Which ASE is the Easiest?

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Are you an automotive professional looking to become ASE certified? Are you looking to find the easiest ASE test? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you have come to the right place. The ASE exam doesn’t have to be hard. However, it would help if you were working smarter, not harder.

We will provide you with the easiest ACE exams to take to get a jump start on your certifications. We will also provide you with tips that you can utilize to prepare for the ASE test. All you have to do to get this information and more is to keep reading.

What is an ASE Tests For?What is an ASE Tests For?

There are several reasons a person would want to get ASE certified. ASE, or the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, offers exams to indicate a good baseline of knowledge and readiness for the automotive workforce. Exams include every aspect of the automotive experience. Certifications are provided not just for repair technicians but for Service Consultants and even collision estimators.

An ASE certification also gives the customer satisfaction, knowing that a technician has been tested and has proof of their intended specialty. However, ASE not only ensures that your technician is book smart but that they have on-the-job training as well. Passing the initial exams is only one part of becoming ASE certified. Individuals must agree to be retested every year to ensure that they are keeping up with the knowledge of their specialty and able to perform adequately.

If you are looking to build a career in the automotive space, beginning your journey with the ASE Entry-Level Certification is an excellent idea. There are three levels of certifications that a person can take. These include entry-level, professional technicians, and Master technicians. ASE tests cover nearly every imaginable portion of a vehicle and the repair experience for a customer. Individuals become Master Technicians in a given category when they have completed all of the exams in a given set. For example, an individual will be a master in the Medium Heavy Truck Certification when they complete all exams, T2-T8. However, it would help if you stayed current on all tests to hold this status.

There are several different certification categories; these categories include the following:

  • Automobile & Light Truck Tests
  • Collision and Refinishing Tests
  • Service Consultant Test
  • Truck Equipment Tests
  • Alternate Fuel Exam
  • Maintenance & Light Repair Exam
  • Transit Bus Exam
  • Parts Specialist Test
  • Advanced Level Exam
  • School Bus Exam
  • Medium/Heavy Trucks
  • Specialty Exams
  • Military Tactile Exam

How Long is Each ASE Test Take?

How Long is Each ASE Test Take?

Each ASE exam varies in time. Regardless of how many questions are on each exam, students will need at least 70% to pass. Exams will have at least forty questions and no more than seventy-five. All of these questions will be multiple choice. Tests will also include ten questions that are purely for research purposes only. Testing time can vary by exam type. However, students will get at least one hour to complete the exam. If ADA testing requirements are needed, you will need to notify ASE prior to taking the exam.

Individuals are allowed to take the ASE exam all year round. Students will have ninety days from their purchase date to schedule to take the exam. Students have the option to take the exam at one of the multiple testing sites across the country.

Though you never want to think of the most unfortunate option, you must do so to be prepared for any outcome. Failing an exam is not uncommon; if you do so, it is not the end of the world. Individuals will need to wait 30 days; they can then register again and sign up to retake the exam.

What are the Easiest ASE Tests to Take?

What are the Easiest ASE Tests to Take?

If you are looking to take your first ASE exam and are unsure about which one it should be, taking the easiest exams may be a great way to obtain some quick wins when getting your certifications. Though the exam subjects may vary, they vary in difficulty as well. Some exams will naturally be more straightforward than others. However, according to multiple test-takers, the easiest ASE test is the Brake System Exam, also known as A5. The ASE brake test passing score is based on 55 questions, and students only need to get 39 correct to pass the exam.

Another easy ASE certification exam is the A7 HVAC exam. This exam contains 60 questions and requires answering 42 correct to pass the exam. Though these two exams are easy, individuals also say the truck exams are easy. These two exams include the following:

  • T4 – Brakes (45) – Medium/Heavy Truck Certification
  • T7 – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) – Medium/Heavy Truck Certification

Though these exams are said to be the easiest, it is recommended that you take them according to your experience. This allows you to take the exams which are easiest for you based on the work you have done or the knowledge that you have.

How Hard are ASE Tests?

How Hard are ASE Tests?

When taking the ASE exam, much like any other standardized exam, it is recommended that you study first. It would be best if you never walked right into the exam blindly. Though there are some easy exams, many of the ASE texts are expected to be difficult. The pass rate for ASE exams is reasonably low, coming in at 67%. The test is extensive and rigorous; test-takers must ensure that they have studied for their odds to go up.

By no means are the ASE exams meant to be easy. They are intended to challenge you and test your knowledge to ensure that you have the expertise to be working in a given space. Traditionally, 1 out of every three students will fail their exam on the first try.

How to Prepare for ASE Tests?

How to Prepare for ASE Tests?

Regardless of if you are taking one of the easiest ASE tests, you will still need to study. Ensuring that you are prepared for the ASE certification exam is the most important thing you can do. There are several ways to prepare for the test to ensure that you are prepared to pass on the first try. Use the tips below to help you study for the exam and understand what to do.

Use your resources

Several fantastic resources are available at your fingertips for passing the ASE certification tests. The national institute creates not only the exam but also an abundance of prep material and resources on their site to get you started. These resources include a study guide for each certification exam and even include a host of webinars for you to take advantage of. These webinars are provided on a host of different topics and are offered throughout the year.

Know how to prepare for the exam

Only you can validate your strengths and weaknesses. Not only should you be considering how you take tests, but you should also be considering the logistics surrounding taking the ASE certification tests. If you feel certain subject areas will be easy for you, take those exams first. If you begin taking the exams within vital areas, you are less likely to fail on your first try.

Practice Tests

Practice exams are an excellent option to prepare you adequately for the exam. Individuals can even purchase vouchers to take the official ASE practice test. The test gives you a clear picture of what to expect when testing and how the items will be formatted. If you are unsure of what to expect, ASE provides a video walk-thru of a sample test center and gives you the option to test out the testing software.

Logistics are essential

You must understand the logistics surrounding your exam. This includes the pass/fail necessities, how to maintain your certification, and pertinent information related to the exam. For example, your test results will be immediate; however, passing the exam does not mean you will automatically become certified. If there is a work experience requirement, you must also meet that. However, not meeting that requirement does not stop you from taking the exam.


There are fees associated with your exam, but none of them are free. However, some schools may offer students the option of discounted rates. Test fees include a $34 registration fee and $50 for each exam that you plan to take. However, for Advanced Level testing, including L1, L2, and L3, the fee is $100. The cost is also different for individuals looking to become Military Vehicle certified. These exams in the TWV Series are $80 each rather than $50. These same fees are needed for recertifications as well. However, if placing one order for multiple certifications, the single order will be capped at $184.

Pace Yourself

ASE has provided students with an extensive list of exams and their corresponding test times. Make sure you pace yourself so that you can adequately answer all the questions you need. The institution has also provided the number of questions for each exam. This will allow you to calculate how many questions you will need to answer correctly when doing the test. Though ten questions on the exam will not be scored, you will not know what ten questions those are.

Spanish Tests are available

If you are someone who would rather take their certification exams in Spanish, there are options for you. However, though some tests are offered in Spanish, others are not. Listed below, you will find all exams which are available in Spanish. These exams are perfect if English your second language. If your exam is not offered in Spanish, there is a glossary that students can use on the exam, which can be translated to Spanish for ease of test-taking.

  • Automobile & Light Truck Certification Test A1- A9, G1

Taking the ASE certification tests does not have to be a hassle. They make it easy for you to stay current and take an exam at the closest location to you. There are currently 500 testing locations across the country, which will give you the flexibility of location but of time as well. You can even look for the perfect date and time before you pay. You even get the option to take a recertification test at any time, no matter when you first took the original certification test.

To take these computer-based exams, you don’t have to be a computer geek. Ase makes it easy for you to practice, sample the software, and ultimately pass.

Wrapping Things Up: Which ASE is the Easiest?

If you want to take the ASE exam, it may be better to start with the easiest ASE tests. These can be deemed tests that are easy in technicians’ eyes or exams that fit more into your personal experience. Regardless of which route you choose, you can never go wrong with focusing on the more “common sense” tests firsts.

ASE also goes above and beyond to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the exams you are sitting for. They do this by providing that you have ample practice options and even study guides for every certification test. If you choose to miss out on this great information, failing won’t be a surprise.

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