NSHSS vs. NHS: What’s the Difference?

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Are you one of those people who are curious about the difference between NSHSS and NHS? Are they somehow similar? Which is much better between the two? You may have received a letter of invitation from either of the two honor societies. Both benefit the students, particularly regarding students’ scholarships and resources. However, NSHSS is a paid membership, while NHS does not require any membership.

If you are wondering which is the best choice, keep reading the rest of the information below.

Are NHS and NSHHS the Same?Are NHS and NSHHS the Same?

In an interview with Christen Arafe, founder of Hive College Buzz, in an episode of TUN.TV, Arafe said that NHS and NSHHS are similar but different. It can be confusing. However, they are similar in terms that they are both honor societies. They provide scholarships and other resources to qualified students with high GPAs, ACT or SAT scores. However, they may differ in setting the students’ qualifications and the admission process. Aside from that, NSHHS has a membership fee, while NHS does not have any membership fee as long as you qualify for their eligibility requirement.

What is the National Honor Society?

What is the National Honor Society?

The National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) established the National Honor Society last 1921. It has four pillars which are the values of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. NHS has been committed to its four pillars throughout the years, producing more than 1 million members from the United States, Canada, U.S. territories, and other countries worldwide.

The members of the NHS not only excel academically, but they also show strong and positive characters, which make them outstanding leaders. They are in fifty states and different schools all around the globe. Every year, they render 1000 hours of service to the community, produce charitable donations, provide pounds of food to local and national causes, and give 100 pints of blood to those who need it.

NHS Membership Criteria

If you want to be a member of the NHS, ensure your current school has an NHS chapter. After that, you must meet their eligibility requirement, which is the following:

You must be a scholar.

It would help if you excelled academically by acquiring a GPA of 3.65 or more. Please take note that it will not be rounded just for you to reach the minimum grade.

You must show your leadership skills.

It would be best to propose solutions to the existing problems by applying principles and organizing systems for easier processes. During school activities, you must actively participate by showing initiative and innovation. It would also be helpful if you greatly influenced peers by uplifting the school’s values.

Provide useful ideas to improve the civic life of the school. It is also recommended that if you join the school student body organization or be the class president, you present your leadership skills that inspire and motivate the other students to always strive hard in their studies and school activities.

You must render community services.

How did you help the community? Have you provided your services to the community voluntarily? It would help if you volunteered in school activities. It would be best if you showed enthusiasm in giving others your services. You may volunteer to be a mentor to those deprived families. In a simple school activity, you must be present and be willing to assist others.

You must have a good character.

Maintain your positive reputation and credibility. It would be best if you did not commit any administrative grieve misconduct. You should be honest, reliable, courteous, and respectful of others. See to it that you are a good model who possesses good qualities of behavior like friendliness and cheerfulness. When you are criticized, you should take this positively to improve yourself.

The application process.

Completing your application and documenting your service or activity hours rendered would be best. You will be evaluated by the faculty council based on the requirements mentioned above. The faculty council will also process the final selection of the NHS.

Once accepted as an NHS member, you should maintain your academic performance by maintaining the required GPA. You are also expected to participate in NHS service activities. If you fail to render services and maintain your GPA, the faculty council has the right to remove you from the NHS.

What is the National Society of High School Scholars?

What is the National Society of High School Scholars?

The National Society of High School Scholars was recognized in 2002. To be an NSHSS member, you must pay $90 for a lifetime membership. NSHSS aims to support students in their journey toward college. It is also the vision and mission of the HSHSS to produce student leaders.

The grand-nephew of Alfred Nobel co-founded NSHSS. It helps students worldwide through linkages that result in scholarships, internships, careers, partner rebates, and opportunities. Because of its mission and vision, it has more than two million members from different countries all around the globe.

NHSS Membership Requirements

Unlike the NHS, NSHSS looks into the academic performance of the students. Below are the requirements for NSHSS membership:

Academic Excellence

You should possess academic excellence, as this is the first requirement for NSHSS membership. They do not just look into your grades. Test scores such as SAT and ACT are included in the requirements.

You must ensure that your GPA is 3.5 and above. Your SAT score must be 1280 and above, while your ACT should be 26 and above. They will also look into your PSAT, which must be 1150 or higher. Your score should be four or higher on any of your AP exams. The IB test scores should be 36 or higher, and your IGCSE must be A and above. You should also ensure that you maintain the top 10% rank in class.


The new one-time payment is $90 and is already a lifetime membership. If you are qualified, you may receive a letter of invitation from the honor society. However, if you have not received any invitation, you may apply as long as you are sure you qualify for the eligibility requirements.

Why are These Organizations Often Compared?

Why are These Organizations Often Compared?

Are NHS and NSHSS the same? It is the usual question many students ask, frequently leading them to be compared. They are both an honor society. However, they function differently.

If you want to be a member of NHS, you see that you enroll in an NHS chapter school. The school chapter of NHS provides opportunities for students to be members since they are automatically part of the NHS chapter. The NHS chapter is headed by a Faculty Council, which reviews the applications. The NHS does not accept any membership fees. However, they also give scholarships and resource opportunities to qualified students.

On the other hand, the NSHSS offers a lifetime membership as long as you meet their requirements and you pay the membership fee. Like the NHS, they also offer scholarship and resource opportunities to the members. Your benefits and privileges will continue even after college.

NSHSS vs. NHS: Which One Should You Join?

NSHSS vs. NHS: Which One Should You Join?

Both the NSHSS and NHS offer great opportunities for students. However, the NHS has been well-established since 1921, while NSHSS was founded in 2002. When it comes to credibility, the NHS is well-recognized already.

However, if you meet the eligibility requirements of the NSHSS and can pay the membership fee, you may have both. The NSHSS, your membership will continue after college, unlike the NHS, which ends as soon as you graduate. The NSHSS also offers flexible membership since you can transfer to another school without affecting your membership.

When considering which one to choose from, think of the Alumni impact of the honor society. The greater the impact of the honor society, the better it provides room for opportunities to its student members. With the qualifications of entry, which among them is more attainable for you? Regarding college application, which of the two honor societies gives you more chances of getting accepted? By answering these questions, you will have a guide on which of the two is best for you.

Wrapping Things Up NSHSS vs. NHS: What’s the Difference?

NSHSS vs. NHS: which among them is better? If you are accepted into NHS, then it is a great accomplishment. It means you passed their eligibility requirements that adhere to the four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. However, there is also no harm in accepting the invitation of the NSHSS once qualified and can afford to pay the membership fees. Both aim to provide great learning experiences, resources, and opportunities to the students that will shape their future.

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