, college, and even as soon as you land your dream career. Yes! It is a lifetime membership. You will have the chance to grab networking opportunities even after college graduation.

You have to strive for academic excellence and maintain being on top. It would be best if you had a GPA of 3.5 or higher, SAT score of 1280 and above, a PSAT score of 1150 and above, an ACT score of 26 and more, a score of 4 or more on the AP exam, an IB test score should be 36 and above, IGCSE Grade A and above, and being on top 10 of the class. Once you qualify, you will have an invitation from the NSHSS and must pay its membership fee.

Although some people would say it is a scam, the NSHSS offering is legit and true. They consider it a scam because it sends many invitations to high school students asking for the membership fee, while the other honor societies do not have any payment requirements.

Moreover, if you apply for college, it will impact your application, although it is not the only factor why you will get accepted. However, the admission officer will note that you are a member of NSHSS. Therefore, you are considered high-performing students in academe and community services.

Wrapping Things Up: What Does NSHSS Do For You?

What does NSHSS do for you? After you qualify and pay the membership fee, you will be allowed to access its membership portal for a lifetime. Even from your high school, college, and career days, you can still avail the benefits from NSHSS. The opportunities are limitless, from scholarship, internship, study abroad, and networking. You have the option to choose which among its resources you will avail. You can have the scholarship or apply for its program at a discounted price. Lastly, you will reap its benefits of providing you with many linkages that may help your future career.

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