Which Internship is Best for Film & Photography Students?

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Film photography internships are practical ways to gain knowledge, skills, and experiences in film and photography. Working with professional photographers and filmmakers gives you an idea of what it feels like to work in this industry. If you are still a high school student, this experience will become your edge against other college applicants later. If you plan to get a related course in film and photography, the film and photography internships can be a great advantage.

Which internship is best for film and photography students? How to get a photography internship? These are some common questions you may have in mind. In this article, you will learn how the internship can help you develop and hone your knowledge and skills in film and photography, which will lead you to become a great professional someday.

What is Film and Photography Internship Like?What is Film and Photography Internship Like?

Do you have a passion for film and photography? It becomes your hobby to take pictures of various sceneries. You may love taking different angles of people. You may also have great ideas for stories for filming. Whether you love film and photography or are thinking about it as your future career, it is vital to know about film and photography internships.

In a film and photography internship, you can showcase your creativity, ideas, and passion. You will be working closely with the professionals and have the chance to observe how they work. Being a filmmaker and photographer requires years of practice and experience to become one of the best. Thus, the film and photography internship is your first step toward your dream career. What’s good about being an intern is that people will understand if you commit mistakes or do not perform well at first because they would think you are still a novice in the industry. It gives you more room and chances to learn and improve your talents.

What to Expect as a Film and Photography Intern?

What to Expect as a Film and Photography Intern?

Being an intern should excite you because you will now have the chance to experience working like a pro. Below are some of the things you may be doing in an internship program:


  • You will be an assistant to the professional photographer, whether the event is formal or informal.
  • You will understand the importance of lighting, post-processing, and other photography-related technical activities.
  • You will learn how to edit pictures and videos.
  • You will discover different possible customers for future events.
  • You will understand marketing and how to implement it correctly so that your work will be paid for and recognized.
  • For every event schedule, you will also have the chance to work with the PR department to get an idea of how you should do your work.
  • You may also be asked to cover scripts needed in the film department.
  • You will plan photoshoot events and create a concept.
  • You will participate in the maintenance of the studio and equipment.


  • You will learn how to edit videos and photos.
  • You will research different exciting stories.
  • You will work with the lighting and audio system.
  • You may be asked to do administrative work, like responding to emails and calls.
  • You will be working closely with the entire production team.
  • You will learn how to use various editing software.
  •  What Internships are Best for Film & Photography Students

Best Photography Internships

Nowadays, you have a greater chance of finding the best photography internships. You can scroll online and check out each website that offers an internship. You may also ask around the city, especially those publications and photography department industries. You can offer your services and write them your intent letter. The more applications, the higher the chances of getting accepted.

One of the best places you can check online is Linkedin and Simplyhired. You need to sign up and create your profile. What’s good about this is you can browse the available internships in your location. Some of the newest and best photography internships listed are as follows:

  • Peter Millar – is looking for a photo studio intern. The internship should be for school credit. You must be enrolled in an institution for fashion, retail, and design because his products are garments, sportswear, apparel, and other tailored clothing.
  • 2023 RL Inspire Summer Intern – Ralph Lauren is looking for a summer intern in 2023 that will allow you to work with an efficient team while doing more advanced assignments. It is the place that will challenge you and help you grow as a photographer.
  • Milwaukee Bucks – Are you an aspiring photographer and a basketball fanatic? Then this is your chance to work with one of the best American Professional Basketball teams in Milwaukee while doing and learning about your passion for photography.
  • Taylor & Pond Team – If you are living in San Diego and love capturing images of beauty and lifestyle, this is perfect for you. If accepted, you will experience a 3-months internship with a salary. Plus, you will get the chance to learn more about photography.
  • Ballparks of America – This is a well-recognized sports and recreation destination. As a photographer intern, you will be helping in designing and creating strategies in games, training, and event photography.

Best Film Internships

Many companies offer the best film internships nowadays. Some of them are listed below:

  • Paramount Pictures – Summer 2023 Internships – Who wouldn’t want to join this significant and impressive company? Most probably, it is one of the filmmakers’ dreams. Taking their internship offer is the best decision anyone could make. This offer is for the summer of 2023. If you are a graduating senior, you will have the opportunity to have a full-time job in the company right after you graduate.
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios Story Intern, Summer 2023 – Another great company where you can have your internship is Walt Disney, which is for the summer of 2023. Submit your application before January 15, 2023, at 11:59 PM PST.
  • Matte Projects – This company is already in partnership with other universities for internships. Your responsibility is to assist the film production team, allowing you to create a world-class film.
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship – You will have the chance to experience the different areas of post-production, from the preparation and editing. At the end of the internship program, you will be knowledgeable and skilled in professional sports events.

Where to Find Film and Photography Internships?

Where to Find Film and Photography Internships?

Now you have learned the importance of an internship in film and photography; it’s time to search for a company where you can apply and become an intern. Below are lists of where you can find film and photography internships:


There are many websites where you can check out an internship program that is best for your needs. Examples are the following:

The good thing about searching online is that you can do that without leaving home. It is accessible and convenient as long as you have an internet connection. You may even narrow down your choices from the location and position.

The University

Some universities, such as the Matte Projects, already have a partnership with the film and photography industry. Your professor can also recommend other companies that provide a good learning and training environment. You can check them out individually and see the one that best suits your needs.

Around the city

When you visit each possible company, you will have the chance to view their workplace. You may also look around the city, particularly where there is a publication or studio. You may inquire and express your intention for an internship.

5 Things to Consider When Applying for Internships

5 Things to Consider When Applying for Internships

You cannot just decide that you want to be in an internship program. You must be careful when choosing the right company where you will gain more experience, skills, and knowledge. Below are some of the things you need to consider when applying for internships:

Will it give you more experience, knowledge, and skills?

You should choose a company that can give you optimum learning experiences in film and photography. You may join big companies like Paramount, Walt Disney, and many more as they are well-recognized in film-making. That will surely give you a one-in-a-lifetime related learning experience. Aside from that, these companies are also equipped with suitable instruments, facilities, and resources to help hone your craft.

Is it paid or not? What are the incentives?

You must also be clear about what you want as an intern. Are you looking for a company that can pay you while learning? If yes, how much salary would you like to have? Are you good at spending your time and effort on learning and experiences only? It means that you are willing not to get any monetary benefits just to be allowed to work in the company. You may consider some incentives and other benefits, like free meals, transportation, and allowances.

What are the duration of the internship program and its schedule?

Do you want a part-time or full-time position? If it is full-time, you must work the entire day in the company. If it is part-time, you may work four hours a day or have a flexible schedule. Are you willing to work on weekends? It would help if you considered your other activities to ensure you can devote your whole time to the internship program.

Is it within the city or other cities?

You may need help finding an internship program in your city. It is worth it if that will develop your skills. It may be considered an investment too. That’s why you may consider going to other cities.

Are you willing to shoulder the cost?

If you have your internship in another city, you need to consider the cost of living and other expenses. Is it worth it? Can you afford it? Aside from that, it would help if you also looked into where you will stay, the transportation to the workplace, and your other daily expenses. If you have a paid internship, will your salary suffice your daily needs until you finish?

Wrapping Things Up: Which Internship is Best for Film & Photography Students?

A film and photography internship is needed if you want to be the best filmmaker and photographer in the future. Through an internship, you will first have your experience working as a filmmaker and photographer. You need to perform many responsibilities once accepted for an internship. Examples are the taking, editing, and post-processing of the pictures professionally. As a filmmaker intern, you will work with the entire film production team. That’s why having good communication skills is also needed.

Lastly, there are several companies where you can apply for an internship program. You may also search online, ask your university professor for recommendations, and personally visit each company to choose the right one for your internship experience. Lastly, before applying, consider the above factors, such as the experiences you will gain, the schedule and duration, the location, and the cost.

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