Why are TI-84s so Expensive?

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Many students use graphing calculators for their coursework, but it’s essential to remember that schools have strict policies regarding what you can use these gadgets for. A typical American curriculum requires using the TI-84 or TI-83 calculator for math classes, and they’ve been a part of the classroom for a long time. Keep reading as we delve into what Texas instruments are and why TI-84s are so expensive.

What are Texas Instruments?What are Texas Instruments?

As an American technology company, Texas Instruments (TI)  manufactures and designs various integrated circuits and semiconductors. The organization is based in Dallas, Texas and is known to be one of the top ten semiconductor companies globally for its sales volume. TI not only develops embedded processors and analog ICS, but it also employs particularly bright minds to invent technologies for the future.

How Much Does TI-84 Cost?

How Much Does TI-84 Cost?

Unfortunately, the Texas Instrument calculators cost roughly the same as they did a decade ago, with no decrease in their price. While a TI-83 costs around $88, the slightly upgraded TI-84 calculator is typically priced at $120. We recommend purchasing this calculator on trustworthy websites like Amazon, as you might be able to obtain a discount from time to time.

Why Do TI-84s Cost So Much?

Why Do TI-84s Cost So Much?

Since the TI-84 calculators are in high demand and hold a long-standing monopoly on the use of graphing calculators in classrooms, they boast a high market price. The company is likely to get a profit margin above 50% because of workshops that teach teachers how to use their devices and services such as 1-800-TI-CARES.

These calculators incorporate several features that others lack, including a large memory capacity and a built-in USD port. It is estimated that the TI-84 only costs $20-15 to manufacture.

Features of TI-84 Calculator

Features of TI-84 Calculator

Let’s look into the most popular features that make the TI-84 devices so popular amongst both students and teachers:

Built-in Statistics Functions

A well-used feature of TI-84 is the built-in statistics functions, enabling teachers to have detailed and meaningful conversations with their students. Rather than focusing on how to solve a problem, these calculators lead to deeper discussions in class on the ‘why’. Additionally, they make it easier to do regressions for data put into two different tables. Data can be analyzed quicker with the stat menu, resulting in more efficient and fast graphing of mathematical models.

Graphing Connections

One of the greatest aspects of the TI-84 calculator is how it enhances mathematical concepts to make understanding and learning new concepts more straightforward and engaging. Since transformations are a core math topic in high school, the integrated Transformation Graphing App helps make a powerful exploration and learning tool. Consequently, students can visualize transformations and make connections more clearly.

The trace feature is another fan favorite to help identify a graph’s key points, and you can also view both a graph and table simultaneously. This way, your graph can be connected to the table’s data, so don’t hesitate to combine the view through the calculate menu features.

MathPrint Shortcuts

The MathPrint function portrays fractions, symbols, and expressions as they appear in student textbooks, including several shortcuts to keep answers and equations look more accessible and familiar. You can turn on this feature by pressing the ‘mode’ key in the top selection of the mode menu. Here’s what you can do with MathPrint:

  • Logarithms: We know that calculating a specific base’s logarithm can be tedious, which is why the log of a specified base template feature will be your best friend
  • Fractions: Let’s be honest; fractions make people feel anxious, but with MathPrint, all that anxiety can be alleviated
  • Definite Integrals Template: If you’re enrolled in a calculus course, use the integrals template to enter definite integrals and find the solution to difficult problems.

Color-Coding Functions

TI-84s have the ability to color-code graphs, functions, transformations, and tables, helping teachers show their students quick visual distinctions and connections to strengthen their concepts. For example, you can change the colors on your transformation graphs and tables to highlight what’s important or data points that stand out. In case you want to experiment further with this feature,  add an image or change the background color of your calculator’s screen.

Other Features

Some other key features include:

  • Due to its power of portable programming, you can code anywhere and at any time on the TI-84 calculator
  • As you write fractions, expressions, and symbols, the device will display them
  • The calculator is durable and lightweight, meaning it is a one-time investment that will last you a long time
  • Distraction-free (no internet access, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth) so students can stay focused on learning
  • It is powered by a TI rechargeable battery, which will last you at least a month on a single charge

7 Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Texas Instruments Calculators

7 Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Texas Instruments Calculators

In this section, we’ll consider why are texas instrument calculators so expensive:

Widespread Educational Use

TI calculators have cemented their place in educational institutions, especially in the United States. Their widespread acceptance and usage in schools allow them to command a higher price, given their strong market position and consistent demand. Additionally, they are one of the few approved calculators for standardized exams like ACT, SAT, PSAT, etc.

Durability and Dependability

As they are known to be reliable and robust, Texas Instruments Calculators are highly valued. The brand is renowned for investing considerably in quality, and each calculator functions optimally for extended periods.

Commitment to Innovation

If there is one thing TI is committed to, it’s improving its calculators continuously. The company invests significantly in research and development to refine existing features and introduce new ones. This ensures that the calculators meet current educational needs and standards, contributing to their overall pricing.

Versatile Functionality

Since these calculators are integrated with numerous features, their utility is enhanced across various subjects and professions. Equipped with advanced mathematical functions and graphing capabilities, they act like a comprehensive tool and are costlier due to the added functionalities.

Marketing Strategy

Texas Instruments has built a strong reputation for making reliable and powerful calculators. They put a lot of effort and money into marketing their products, helping build a strong connection with customers and keeping their position strong in the market. The money spent on advertising and promotion is part of why TI calculators are priced higher.

Comprehensive Support Services

The company provides a wide range of customer services, such as 24/7 support and warranty protection. They help customers with problems, offer software updates, and make sure their products work as they should.  Providing these extra services is included in the overall price of the calculators, which is why the TI-84 is one of the most expensive calculators.

Market Demand Dynamics

A TI calculator’s price is also influenced by how much it is wanted in the market, particularly in schools and educational institutions. Because there aren’t many competing products, and the demand is high, TI can set higher prices for their calculators.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to the TI-84?

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to the TI-84?

If you feel like the TI-84 calculator is out of your budget, fear not because there are various cheaper alternatives you can opt for:

  • Casio FX-9860G Slim Graphing Calculator: With a large memory storage feature, this calculator has an interface icon menu and a bigger screen.
  • School Smart Graphic Calculator: Look no further than the School Smart Graphic Calculator in the case that you deal with basic functions in high school. Although it is typically not accepted or intended for major exams, it is under $20 and sufficient for use in classes.
  • Casio fx-9750GIII Pink Graphing Calculator: The Casio Pink calculator provides comparable functionality to the TI-84 and is also allowed on all the same exams. The best part? It costs half the price and is ideal for use in a range of subjects, from business and finance to physics and pre-algebra.

Wrapping Things Up : Why are TI-84s so Expensive?

Using calculators for math classes and higher education applications involving data, calculus, or physics is advisable. Not only does it make your life easier, but it ensures that the concepts you learn in class are understood and visualized thoroughly. While TI-84s are expensive, they are worth the one-time investment due to their superior functionality and dependability.

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