9 Best Online Internships for High School Students

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Going through the motions of high school is important for any high school student. But years ahead, you will be looking back in frustration that you never took the opportunity to take up an internship. While you have the chance, you should invest your time and effort into an online scholarship.

But what is an online scholarship? How do you look for one? And what are the best online internships for high school students? Thankfully, we are here with more than a few answers.

How Do Online Internships Work for High School Students?How Do Online Internships Work for High School Students?

Many companies offer internships for students and other workers who are mainly in to gain experience. High school students especially have a good time in finding internships that allow them to turn their experience into something worthwhile.

With online internships, a student would have all their work and experience done from the comfort of their home or school. But what are some of the bests online internships for high school students? What will help them achieve a brighter tomorrow?

Top 9 Online Internships for High School Students

Top 9 Online Internships for High School Students

Our list of top nine online internships for high school students will show you a handful of the best internship pathways programs available to you, each with a grand community to interact with, a lump sum of a paycheck, and a number of subjects and topics to pursue!

NASA High School Internship Program

Our first option is easily the most interesting for many kids. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration offers an internship program for high school students to learn so much more about space exploration, discoveries of space, and how NASA makes its spaceships and gravity machines. While it is improbable that you will start riding to the moon on a spaceship, you do get to learn and interact with several NASA officials and other students as interested in the field as you are.

EnergyMag Internship

For those interested in a future career in energy and energy conservation, consider taking a look at EnergyMag. EnergyMag is an agency that dedicates itself to informing the public of the needs of energy stores and helping connect with energy enthusiasts and businesses. An online internship with EnergyMag will help you understand how energy is stored and used and get you in touch with people who are good at keeping it stored and running well.


For college students looking to achieve great business, Forage is a great choice. Through their bite-sized five to six-hour programs, you can gain the experience that will help you have a future with a Fortune 500 company, one of the wealthiest and most lucrative. Their schedules are flexible and involve various companies and forms of business, like global finance and on-premise sales. Build your resume and connections with other business-minded students with Forage.


YouUnited is a nonprofit, student-led group that serves to help other students from as early as middle school—being student-led means that they prioritize the means and needs of the students who work with them as well. By joining YouUnited, you get access to various additional internships and scholarships that will help you land your dream college and dream job in the future.

Bumper Ambassador Program

No longer will teens worry about how to invest and save their money or how to spend it best. Join Bumper, and you’ll join a team of college and high school students from around the globe to help build the investing app designed for teenagers. Through Bumper, you will be helping thousands of high school students, and you get to learn a lot about how to invest your money, as well as develop applications that can help others in the future.

PHC Group Mary Miller Summer Program

The Mary Miller Summer Program promises talented high school seniors an opportunity to develop a whole new set of leadership skills and real experience. Throughout the summer, PHC Group Mary Miller Summer Program students will be assisted through social-media-related projects and interact with a greater online community. Interns in the program are invited to explore creative approaches to relationship building. By the end of their internship, they will be able to craft unique and thoughtful posts on social media and know how to monitor social interactions and conduct trending, analyses, and reporting.

Intern Group Remote Internship Program

The Intern Group is another organization that boasts a powerful and vast network of people from across the globe. The company is partnered with various organizations, including KPMG, Affac, and Make-a-Wish. The Intern Group Remote Internship Program spans major cities worldwide, from Bangkok to Toyko to Chile to Colombia to New York City. In this internship, you can start building your career from anywhere and realize your full potential.

Intern Abroad HQ

Intern Abroad HQ is one of the best options for those who are looking for international internships. In an international internship, you can interact and work with people from across the globe and gain worldly experience. Intern Abroad HQ matches you with host organizations that will give you a seat on some ligitious, high-impact projects, all from the comfort of your home, without worrying about travel expenses and moving. They also give you extra academic credit to help you in high school and beyond.

Google Computer Science Summer Institute

Every summer, Google opens its doors to high school students pursuing a computer science major. They offer various kinds of internships, including information technology, software engineering, legal internships, and even internships with foreign companies. Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, so having a spot among them would bode well for a student’s future.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Internships?

What are the Benefits of Virtual Internships?

There are many benefits to taking a virtual internship over a regular one or simply toiling away at home or school. Let us count the ways:

  • Working from home. The first and most significant benefit of being in a virtual internship is that everything you do is done at home. No more do you have to travel and go to different places to learn something new. And if you are in school or away from home, you can still do much of your work online or with a decent laptop.
  • Interacting with multiple people. In a virtual internship, it is easier to interact with multiple people at a time, as you would all share the same space and be able to interact with each other both as a group and individually in case you have a student or employee you need to talk to. While there are benefits to speaking to people one-on-one and in person, an online environment will ease your anxiety and make it easier to have your job done.
  • Flexible school schedules. You can have a much more flexible schedule when all of your work is done online, and you don’t have to spend hours preparing to travel and ride cars. This is a great boon for a high school student as you do not have much time to waste trying to pass your classes.

How to Find the Best Online Internships: 3 Tips

How to Find the Best Online Internships: 3 Tips

How to find the best online internships? You need to look for three significant aspects that, if an internship possesses, will make it so much easier for you to turn into good future opportunities:

Search for the Requirements

Pay close attention to the details. Not every internship is available for high school students, or even online. You need to look for additional requirements in case they allow high school students, such as having a high enough grade point average. There is not a lot you need to have in terms of academic requirements as a high school student. The best high school online internships will accept you wholeheartedly.

Find Your Interests

The best internships would be the ones you are most interested in. What is the point of taking an internship for a subject you will not pursue in the future? As a high school student, you have a wonderful opportunity to chase after what you’ve always wanted to do, take any subject that has your interest, and get your foot in the door. Do not be afraid to take an internship that appeals to you personally rather than mechanically picking whatever you think makes the most money.

Get a Good Paid Internship

However, money is still an important aspect of an internship! An internship is a prelude to a good job, but that doesn’t mean you have to work for free. Paid online internships usually give out stipends instead of paying through salary, but that money can go a long way to help pay for home expenses or even save for college in the future. Having a paid internship makes the intern experience as authentic as possible!

Wrapping Things Up: 9 Best Online Internships for High School Students

The best online internships for high school students have clear-cut and obtainable requirements, fit one’s interests and offer payment for a job well done. If you are a student in high school with a strong interest in securing an excellent lucrative future for yourself, then you would do nothing but benefit by taking up the nine internships we have listed, as well as so many more out there! There is a large variety of online scholarships to take.

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