How to Get the Most of Your Online Classes?

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The world has been surprised, especially during the transition of education. From the traditional classroom setting, it has become changed online. Many students around the globe were overwhelmed by this sudden change. However, there is no other way to a better future, and that is to adapt to these changes.

So, how to get the most out of your online classes? Knowing the online learning tips will make the most of your online experience. Below is the information you may need to embrace online learning and make it a success.

5 Steps for Successful Online Learning5 Steps for Successful Online Learning

Although online learning can be challenging, it doesn’t mean it can’t be successful. Below are tips for online classes success:

Find Out the Technical Requirements

Ask your university regarding the technical requirements for your online learning. For example, at Texas A&M International University, mobile phones like smartphones, desktops, and laptops are acceptable. For the web browser, they specifically require Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. They also require adobe acrobat reader for PDF files. Your internet connection should be stable. Using your microphone, headphone, and camera for online interaction would be best. Knowing these technical requirements allows you to prepare for your own space and setup.

Prepare for Your Online Workplace

Choose a place in your house where you can’t be disturbed. Ensure the area is clean and in order, free from clutter. In this manner, you will be able to focus on the lessons. Aside from that, it will not distract your professor and classmates during the online class. As much as possible, your headphone has a noise canceling feature to block unnecessary background noise. Make sure your place has enough light and ventilation. It will enhance your focus on listening to the online discussion. You must be comfortable with your own space for study. Do you have an ergonomic chair, mechanical keyboard, and mouse? Does your table have enough space to write and put your books?

Connect With Your Instructors

You should contact your instructor even though it is online. Ask what the instructors’ requirements are. Do they require you to turn on the camera for the entire lecture? Do they have a specific background of their choice? What online platform will they be using? Will they use Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams? Information like this is vital for your preparation for the online class. If you don’t have an account yet on this online platform, you can already make one before the online class.

Be Organized

Ask for your schedule ahead of time. You can print this schedule and place it in your workspace, where you can easily see it. It will remind you so you won’t miss any of your classes. You can also put a “to-do list” section where you can write what you need to accomplish. It will prepare you and set your mind so you will always be guided. You can also have a calendar where you can mark important dates.

Know Online Netiquette

Before your online class, you must be familiar with online netiquette. That’s why it is important to determine your instructor’s preferences, and online rules are among them.

Does your instructor want you to raise your hand through an emoji reaction during oral recitation, or can you simply butt in during the discussion? Does your instructor want you to come on time or at least 15 minutes on the chosen online platform? Does your instructor entertain questions after or in between the discussion? Information like this will help you behave correctly during the online class. You may refer to the Stanford University online class rules and policies as they have rules for video conferencing, small group discussion, and online discussion boards.

5 Study Tips Maximize Your Online Learning Experience

5 Study Tips Maximize Your Online Learning Experience

Some students find traditional learning effective, while others don’t like online learning. Online learning can be challenging, particularly if it is new to the students. However, with the right online learning tips, you will make it successful.

Set Your Goals and Objectives

Online learning has advantages. However, its downside is the chance to get distracted since you are learning in the comfort of your home. That’s why it is important to set your goals and objectives.

What do you want to achieve? You may begin with a broad goal. What do you want to accomplish at the end of the online learning class? Determine specific skills and concepts to learn. After that, you may break this into small objectives you can slowly do every day to achieve your general goal. An example of a specific objective is “to pass my assignment before the due date.” It may be a simple and small objective that will keep you going until you finish the entire online class.

Be Attentive and Take Down Notes

You must listen to your instructor or classmate reporting in class. As much as possible, take down notes. In this manner, you will be guided through the lesson. Aside from that, it will increase your knowledge and understanding of the concept. By taking notes, you will remain focused and won’t feel sleepy. Hence, you will not be tempted to turn off your camera and nap while attending the online class.

Communicate With Your Peers and Instructors Consistently

With the right support and communication from your peers and instructors, you will make online classes a success. You can frequently ask them for some updates, like the upcoming topics of the class, so that you can read ahead of time. You will understand the concept clearly during the class since you already know it. You can also ask your peers about upcoming assignments and projects so that you can set your schedules and pass them on time.

Manage Your Time Efficiently

One of the problems in online classes is the student’s tendency to procrastinate. It is because you are studying in the comfort of your house. That’s why it is important to manage your time efficiently. Before you begin your week, it is helpful to list the things you need to do for the entire week. After that, you may start writing your plan of activities before you start your day. Be specific; specify when you want to finish the task and class. From, the Pomodoro time management technique was explained that you can use. You can choose one to two small tasks that you can finish within 25-30 minutes. You can set the timer. When the timer buzz, you can stop and rest for two-to-three minutes.

Celebrate Small Successes

Did you finish the task early or on time? Did you not acquire any late from the class? Did you participate well? Did you finish all your tasks within the week? If yes, then you deserve to celebrate your small wins. One of the problems that you may encounter when learning online is how to keep yourself motivated. By acknowledging even your easy wins, you are encouraging yourself to always do better. It is a great way to motivate yourself and increase your chance of being successful.

How to Balance Multiple Online Classes?

How to Balance Multiple Online Classes?

One of the challenges of online learning is to have multiple online classes. Time management and proper scheduling are the best strategies to keep you on the right track. You should properly schedule your classes. If there are multiple online classes, you must have two monitors or computers to stay on the discussion. You can set priorities on which should be done first.

It is important not to feel overwhelmed but to stay calm and focused at all times so that you will have more ideas to come. Through proper prioritization, you will also have proper time management. Accomplish the tasks which are needed first. Ask for help or support from family members to lighten up your load.

How to Stay Motivated in Online Classes?

How to Stay Motivated in Online Classes?

Some students are not motivated or interested to learn online. However, motivation is one of the keys to online learning success. You can do the Pomodoro technique to help you rest and have a break between the class or a certain task. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed with the learning and assignments.

Aside from that, you should acknowledge your small steps and celebrate your small wins. You may take a break, go to your favorite restaurant, and eat your favorite meal. You may go out with friends to divert your attention from the online class. Changing the venue where you conduct your online class is also a good idea. For example, you may visit a great café if the internet is stable. You can learn while enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Get the Most of Your Online Classes?

Indeed, an online class is challenging. How to get the most out of your online classes? You can follow the tips given above. First, be ready before your online class. Prepare the necessary technical requirements, find out the online netiquettes prescribed by your instructors, organize your workspace, and do not forget to communicate with your peers and instructors for updates. Procrastination and demotivation are the problems you may encounter in your online class. Ensure all the distractions are removed and focus on your goals and objectives. Lastly, stay motivated by celebrating your achievements, whether small or petty. After all, you deserve it!

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