How to Pass ASE Brakes Test?

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If you’re considering becoming the master tech in automotive vehicles, you’ve definitely heard of the ASE Brakes Test. This test, also known as the ASE A5, is only part of many other tests which allows you to provide your expertise to customers.

While it’s not an absolute necessity, earning this certificate allows you to portray your expertise, grow your business, and build confidence when it comes to your industry. We compiled the perfect piece for you to further understand whether all the certifications are necessary and how to study specifically for the ASE Brakes Test.

What is the ASE A5 Test?What is the ASE A5 Test?

The ASE, the Automotive Service Excellence, aims to alter the automotive service industry. While it might sound absurd to have Brakes as a separate entity, they emphasize the need to do so. This organization is non-profit, and its sole purpose is to give people the adequate skills to repair and provide services.

Remember that the ASE A5 is synonymous with the ASE Brakes Test. The exam is listed as A5 because it’s simply one of the many certificates you can attain through ASE. Hence, the automotive tests under the ASE must consist of 9 certifications, which are:

  • Engine Repair (A1)
  • Automatic Transmission/Transaxle (A2)
  • Manual Drive Train & Axles (A3)
  • Suspension & Steering (A4)
  • Brakes (A5)
  • Electrical/Electronics Systems (A6)
  • Heating & Air Conditioning (A7)
  • Engine Performance (A8)
  • Light Vehicle Diesel Engines (A9)

These certifications allow you to become a certified technician. Not only will that make you more respected within your field, but it will also increase customers’ trust in you. This is considered to be the most valuable credential for any automotive technician. Hence, you simply have to sit for any of the exams to obtain that.

You might wonder why there are 9 subjects if you can obtain the credentials simply by successfully passing one. Let’s make this a little clearer. Give any of them a minimum of 2 years of experience in the automotive repair industry. You’ll become an ASE Automobile Technician who is certified.

However, many aims to become Master Automobile Technicians, aka Master Tech. However, that requires much more effort and time. First of all, you will have to sit for all certificates A1 through A8. A9 is not necessary to obtain your Master Automobile Technician credential.

Hence, the A5 test is simply a certification that allows you to enhance your skills in the brakes sector. This will not only equip you with more skills but earns you a well-respected credential.

How Many Questions Are on the ASE Brakes Test?

How Many Questions Are on the ASE Brakes Test?

The ASE A5, aka the Brakes Test, consists of 45 questions. However, these are spread over 4 main areas that fall under. Each has a different weight that is calculated into your final score. You will likely also have 10 more questions that do not weigh into your final score. The exam time is estimated to be 1 hour and 15 minutes. Moreover, the whole exam is a multiple-choice exam.

To evaluate the questions and what to anticipate, you must check both the syllabus of the exam and any ASE practice test. The best tests are the purchased ones from ASE themselves.

Now, check the list below to see how the ASE Brakes Test is split into four main subjects:

Hydraulic, Power Assist, Parking Brake Systems Diagnosis, & Repair

This section consists of a total of 19 questions. This means that 43% of your grade will be obtained from this section. Some subtopics under this include: master cylinder, valves, leak testing, power assist units, and parking brake

Drum Brake Diagnosis & Repair

As this subtopic is relatively tiny, only 5 questions will be related to this subject. Hence, only 11% of the final grade will be based on this subtopic. Topics included in this section involve: cleaning brake drums, lubrication, reinstalling the wheel, and inspection of bearings and wheel cylinders.

Disc Brake Diagnosis & Repair

11 questions revolve around disc brake diagnosis and repair, which composes 24% of the real exam. Expect to answer questions on the following: machine rotor, reinstalling the wheel, caliper assembly, caliper mountings, and retracting brake caliper pistons.

Electronic Brake Control Systems

As 10 questions will address this topic, 22% of the exam is based on this section. Hence, expect to encounter the following: Antilock Brake System (ABS), Traction Control System (TCS), and Electronic Stability Control System (ESC).

What Happens If You Fail an ASE Test?

What Happens If You Fail an ASE Test?

The ASE Brake test passing score is 70% of the exam. That means you must approximately get 32 questions correct. While that might seem a lot, the exam is simple, as it’s all multiple choice. Moreover, the ASE Brakes Exam is considered the easiest out of all the ASE Automotive certifications.

However, you might find yourself failing the ASE Test. Whether you get unlucky or simply can’t go through the exam, there is a solution to it all. You can reschedule for the exam 30 days after your previous session.

However, you should also find as many ASE Brake Test answers ones offered by ASE to ensure you’re putting everything in perspective and responding correctly.

How To Prepare for the ASE Brakes Test?

How To Prepare for the ASE Brakes Test?

If you want to know how to pass the ASE brakes test, then aim to follow the following steps to guide you through the process:

  • Stay Focused. The very beginning of the exam is often the most nerve-wracking. Going to a test center, you’ll feel anxious amidst all those other test takers. You must show your ID, put your stuff in a locker, and wait for your paper. Hence, make sure you’re calm and collected before the exam.
  • While the ASE Brakes Test is arguably the easiest one, that doesn’t mean you can get through it without studying for it. Hence, focus on all the practice tests and questions you can get access to.
  • Hands-on Experience. The ultimate way to memorize something and leave a searing mark in your brain is to see it. Visual effects allow you to remember things. Hence, if you can practice your learning, go for it.
  • Know What to Focus On. The most challenging part of the A5 ASE exam would be the diagnosis and brake rotor pulsation problems. Brake and Front End offer some questions to guide you through the basics. Hence, aim to focus on this particular topic when studying.
  • Watch Videos. Watching videos of others explaining all the fundamentals of brakes will help you memorize all the trivial details. Moreover, an ASE A5 practice test on YouTube provides a more interactive and visual form of the exam.

5 ASE A5 Brakes Test Study Tips

5 ASE A5 Brakes Test Study Tips

There are numerous ways in which you can prepare for the exam. However, here are the essential ones:

Get Experience

To become a certified technician, you must have a minimum of two years of experience. While that might sound like a lot, it isn’t if you genuinely enjoy it. Hence, having knowledge will really go a long way in the ASE A5 exam.

Having dealt with brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid slowly becomes part of your skill set. Hence, it allows you to easily recall different information in the exam.

Know Your Tools

Something that many people disregard is going through the necessary measurements and tools used in the job. Understanding dial indicators and everything else allows you to understand the terminology and ace your exam.

Know the Style of Questions

All the questions you will encounter are multiple choice questions. However, these are divided into a few different types:

  • MCQ: standard multiple choice questions
  • Except for Questions: this asks you to point out the wrong answer
  • Technician A vs. B: this provides you with a scenario where two technicians say different things. You’re asked to point out the correct one.
  • Most Likely Questions
  • Least Likely Questions

Practice Tests

You cannot expect to ace any exam without having proper practice. Hence, find an ASE Brakes practice test that suits you. ASE Test Prep provides a miniature version that is free for you to start practicing your knowledge.

Study Guide

You’ll find many resources on the internet that provide you with study guides. However, the good ones aren’t offered for free. However, it’s well worth investing in one and having it with you for future reference as well. Check out two of them: the Delmar ASE Test Prep and the Motor Age guide.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Pass ASE Brakes Test?

To sum up, there isn’t one definitive method to prepare for the A5 ASE exam. However, we do recommend a few things. For instance, ensure you get as much hands-on experience as possible. After that, keep a study guide by your side to ensure you have all the necessary information ingrained in your brain.

Moreover, when you go to the exam, ensure you’re not overly nervous about it. Nerves before the exam might cause a mental block. Have confidence that you know everything there is to know about brakes, and you’ll be good to go. Remember that the exam is more logical and considered the simplest of all ASE automotive exams.

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