Top 15 Things You Can Do When You Turn 19

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Turning 18 brings you one step closer to adulthood, but 19 is an exciting milestone. It marks the start of maturity and a gateway to numerous new opportunities. As a 19-year-old, you are legally going to be considered an adult in various countries, bringing new privileges and responsibilities.

Throughout this article, you will explore the top things you can do upon turning 19, from pursuing higher education to traveling the world. Whether you want to have fun, build skills, or plan for the future, this article covers you. Let’s start exploring the possibilities that come with turning 19!

What is it Like Being a 19-Year-Old?What is it Like Being a 19-Year-Old?

Many feel like being a 19-year-old is the last opportunity to live young and wild. As you turn 20, things get a tad more serious, and people do not consider you a teen anymore. While that is intimidating, it is not essentially true. However, the more you grow up, the more responsibilities and life experiences you will have.

Hence, being 19 is a unique and transitional time in your life, as you are on the cusp of adulthood, but you might still feel like a teenager. At 19, you might still be finishing high school, in your first year of college, or even entering the workforce.

With this newfound independence and freedom comes a load of challenges and responsibilities. According to Dartmouth magazine, the average age at which students begin college is 18 and 6 months. That means you’re almost 19 and about to begin the journey that might transform your life.

You might be exploring your identity, building new relationships, and figuring out what you want to do in life. Being 19 is often a time for self-discovery, growth, and excitement. It is taking your first steps toward adulthood and independence.

The Benefits of Being a 19-Year-Old

The Benefits of Being a 19-Year-Old

There are multiple benefits of being 19 years old. Some of these are discussed below:

Legal adulthood

In many countries, such as Canada, Korea, and the United States, you are legally considered an adult when you turn 19. You can vote, purchase cigarettes and alcohol, and enter legal contracts.

Increased independence

Your parents might be giving you more independence and freedom at this point. You may also become financially independent if you aim to support yourself. You can now pursue your interests and live on your own.

Education opportunities

You can enroll in higher education if you have completed high school, regardless of whether you want to enroll in college or a trade school. Consider taking online courses instead.

Career possibilities

You can start seeking part-time or full-time jobs or even starting your own business as you become more mature and educated.

Personal growth

This is the time for self-discovery and personal growth. Search for what makes you tick and inspires you in life.

Top 5 Things You Can Do When You Turn 19

Top 5 Things You Can Do When You Turn 19

There is no limit to what you can do when you turn 19. Things only get more interesting from here on, regardless of the increased hardships you might struggle with. Below are the top 5 things to do as a 19-year-old.

Meet new people

You should network and build new relationships, both personal and professional. You broaden your social circle, which makes you learn from others. Join clubs, organizations, groups, and activities to find out what interests align with your values. Even dating is a good idea, as it is a journey that allows you to explore yourself further.

Give back to the community

Consider starting a community service project. At this point, you might want to show how grateful you are for where you are in life. Giving back and volunteering are one of the best ways of doing so. Some options include a local school, hospital, or fundraiser.

Pursue your passions

Since the restrictions on you are lessening at this point, you might want to pursue other passions. That might include writing, music, painting, or playing an instrument. Find joy in your life and enrich it with your activities and interests. You can take classes and workshops or participate in other events.

Learn a new skill

Learn a new skill and accept the occasional failure. People who succeed in life fail and learn from their mistakes. You should consider learning a new language, a software program, or a musical instrument.

Get involved in politics

Use your right to vote for good. Become involved in some political causes and movements that resonate with you. You should also consider attending rallies, town hall meetings, or lobbying for reasons you genuinely believe in.

The things to do for 19-year-olds are not limited to the list above. You can further pursue education, travel, and volunteer. However, the above list diverts from the mainstream and allows you to grow further as a person in various aspects.

7 Things You Should Consider Learning at Age 19

7 Things You Should Consider Learning at Age 19

What are you allowed to do at 19? At this point, you can vote and buy alcohol on your own. It all depends on the legal age in your country. However, you can drive and travel alone without your parents’ consent. That said, there are many other things you are encouraged to learn at the age of 19. Some of which are below.

1. Financial literacy: understand the basics of budgeting, saving, and investing. This will allow you to manage your money and debt, which is essential for long-term financial health and stability.

2. Communication skills: good communication skills are essential for your growth. It allows you to write effectively, present adequately, and communicate your thoughts and ideas to others.

3. Time managementthings will only get more hectic from here. For instance, if you are a student who works, studies, and works out, you might need help to balance it. Find out the ideal way to prioritize tasks.

4. A foreign language: being bilingual generally increases your brain chemistry and grants you various benefits. It will help you with travel, work, and personal growth.

5. Technical skills: consider learning a new technical skill. This could include web or graphic design, data analysis, coding, or software engineering.

6. Life skills: as you enter adulthood, there are some basics you should master. These include cooking, home maintenance, and time management. This pushes you to become self-sufficient.

7. Digital skills: we all live in a digital world, and there is no doubt that it has become our new reality. Become familiar with computer skills, social media management, and online security.

Wrapping Things Up: Top Things You Can Do When You Turn 19

Finally, reaching the age of 19 signifies the beginning of a new chapter in a life full of chances for personal and professional development. The possibilities range from furthering one’s education to traveling and seeing different cultures. Consider using this time to work on skills such as financial literacy, computer literacy, communication, and critical thinking.

What can you legally do at 19? Well, buy alcohol and cigarettes, drive, and vote. But remember that learning is a lifetime process, so keep looking for new ways to broaden your knowledge and abilities. Make the most of this exciting period by accepting the difficulties and possibilities of turning 19!

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