How to Get Straight A’s: The Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever wondered how to get good grades? If making straight A’s is a goal of yours, you are going to want to make sure you attend every class, turn in assignments on time and study a little every day. With your motivation and our tips on how to get straight A’s, you can become the perfect student you always dreamed of becoming.

First Things First: What Does Getting Straight A's Mean

First Things First: What Does Getting Straight A's Mean

First Things First: What Does Getting Straight A’s Mean

Getting straight A’s in school can mean many different things. Knowing which straight A’s you want to attain will help you to achieve your goal.

1. Straight A’s on your report card:

Have you ever wondered how to get a 4.0 GPA? If you are in high school and are working towards straight A’s on your report card, there is good news. Straight A’s at the end of a nine week period averages all your homework, quizzes, test and projects. A school’s grading system can vary slightly, but most schools consider anything between a 90%-100% and A. Straight A’s on your report card (4 semesters) means that you can get below A grades on assignments and still end up with an A average.

2. Straight A’s on every assignment:

Getting straight A’s on every graded assignment is a challenge but it can be done. While there is no room for failure, being a perfect student is an achievable goal. The steps to getting straight A’s can help you become a perfect student. Before we tell you how to get straight A’s, let’s find out why you want to get straight A’s.

Why Do You Want Straight A's?Why Do You Want Straight A’s?

What motivates you to do the things you do? Are your actions well thought out plans or do you fly by the seat of your pants? The reason you want straight A’s could impact how likely you are to achieve your goal. It’s easy to get motivated but staying motivated can be a challenge. Here are some common reasons why students want straight A’s. See if you fit into one of these categories or if your reasoning is as unique and wonderful as you are:

1. Colleges are competitive:

You’re so excited about the thought of attending your dream college that you’ve already bought a whole new wardrobe in your future college’s colors and your personalized college mug has already been ordered. Then you find out that the GPA needed to get in is a 4.0 or above. You read right. OR ABOVE. Some colleges are so competitive that a 4.0 may not even get you on the waiting list. Don’t worry, most colleges aren’t like this, but if the college you want to attend does require a 4.0, it’s going to take some effort. In order to be accepted into ivy league colleges, you are going to want to have a 4.0 average, among other things. Planning ahead will help you become the perfect student you were meant to be. Are you wondering which Ivy League is the easiest to get into? Make sure to check out our article on that here.

2. You want to be valedictorian:

2. You want to be valedictorian:

There is something to be said for the graduate who graduates top of their class. If that is your desire, you are going to have to learn how to become an excellent student. Because there is always competition, you will want to strive for straight A’s if you want to graduate valedictorian.

3. It’s expected of you:

Do you really WANT to get straight A’s, or is it just assumed that you will? If your parents have high expectations of you, it’s normal to feel like you have to get straight A’s. While this is an attainable goal, you want to make sure your motivation will last the long haul. Strive for perfection because it’s something you want, not because it’s what others want.

4. Bragging rights:

Let’s face it. Everyone likes to brag from time to time. Having straight A’s is something to be proud of. Not only will you be able to brag to your friends, but your academic career will surely get a boost with a perfect school record.

Why are Straight A's Helpful for Your Academic Career?Why are Straight A’s Helpful for Your Academic Career?

Being a perfect student has it perks. If you are able to continually receive A’s on your assignments, you will end up with straight A’s on your report cards and transcripts. The benefits of having straight A’s are numerous:

1. Awards:

Academic awards are often given at school based on one’s grades. Getting straight A’s will ensure that you get any and all academic awards given for good grades if you meet other requirements as well.

2. Clubs:

Some clubs require a certain GPA. Having all A’s in school will help you get into the club you want. While some clubs are academic, some clubs can actually feel like a break from school, even though they are school related. Clubs can help you interact with fellow students while taking a break from the academic side of school.

3. Scholarships:

3. Scholarships:

It is no secret that college is expensive. While some scholarships can be granted based off of your parent’s income, most scholarships will be based, in part, by your GPA. A higher GPA means more scholarships. More scholarships mean less out of pocket money for college down the road. Scholarships may be the difference between you attending college of not, so receiving a perfect average in school can heighten your chance of attend college. We cover tons of the best scholarships in our posts here.

We also talk about the best sites to find scholarships here.

4. College acceptance:

Nearly all colleges have a minimum GPA required before getting accepted. Being a straight A student will increase your chances of being accepted.

5. Job offers:

The job market is saturated with intelligent, experienced applicants. When you apply for a job, your resume needs to stand out above the rest. Having a perfect academic record will impress potential employers and may help you land an interview, and luckily, a job!

3 Principles to Always Remember to Get Good Grades3 Principles to Always Remember to Get Good Grades

Getting good grades takes effort but it’s not impossible. Although there are numerous tips that will help you to get good grades in school, you should keep these three principles in mind when trying to get all A’s in school.

1. The Pareto Principle:

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, states that roughly 20% of causes attribute for 80% of the effects. The remaining 20% of effects is caused by the remaining 80% of the causes. This can apply to studying and writing papers, among other school-related tasks. As a student, you can write only 20% of your paper in five hours yet finish the remaining 80% of the paper in as little as an hour. You can study for 10 hours, only to find that you were daydreaming for the first 8 hours, ending up with only two hours of actual study time.

2. The Seinfeld Method:

2. The Seinfeld Method:

The Seinfeld Method is a simple method that aims at keeping one from procrastinating. Instead of cramming for that quiz or test coming up, apply the Seinfeld method and study a little every day. Get a calendar, mark it with upcoming assignments, quizzes, tests, papers and essays and schedule to work on these a little every day prior to the due date. Every day that you accomplish a little more, mark the day on the calendar. You will find that it is easier not to break this chain when you have a visual of your accomplishments. You can even treat yourself after every little accomplishment to help motivate you to keep reaching for your goal.

3. The 2-Minute Rule:

Starting a new habit should not take longer than 2 minutes. With this principle in mind, it should be easy for you to break the habit of cramming or procrastinating and work a little every day instead. Start small. Open your notes. Study just what was given that day. The next day, read over your notes from the previous day and the current day. If you have a paper to write, instead of writing it in one night, start small. Brainstorm on the first day. Write your thesis on the second day. Make an outline on your third day. On the fourth day, do your research. Getting a little bit done each day will keep you from cramming, rushing through an assignment and getting burned out. Eventually, you will be in the habit of studying and working on assignments early and it may even feel weird NOT doing schoolwork every day.

How to Get a 4.0 GPA in High School: 7 Simple StepsHow to Get a 4.0 GPA in High School: 7 Simple Steps

Getting a 4.0 GPA in high school is an attainable goal. Following these 7 steps to get straight A’s can help you make good grades and keep good grades during high school.

1. Study space:

Nothing is harder than trying to write an essay with the music blaring or studying for that midterm while you little brother is trying to smear his cheesy fingers all over your homework. Find a quiet, well-lit area where you can study. Having the music or tv on is ok if you find that you work better with these devices. If these become a distraction, turn them off! Also, you want to avoid studying where people can become a distraction. Let people know when you are studying and that this is your designated area!

2. Stay organized:

There is nothing worse than getting ready to study for that big exam and not being able to find your notes. Or getting ready to turn in an assignment and realizing that you can’t find it. Staying organized will help you keep up with assignments you need to turn in and notes you need to study. Keep your class work separate in their own files, folders or notebooks. Label things clearly so that you can find what you need fast. Color coding may also help you keep organized.

3. Establish a routine:

If you want to maintain your good grades in school, you are going to have to be consistent. As life gets busy, you may be tempted to put schoolwork on the back burner. To avoid this, set a time every day that is devoted to your studies. Once you get into a routine, it will be hard to break it. Don’t forget to take time out for yourself. Getting straight A’s will be useless if you are not healthy. Your routine should include time to eat and wind down. Don’t get so involved in school that you forget about your family and friends. It is ok to take a break. In fact, it is necessary! Remember, high school lasts four years. You will never achieve a perfect record if you get burned out.

4. Don’t skip school:

Missing a class is one of the worst things that you can do when in high school. Teachers are notorious for giving pop quizzes. Since you cannot plan for a pop quiz, it is imperative that you are present to every class. Missing class might also make you miss notes that are important to your studies. Important dates and assignment details may be announced when you are not there. Attending class will ensure that you receive all the information. Relying on others to give you notes or information is not advised as they could also miss school.

5. Take good notes:

5. Take good notes:

Unless you are a sponge, chances are you are going to forget some things from your class lecture. Taking good notes will ensure that you have the information you need when it comes time to study. Keep all of your notes for one subject in the same place, whether it be a notebook or binder. Learn how to abbreviate if your teacher speaks fast. Outline your notes whenever possible. Highlight headings and important information like dates and vocabulary words. Didn’t understand something that was said during the lecture? Make a note of it and ask questions!

6. Study:

Studying is a lot easier when done in steps. Rather than cramming for a test or quiz, get into the habit of studying a little bit every day. The workload will seem less intimidating and you will be able to retain the information for much longer than if you just glance at the material before a graded assignment. Take time out of each day to focus on your studies. Steady wins the race.

7. Hire a tutor:

As a student, you are not expected to know everything. You will find that some teachers may be easy to understand, while some may be impossible to comprehend. Whether it is the teacher or the subject matter that is confusing, you may find yourself in need of help. Don’t wait until the last minute to seek help. Find your teacher before or after school and ask for clarification. If they are not available, seek help elsewhere. Friends, parents or even previous teachers make great tutors. Some schools offer tutors for their students. If not, seek a friend who may be stronger in the subject you struggle with. Tutors can also be found online or at tutoring centers. A tutor may explain things in a simpler way than your teacher, and you will realize that the material you were once struggling with is not as hard as you think.

How to Get All A's in College: 5 Secrets to Getting Straight A'sHow to Get All A’s in College: 5 Secrets to Getting Straight A’s

Getting straight A’s in college in similar to getting straight A’s in High School. As a college student, however, you may be on your own and won’t have parents around to keep on you about studying. You are going to have to hold yourself accountable for your grades. There is no hand holding in college. Read these 5 steps to learn how to get all A’s in college.

1. Don’t miss class:

If you want to know how to become an excellent student, start by not missing class. Do not risk missing important notes or dates by missing school. Attend class every day to ensure that you get all of the information you need to make good grades. Never try to rely on another student to get missed assignments or information. They may not take good notes, or worse, they may also miss class the same day that you do.

2. Stay organized:

You will find that studying is a lot easier if you stay organized. Keep separate folders or notebooks for each subject. Use labels with appropriate tags for each subject. Color coding everything by subject can also help. If you decide to use one binder for all of your subject, use tabs to separate your material. Never just fold a piece of paper and place it in your textbook, especially if it is not the textbook for that class.

3. Ask questions:

3. Ask questions:

If you don’t understand the material or a project being assigned, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Clarifying information with the teacher will unearth any problems that may arise in the future. If your teacher never seems to be available before or after class, make an appointment with them during their office hours. If you are unable to see them during those hours, send them an email.

4. Organize a study group:

They say two heads are better than one. Many students have the same goal as you. Studying in groups is a good and sometimes fun way to study. If you are struggling with a topic, studying in with other students can pair you up with someone who may be stronger at a topic than you. You can compare notes to make sure that you have all of the information you need. You can quiz each other and learn from your mistakes.

5. Don’t procrastinate:

Don’t wait until the last minute to complete assignments and don’t cram for quizzes and tests. It is best to study your notes as you get them. Cramming may work for some people, but rarely for people who get straight A’s. Studying a little every day will help you build on the information you’ve already learned and will help you to retain that information.

Always work on homework, essays and projects a little at a time. Begin as soon as it is assigned. Even if you don’t physically start working, you can start brainstorming. Having ideas ahead of time will help you when it comes time to start implementing. Check out our post on inspirational quotes for exam success here.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Get Straight A'sWrapping Things Up: How to Get Straight A’s

Want to know how to be a perfect student? Getting straight A’s may seem dauting at first, but with a well laid out plan, it is an achievable goal. Whether you are in high school or college, following certain steps and being consistent are keys to achieving a perfect academic record.

1. Get motivated to stay motivate:

High school and college lasts four years minimum. Getting straight A’s will take some motivation and perseverance. When you feel tempted to give up, remember why you want that perfect academic record. Keep your eye on the prize!

2. Prioritize:

Chances are you are going to be in high school or college for four years, maybe longer. You don’t want to get burnt out with school. One lousy assignment or flunked exam can ruin your chances of getting straight A’s. To keep this from happening, it is important that you prioritize. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete and assignment or study for an exam.

3. Take care of yourself:

3. Take care of yourself:

Remember to take time for yourself. Missing a class can have disastrous effects on your grades. Make you sure you are healthy physically, mentally and socially. This includes eating a healthy diet. It is a well know fact that breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day. Don’t skip it! Drink plenty of water. Don’t go to long without meals. If you don’t have time to sit and eat, bring snacks with you. Get plenty of rest and exercise and include activities that don’t involve school.

It is ok to put school first but take time out for yourself as well. Sometimes you need to relax and have fun.  All work and no play is the fastest way to get burned out and sabotage your chances of getting straight A’s in school.

4. Bonuses:

ALWAYS do any bonus work offered, even if you don’t currently need it or don’t think you ever will. You never know when that one bonus ups your grade from a B to an A, keeping you on tracking to reaching your goal!

Now that you have read our tips on how to get straight A’s in school, you can feel confident that you will be able to achieve your goals and finish school with a perfect academic record.

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