How to Skip a Grade in North Carolina?

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Are you one of those parents in North Carolina who is worried about your child’s future? Because of this, it makes you want to give him quality education. At some point, you think your child deserves an acceleration in North Carolina school. However, how to skip a grade in North Carolina? Does the state policy allow it? What are the advantages? Is it a good decision? It is vital to answer these questions before making a step for your child’s education. This article will guide you about skipping a grade in North Carolina, its process, and its requirements.

Can Your Child Skip a Grade in North Carolina?Can Your Child Skip a Grade in North Carolina?

Let us first determine the meaning of skipping a grade in North Carolina and who should do it. Usually, it is recommended for gifted children. They may find their current school level not challenging as their way of thinking is more advanced than others. However, when should this be applied?

The law of North Carolina allows one to skip a grade based on the student’s appropriate level. The law even authorizes the principal to decide which grade the student must be enrolled in. For example, a seven-year-old child who did not attend school may not necessarily be placed in kindergarten. The principal will assess the child to see if he can be in the first grade.

What are the Requirements for Skipping a Grade in NC?

What are the Requirements for Skipping a Grade in NC?

Although skipping a grade in North Carolina is permitted by law, specific requirements must be followed. The requirements are based on your child’s level and the appropriate level he should be in.

Early admission to kindergarten

A specific age requirement for a child to be enrolled in kindergarten is five years old. However, in early admission, the child is younger than usual. According to North Carolina policy on acceleration, the child may enter kindergarten at four instead of five if the principal has assessed that the child is gifted and mature enough to be admitted.

Early admission to 1st grade

Although the first entry to school is kindergarten, some children may enroll in the first grade. It usually happens when the principal determines that the child should skip kindergarten. They will look into the child’s age. As much as possible, the child should reach the age of five on or before October 16 of the academic year. The parents will be asked to submit a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Skipping the whole grade

In North Carolina, it is vital to determine the academically or intellectually gifted students. Once identified, these students are allowed to skip a grade. Acceleration is considered when the gifted students academically perform above average compared to other students of the same age. They produce high grades in specific academic areas. They are socially and emotionally mature to adjust to specific situations and places compared to those children of the same age. You may also see that the gifted student is already bored and unchallenged to his grade level.

The General Requirements

If you believe that your child deserves to skip a grade, here’s what you can do:

Write a formal request

You may write your ideas about why your child should skip a grade and address it to the school principal. First, introduce the name of the student. After that, please state the reason why he should be accelerated. As much as possible, be detailed in giving your reasons. Please attach some evidence to support your reasons. Submitting your letter before the enrolment of the new academic year is recommended.

Provide evidence

Your letter may not be sufficient for the principal to grant your request. Thus, it is best to attach your evidence. What is this evidence?

  • Academic performance – you may include the standardized test scores of the student, showing how high it is compared to other learners.
  • Extracurricular activities – you may also add the student’s extra-curricular activities showing his capabilities are more advanced than the other learners of the same age.
  • Recommendations from teachers and counselors – it would be helpful if you could ask for a letter of recommendation from teachers and counselors that the student needs to be accelerated.
  • Statement from other learners – the previous classmates could also determine if the student is socially and emotionally mature compared to the others.
  • Statement from the student – you may also include in your letter the idea of the student regarding his present grade level, whether he finds it unchallenging or boring. Furthermore, put in your letter the intent of the student to skip a grade.

Provide recommendations from experts

Accelerating the student may have a significant effect on his life and his future. That’s why careful evaluation must be made before deciding to skip a grade. You may refer to, as they are experts in determining the need to accelerate the students. Some schools use tools like the Iowa Acceleration Scale to measure the appropriate level where the student should be in.

What to Consider Before Skipping a Grade?

What to Consider Before Skipping a Grade?

Skipping a grade in North Carolina can be a challenging decision. Hence, careful assessment and evaluation must be conducted before accelerating the student. Below are the factors you may need to consider before skipping a grade:

The level of maturity

Can the student adjust to the new setting given to him? Can he work efficiently with other learners who are older than him? Can he easily understand and accept the idea of skipping a grade? The student must be mature enough to understand why he must proceed to the next grade level. This way, he will not be confused and will quickly adjust to the new environment.

The motor skills

Skipping a grade is recommended in early education. However, this is also when your child learns from the basics to advance motor skills like reading, writing, drawing, running, cutting, and many more. Before thinking about skipping a grade, the student should be able to perform these motor skills even if he is at an advanced grade level.

The emotional factor

The emotional factor of the student should be stable enough to withstand any challenges he may encounter at the advanced level. How well can the student cope in case of frustrations and disappointments? Will he be able to bounce back after every failure?

The social factor

Will the student make friends easily with other older learners than him? How well can he adjust to the different personalities of others? The student must be ready to deal with different learners, especially since he is younger than them. Of course, you should not just consider academic performance, but you should also think of whether the student enjoys school or not.


Can the student take care of himself alone? Does he still need assistance from others, particularly regarding his hygiene? The student should be independent enough to do the tasks assigned to him. Not only that, but he must also decide for himself independently.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Skip a Grade in North Carolina?

Skipping a grade in North Carolina is allowed as long as the student deserves it. Age is a significant factor to consider for early admission to first grade. Early admission to kindergarten is possible if the child is four and is gifted and mature. When skipping the whole grade, the student should be identified as academically or intellectually gifted to be accelerated. The North Carolina policy authorizes the principal to decide whether the student must skip a grade. However, the principal will also look into different areas, such as the student’s academic performance, maturity level, and academic history.

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