The Best Regents Exam Prep Books and Test Guides of 2019

By September 14, 2019 October 16th, 2019 Entrance Exam Resource Reviews
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Are you a student looking to find material which will aid you in reviewing the information you need to pass your Regents Exam?  Are you wondering how to pass the regents exam?  If you are still reading this, your answer is yes.  If you are a student based in New York, you would already know how vital the Regents Exam is.  The Regents Exam measures your knowledge of core high school subjects. Therefore, preparing with the best material is essential to passing and receiving your high school diploma.  With this list, we will take some of the frustration away from cramming and using inadequate testing materials.  We have done all the leg work for you.  All you must do is choose a book that works for you and study until your heart’s content. It’s important to remember that when taking the Regents Exam, there is no one-stop-shop book that can tell you everything you need to know.  Each book is divided based on the class it stands for.  Keep reading to find the best Regents exam prep books and test guides.

Our Favorites for the Best Regents Exam Prep Books

Barrons’s Regents Exams and Answers: Chemistry, the Physical Setting by Albert Tarendash

Barron’s review book is all about passing the Chemistry exam. The book comes with a host of information and tips to ensure that you score the best score possible.  It supplies ample practice and knowledge to ensure that you are on the right track for graduation.

What Makes it Unique:

  • The text supplies a detailed overview of what to expect on the Chemistry Regents exam, including its format and standards.
  • Barron’s Regents Exams and Answers: Chemistry, the Physical Setting supplies sufficient information, including how to use the text and surefire strategies for doing well on the exam.
  • The text even comes with 8 actual earlier Regents Exams and their answers. These exams give students who are unfamiliar with Regents Exams practice.  It also takes the guessing out of what to expect.
  • The prep book also offers information on the various reference tables and formulas which will be needed for the exam.

Why Choose this Regents Book:

  • Many earlier test takers agree that this is one of the best Regents Exam review books. Not only is the information straight forward, but it holds ample material for students to practice with.
  • Although most students do not buy every Regents book, many attested to the fact that this one was everything they could have wanted and then some. After reading the book cover to cover and doing all the Regents Exam practice tests, they were more than prepared.

Prentice-Hall Brief Review Chemistry: The Physical Setting 2018 Student Book by Patrick Kavanah

Prentice-Hall Brief Review Chemistry: The Physical Setting 2018 Student Book is a softbound workbook which students can order every year to study for the Regents test.  The book holds helpful reviews, chapter summaries, and even practice material to prepare a student to score the highest that they can on the Chemistry Regents Exam.  This book is made by Pearson and built around New York’s Core Curriculum.

What Makes It Unique:

  • This book has been curated explicitly by Pearson for the New York Curriculum. It includes things like current events and global events.
  • Prentice-Hall Brief Review Chemistry also includes Regents Exam practice tests to get students acclimated with time limits and the various question styles present on the test.
  • Pretests are included at the beginning of each unit to give students a basis for their studying.

Why Choose this Regents Book:

  • If you are looking for a book which will supply an extensive review of materials, formulas and even formulas, look no further.
  • This text is one of the best Regents Exam prep books because, outside of the review of chemistry-related materials, students also get tips on using the reference tables, a refresher of graphing and math skills, as well as earlier Regents exams.

APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials by Dan Fullerton

APlusPhysics is your guide to everything you will need to know to pass the Physics Regents exam. This Regents guide features a host of information, including curriculum information and even information surrounding prerequisites. Topics covered in this text include work, energy, magnetism, electrostatics, the laws of motion, and much more.

What Makes It Unique:

  • This book sets itself apart from the rest because it includes more than 500 practice questions. These questions include answers with detailed explanations and even imagery.
  • Navigate to the APlusPhysics website to find bonus content. This bonus content includes videos, animations, forums, and even supplemental problems.
  • The text starts with necessary information about the course a well as a math review of the information needed. This review includes things like scientific notation, vectors, and even some trigonometry.
  • The book also includes 2 Regents Exam practice tests for your review and practice.

Why Choose this Regents Book:

  • This book is an excellent choice if you’re not satisfied with what Barron’s books have to offer. Most students who made the switch are happy that they did, and their scores prove it.
  • Many people attest to the book, having well thought out answers and serving as a great supplement to any classroom lecture.
  • This text is one of the best Regents Exam prep books because Dan Fullerton also does an excellent job at simplifying complex concepts and information.

The Runner-Ups for the Best Regents Exam Prep Books

Let’s Review Biology (Barron’s Regents NY) Sixth Edition by Gregory Scott Hunter

Barron’s also has another option if you are planning to take the Biology Regents examLet’s Review Biology contains all of the information you will need to pass the class.  All you must do is apply the knowledge that you read.

What Makes it Unique:

  • Let’s Review Biology presents students with all the information they will need to know to pass the Biology test. The Regents Exam staff has chosen this information.
  • The book consists of 2 study units, which will help us to bring together all of the information students have learned throughout their high school tenure. The first unit focuses on natural phenomena and laboratory testing.  The second unit focuses more on concepts in biology, living things, and the ecosystem.
  • This book is intended to be supplemental to your Biology textbook and should not act as a standalone entity.
  • After the review information has been supplied for each section, the book provides answer keys as well as a glossary of terms to aid students in retaining the information.

Why Choose this Regents Book:

  • If you need a biology review but don’t want to forgo having the practice tests, this is a terrific book for you.
  • The book also has topic summaries, which should be helpful when quickly skimming for information.
  • Many students have attested to this being a great book to study from and a critical factor in the high scores they received on the exam.

Let’s Review Earth Science: The Physical Setting (Barron’s Regents NY) by Edward Denecke Jr.

Let’s Review Earth Science is a Regents Exam book created by Denecke Edward.  It is a part of Barron’s review course series which aids students in getting the practice they need to pass the Regents Exam. This book covers the topics decided by the New York State Board of regents.

What Makes it Unique:

  • This Regents Exam guide holds more than 1100 practice questions. These questions can be used for continuous evolution to gauge how much information is retained. These questions have been drawn from previous Regents exams.
  • The text is split into three topics. These three topics include meteorology, geology, and astronomy.  Each of these sections has further subhead, which provides information that students should know concerning the matter.
  • Aside from containing a vast amount of practice questions, the book also includes one previously administered Regents Exam.

Why Choose this Regents Book:

  • This book is a great supplement to utilize in conjunction with your Earth Science textbook and class materials.
  • The book is easy to read and merely contains summaries that cover large amounts of information.

The Value Picks for the Best Regents Exam Prep Books

Regents Algebra I Power Pack: Let’s Review Algebra I + Regents Exams and Answers: Algebra I (Barron’s Regents NY) by Gary Rubinstein

The Regents Algebra I Power Pack consists of the Algebra 1 review book and the Exams & Answers book.  This power pack helps you not only review the material you will need to know for the exam but practice it as well.

What Makes It Unique:

  • This pack is unique because it saves you the hassle of buying multiple books.
  • Utilize this pack in conjunction with your Algebra 1 book to get the most out of using it.
  • The Regents Exams and Answers provides a hot of material including six previously administered Regents exams and their answers.

Why Choose this Regents Book:

  • Many users rave about the number of practice questions these books hold.
  • Aside from offering ample practice problems, the book comes heavily suggested from a plethora of science teachers and students.
  • If you are looking for extra help with linear equations, formulas, ratios, radicals, quadratics and more, look no further. The review book will refresh your memory, and the exam book will put it to the test.

No Bull Review – Global History and Geography Regents: Global 1 and Global 2 Format by Jeremy Klaff & Harry Klaff

The No Bull Review for Global History & Geography Regents contains all of the material you will need to pass your Global Regents exam.  It is designed to provide you with a concise package and review material you can use.  Here you will find summaries, reviews and so much more.  This book is written by Harry Klaff, an actual New York City social studies teacher.

What Makes it Unique:

  • This Regents review book holds an overview of all the material you will need on the exam. This material includes key terms, themes, concepts, definitions, and explanations.
  • This exam book comes filled with over 200 multiple choice questions to put you in the mind frame of the actual test as well as 20 essays.
  • The book is organized in a manner which provides you with review material surrounding a key event or concept and review questions related to that event. After you have completed the questions an answer key, as well as any explanations, are supplied for your review.
  • The book also features an extensive review sheet which summarizes all the information within the book to make studying easier than it’s ever been before.

Why Choose this Regents Book:

  • This book takes all the filler out of the ordinary review books. It presents information and answers in a way that is self-explanatory and easy to follow.
  • No matter if you have ten days or 10 hours, this is a terrific book to study with.
  • Though the No Bull Series is not as well-known as Barron’s or Pearson’s review books, students are impressed with the information and have great experiences after using the book.

Summary of the Best Regents Exam Prep Books

Wrapping everything up, here are the Regents exam prep books we went over today:

ProductList PriceNumber Of Pages
Barrons's Regents Exams and Answers $8.99 512
Prentice Hall Brief Review Chemistry N/A N/A
APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials $14.99 300
Let's Review Biology (Barron's Regents NY) $14.99 480
Let's Review Earth Science: The Physical Setting $14.99 800
Regents Algebra I Power Pack $19.99 1024
No Bull Review - Global History and Geography Regents $9.99 174

The Regents exams are pieces in the culmination process of your high school education.  We hope that this list of the best Regents Exam review books will aid in ensuring that you are prepared and no longer wondering how to prepare for the Regents Exam. The books on this list come highly recommended by students and teachers who are familiar with the Regents Exams.  This is a vital part of completing your education in New York and the last step before getting your diploma.  Due to the size and weight of these tests, you must take them seriously. Therefore, having the right information available and at your fingertips when taking these exams are essential.  Barron’s has recognized this need and supplied several resources for studying for this exam. These include Let’s Review Biology or Barrons’s Regents Exams and Answers: Chemistry, the Physical Setting.  If you are looking for something that will still help you pass the exam that is out of the realm of Barron’s books, APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials is a great book for studying physics.  Regardless of what you pick, this list has great options if you are looking for books to ace your Regents exam and snatch that diploma.

If you’re looking for more tips, you found the right place. We go over other high school study tips in-depth here. Or if you’re already looking ahead to college, check out the best college guide books here.

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