What is ASE Certification?

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Are you working in the automotive industry and wondering what the easiest ASE test to take is? Are you looking for information on where you can find a good ASE practice test? If either of these is true, you have come to the right place.

Whether you know all about the ASE or have just begun your quest for information, we will help fill in some of the gaps in your knowledge. Not only will we help you understand the importance of being ASE certified, but we will also help you understand the different categories of tests.

If you think you know all there is to know about the ASE, we can still help you. Check out tips on how to study for the ASE series tests below as well. What are you waiting for? Get reading!

What Does it Mean to Be ASE Certified?What Does it Mean to Be ASE Certified?

If you are looking for an automatic technician that you can trust, chances are, you want them to be ASE certified. If you are unfamiliar with ASE, it is an acronym for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This organization ensures that all parties, including the customer and the professionals involved, are treated fairly and protected.

Having an ASE certification means that a technician’s knowledge has been validated. It gives the customer a level of satisfaction knowing that a technician has been tested and has proof of their intended specialty. However, ASE not only ensures that your technician is book smart but that they have on-the-job training as well. Passing the initial exams is only one part of becoming ASE certified. Individuals must agree to be retested every year to ensure that they are keeping up with the knowledge of their specialty and able to perform adequately.

However, being ASE certified also means that you can grow your business. Your certification can help you gain visibility and recognition. If you do not have a shop and are simply looking for work, the ASE certification is an excellent incentive for businesses to hire you.

Suppose you’re still unsure of precisely what is the ASE certification. In that case, it ultimately means that you have performed the necessary functions and completed and passed the needed training and examinations to be determined by ASE to be qualified to work on the various parts of a vehicle.

What Are the Categories of ASE Tests?

What Are the Categories of ASE Tests?

If you are an automotive professional, there will undoubtedly be a certification on ASE’s list to pique your interest. In total, there are 58 different certifications that individuals may obtain. These tests are intended for different types of vehicle repair. These vehicles include the following list from ASE:

  • Cars & Light Trucks
  • Collision Repair
  • Medium-Heavy Truck
  • Truck Equipment
  • School & Transit Buses
  • Auto & Truck Parts
  • Military Tactical Wheeled Vehicles

A Series Tests

In addition to being split by vehicle type, there are different test series based on your intended specialty. For example, you may be curious as to what is ASE l1 certification. This refers to the Automobile & Light Truck Certification test. It includes different test offerings from A1 to A9. There is a separate test meant for service consultants known as a C1 certification test. These tests are intended for technicians.

B Series Test

Individuals interested in Collision repair will take exams B2-B5. These exams are meant for individuals who work in repair shops. If you want to become certified in damage analysis, that is a separate certification. B2-B5 includes the following tests:

  • Non-Structural Analysis & Damage Repair (B3)
  • Structural Analysis & Damage Repair (B4)
  • Painting & Refinishing (B2)
  • Mechanical & Electrical Components (B5)

Individuals performing estimates or doing a general analysis of a vehicle’s damage will need to take the B6 exam. It includes a focus on vehicle construction and systems, parts identification, and customer relations.

  • Damage Analysis & Estimating Certification (B6)

C Series Test

The C Series test is for Automobile Service Consultants. It focuses on customer communication, internal relations, and overall shop operations. To become fully certified, you must have two years of work experience, excluding technical experience.

Much like series A-C, the other subsequent series focus on a specific area of expertise.

Truck Equipment Certification Test – This category represents the E series. Items in this group focus on truck equipment repair & installation. This includes electrical and auxiliary power systems.

Alternate Fuels Certification Test (F Series) – This F series exam focuses on equipment installation, leak inspection, emissions, and much more. Students certified in this area must retest every five years to stay current.

Transit Bus Certification (H Series) – The H series exams include H1-H8. This series focuses on testing knowledge specific to school and transit buses. This test series was created in tandem with the U.S Department of transportation. Information includes suspension and steering, diesel engines, electrical systems, and so much more.

Parts Specialist Certification (P Series) – Individuals taking this series must be able to work with and have knowledge of Automobile parts, Heavy truck parts, and general parts. They should have experience working at a parts counter rather than technical repair work.

School Bus Certification (S Series) – The S Series includes S1-S7 tests. These tests are specific to school buses. Like the T series, this series was created in tandem with the National Association for Pupil Transportation.

Medium Heavy Truck (T Series) – The T Series focuses on Medium Heavy Trucks, specifically Class 4 to Class 8. Upon taking this series, individuals will be able to demonstrate knowledge in diagnosis, servicing, and repair.

Tactile Wheeled Series (MIL Series) – Much like the name insinuates this is the military or tactile vehicle series. Individuals taking this exam will be skilled in repairing and servicing military-grade vehicles. Tests will include preventative maintenance checks as well as a Chassis exam.

Other Assessments – Other assessments which are non-certification options include exams for BMW and Volvo. These exams are specific for individuals needing to pass the associate and member level training for BMW.Individuals working for Volvo can apply to receive a certified Volvo assistant.

What are the Requirements to Take ASE Certification?

What are the Requirements to Take ASE Certification?

You are sadly mistaken if you think you can simply sit for an exam to get your certification. Getting ASE certified also requires a work experience component. The amount of experience needed will often vary by the type of certification you are going for. However, though you may not possess work experience, that should not stop you from taking the exam. Students may take the exam; however, they will not be fully certified until they fulfill the work experience component.

The chart below shows the minimum work experiences needed to be taken directly from ASE.com:

Category Description A minimum amount of experience Required for these Tests
Repair Technician Hands-on experience maintaining, servicing, and repairing light-duty or heavy-duty motor vehicles. One year full-time (or part-time equivalent) G1
Two years full-time (or part-time equivalent) A1-A9, B2-B5, E1-E3, F1, H1-H8, MIL2-MIL8, S1-S7, T1-T8, and X1
Three years full-time (or part-time equivalent) L1, L2, and L3
Service Consultant Hands-on experience as an automotive service writer/consultant or service manager. Two years full-time (or part-time equivalent) C1
Parts Specialist Hands-on experience as a parts counterperson or managing a wholesale or retail parts store or in-house parts department. Two years full-time (or part-time equivalent) P1, P2, and P4
Collision Damage Estimator Hands-on experience as an automotive collision damage estimator/adjuster. Two years full-time (or part-time equivalent) B6


For some positions like Repair Technician, students can supplement their formal education for a portion of their work experience. This may include trade programs, high school, or trucking school. However, there are some positions which these requirements do not hold for. These include Parts Specialist, Collison Estimator, or Service Consultant.

What is the Easiest ASE Certification to Get?

What is the Easiest ASE Certification to Get?

Though the term “easy” is relative, there are two sections that previous test takers have identified as relatively easy. These exam sections include brakes and heating. Students have concluded that these sections have more common knowledge questions. The specific certification exams are listed below.

  • A5 – Brakes (45) – Automobile
  • T4 – Brakes (45) – Medium/Heavy Truck Certification
  • A7 – Heating & Air Conditioning – Automobile
  • T7 – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) – Medium/Heavy Truck Certification

Many previous test-takers feel that brakes are one of the essential components of cars and trucks. They are also the component most notably given for rookies to change. Individuals interested in cars or who have likely worked in an auto shop should be able to pass the brake exams without much hassle.

How to Study for Your ASE Series Tests?

How to Study for Your ASE Series Tests?

There are several ways that you can study for the ASE exam. They even have provided several options to get you started on your certification journey. Use the tips below to help you prepare for the exam.

Use an Audiobook

If you hate reading, using an audio study guide may be a great option. It also allows you to complete other tasks while listening. You can even take the audio with you while studying and follow along on a car or truck while listening.

Study for the Exam

Though you may think you know it all, you should still study. Most exams require at least 70% to pass the exam. The ASE exams can be challenging; therefore, it is not recommended to think that you will just walk in and pass.

Utilize an ASE Practice Test

If you have done your homework, then you know that ASE offers practice materials for students. It can be done online if you feel that you have exhausted your studying and want to take the official ASE practice test. Students can take an official practice exam for roughly 15 dollars per voucher unless they are buying a high volume. Students may also test the test-taking software before beginning an exam.

Study Guides

Study guides are also a practical resource for studying for the exam. ASE offers study guides for all certification exams for free download. These study guides include an exam roadmap, sample questions, and suggested resources for continued practice. If you are someone who needs physical copies, never fear; that is available as well. Though it is not instant, potential test-takers can request that physical study guides be mailed to them from the ASE website.

Take Advantage of ASE Events

ASE also offers webinars for technicians. These webinars are offered on various topics and can be registered for via the ASE website. Topics include things like enhancing your diagnostic skills, plastic identification for repairs, and even HVAC updates.

Wrapping Things Up: What is ASE Certification?

Being ASE certified means that you are trusted and protected by the ASE. It also means that they have provided you with their stamp of approval, which gives customers and potential employers a sense of ease when working with you. If you are unsure what certification exam to take, ASE offers 57 different types. Each of these different certification types contains a different set of exams to take.

The easiest exam type is said to be the brake exams. This is because these focus on more entry-level automotive and common knowledge. However, regardless of if the exams are easy or not, you should be sure always to study. ASE offers several options to help you pass the exam; utilize them to ensure you can pass the exam on your first try.

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