How Many Questions are on the TEAS Test?

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In 2014, 31% of qualified applications for the BSN program (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing) were rejected. Imagine the frustration of those high-achieving students who couldn’t get into the program of their dreams. It is unclear why that percentage is relatively high, but one of the reasons could be a low test score on the TEAS test.

Numerous different programs require you to sit for the TEAS test. There is no specific passing score. You cannot ever be 100% positive that your test qualifies. However, all institutes state the minimum required score they seek, and not all universities ask for a TEAS exam.

However, as someone applying for nursing school, it is always better to sit for the exam or at least know all the essential information about it. Hence, in this article, we aim to explore all the different aspects, but mainly the number of questions you’ll face in the TEAS exam.

**However, before we dive deep into the details, we would like to mention that there are now two variations of the TEAS exam. The new one that will be administered in June 2022 is TEAS 7, and both versions contain the same amount of total questions.

However, the main difference is that TEAS uses 60 “internal” questions that don’t contribute to the total grade. However, whether the TEAS 7 will have more “internal” questions hasn’t been settled yet. For the rest of the article, we’ll discuss details of TEAS 7, as the significant difference resides in the number of questions for each section.**

What Do the TEAS Test Consist Of?What Do the TEAS Test Consist Of?

TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills. It’s also known as the ATI TEAS examination, which some schools require for their nursing programs. Numerous students struggle with the TEAS simply because they haven’t sat for an extended, standardized test in a while. We generally recommend you sit for it at the beginning of your undergraduate study, simply to get an idea of how it’s administered.

In a gist, the TEAS exam is a tool used to assess students’ preparedness for multiple health science fields. It’s a generally standardized tool universities and institutes use to evaluate their student’s academic standing.

There are various different questions we get asked about TEAS, but mainly: how many questions are on the TEAS test? How long are the TEAS? What does it consist of? Below is a breakdown of all the essential information you’re required to know:

  • Total Number of Questions: 170 questions, 150 of which contribute to your final grade
  • Questions’ Format: multiple different types of questions, elaborated on below
  • Sections Include:Mathematics, Reading, Language Usage, and Science
  • Total Time:209 Minutes

However, keep in mind that each of the four individual sections is graded separately. They have a different effect on your total final grade. Moreover, each unit has an additional set of questions and multiple subsections underneath it. Below is a more accurate representation of what to expect.


  • Total Number of Questions: 34 questions
  • Total Time:54 minutes
  • Subsections:
    • Measurement & Data (16 questions)
    • Number & Algebra (18 questions)
    • Pre-Test Questions (4 questions)


  • Total Number of Questions: 39 questions
  • Total Time:64 minutes
  • Subsections:
    • Craft & Structure (9 questions)
    • Integration of Knowledge & Ideas (15 questions)
    • Key Ideas & Details (15 questions)
    • Pre-Test Questions (6 questions)

English & Language Usage

  • Total Number of Questions: 33 questions
  • Total Time:32minutes
  • Subsections:
    • Conventions of Standard English (12 questions)
    • Knowledge of Language (11 questions)
    • Vocabulary Acquisition (10 questions)
    • Pre-Test Questions (4 questions)


  • Total Number of Questions: 44 questions
  • Total Time:63 minutes
  • Subsections:
    • Biology (9 questions)
    • Chemistry (8 questions)
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology (18 questions)
    • Scientific Reasoning (9 questions)
    • Pre-Test Questions (6 questions)

What Kind of Questions Are on the TEAS Test?

What Kind of Questions Are on the TEAS Test?

If you’re taking the TEAS exam before June 2022, then you’ll probably sit for the 6th version. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the new format, as the 6th one only consists of multiple-choice questions. On the other hand, the 7th version is more elaborate, containing 4 new question formats.

So, there is a total of 5 different formats now, and they’re discussed in further detail below.

1. Multiple-Choice: multiple-choice questions are the OG type of questions, where you have four choices, and only one of them is correct. Some questions will vary, as they could include graphs, charts, or tables.

2. Multiple-Select: similar to the multiple-choice format, you’ll have four different choices to choose from. Still, more than one of them is correct. You will be prompted with a message that states, “select all that apply.”

3. Supply Answer:You will get a blank box, similar to fill in the blank, and you will be expected to fill it according to the question. These are often simple questions, asking for a few words or numbers.

4. Ordered Response:you will have somewhere between 4 and 6 different boxes that you should move around and order according to the question. The entire order should be correct, or you will lose the whole grade.

5. Hot Spot:you’ll have an image with anywhere between 2 to 5 clickable areas. You’ll have to select only one part that answers the question correctly.

To find the best TEAS test practice questions for TEAS 7, check the free practice tests offered by Test-Guide. They have 2 free practice exams on Mathematics(1,2), Reading (1,2), English Language (1,2), and Science (1,2).

How Many Math Questions are on the TEAS Test?

How Many Math Questions are on the TEAS Test?

In total, over the whole exam, you have 170 different questions. However, for the Mathematics part, you now have 34 questions to complete in 54 minutes. There is no set passing score for the TEAS, but the minimum you should aim for is 60%, as most programs ask for more than that.

You’re generally encouraged to aim for much higher than the minimum requirement to increase the chances of acceptance. You can access some free, basic math TEAS test questions on the official website of the TEAS Practice Test.

One of the most essential questions is what topics students are expected to understand for the TEAS Math section? That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Converting fractions, percentages, and decimals
  • Solving real-world problems and simulations using expressions, equations, ratios, and rate of change
  • Applying estimation strategies
  • Solving equations with one variable
  • Ability to compare and arrange rational numbers
  • Interpret tables, charts, and graphs
  • Ability to convert units of standard and metric systems
  • Proficiency in geometric quantities

Many more areas are covered, but they all intertwine in a sense. Moreover, rest assured you’re allowed a calculator in the exam. However, it is administered by the test administrator, and you’ll be handed a four-function calculator as built-in or special functions are not permitted.

What is the Hardest Part of the TEAS Test?

What is the Hardest Part of the TEAS Test?

From an outsider’s perspective, very few people believe that the TEAS is a complicated exam. On the contrary, it is equivalent to the SAT and ACT. Hence, if you have taken either one before, you’re set to go!

But the most challenging aspect of the TEAS exam is often the time limit, as you get an average of 1 minute to answer each question. Hence, most students feel like it’s a time crunch. Due to the method used to calculate your score, any empty answer is regarded as a wrong one.

If you’re wondering how is the TEAS test scored, you need to understand how the scoring system of equating works. The equating system entails that some questions on the exam have a higher weight on your overall grade than others. However, you won’t be able to know which ones these are.

According to the administration, the average national composite score differs, but it usually falls somewhere between 65% to 75%. However, we advise you to prepare appropriately and vigorously for the examination to get higher than the minimum requirement.

How to Prepare for the TEAS Test?

How to Prepare for the TEAS Test?

preparing for the TEAS test is not an easy feat, and ATI recommends studying for at least 6 weeks before your exam is due. Hence, we recommend you buy a study guide, and they’re often inexpensive. Spire Study System offers one TEAS test study guide option, and it’s one of the most recently developed ones.

We provide you with multiple steps you can use to study for your TEAS test:

Know Everything About the Test

We’re not asking you to know the answer to all questions, as you might stumble upon a few alien ones. However, familiarize yourself with the number of questions present in each section and how long each will take you.

Moreover, remember that you’re given a 10-minute break during the test. Any other leave you take will be deducted from the total time of the exam. Also, keep in mind that out of the 170 questions you answer, 20 of them will not contribute to your final grade.

Online Guides and Resources

ATI, the Assessment Technologies Institute, the TEAS exam creator, has multiple packages you can use during your preparation journey. They’re great resources, and they offer numerous different options according to your existing resources and how much you’re willing to pay.

Time Yourself

One of the most critical aspects of the exam is the limited time. Hence, if you don’t practice efficiently and time yourself throughout the process, some problems might surface during the exam.

So, our recommendation is to time how long it takes you to finish a practice test and then evaluate your progress. Moreover, do as many past exams and practices as possible to strengthen your performance. One of the most significant issues students face is not reading the question correctly. Numerous students have discussed this in the past.

Set Specific Study Times

We recommend you study for 2 hours every day for the TEAS exam, and make it consistent and at the same time. That will allow you to form a pattern over time and get more familiar with the exam and the various questions.

Understand Common Mistakes

Some students forget that they have their phones connected to their laptops during the online test. That might cause some proctoring issues. Moreover, numerous students get distracted by background noise, which means you might have to learn to adapt to the discomforts around you. These are unfortunate events, but they can occur.

Wrapping Things Up: How Many Questions Are on the TEAS Test?

All in all, two factors affect someone’s performance on the TEAS. These are the time crunch and the stress level during the exam.

As the total number of questions on the TEAS test is only 170, the issue here is you have 3.5 hours to finish all of it. It is a prolonged period, but some students find it hard to complete the questions as you’ll get an average of one minute per question.

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