How Hard Is It to Get Into MSU Honors College?

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Michigan State University or MSU is one of the most popular schools nowadays. It produces quality students who are successful in their chosen field after graduation. That’s why many students dream of joining the MSU Honors College. How hard is it to get into MSU Honors College? What are the requirements, especially regarding the GPA and other standardized tests? What is its acceptance rate? Do they offer MSU Honors College Scholarships? If you want information about MSU Honors College, continue reading the article below.

What is the MSU Honors College?What is the MSU Honors College?

In the year 1956, the Michigan Honors College was established. The first class of Honors College members was created in 1957-1958. It is one of the oldest honors programs among public universities. MSU Honors College has 400 students participating in the Academic Scholars Programs every year.

Michigan State University is one of the world’s leading research schools. It aims to offer excellence and opportunities to the best students with the brightest minds through its program MSU Honors College. This program gathers the most diverse students from different places and races into one learning environment to develop their full potential through its remarkable academic and social learning experiences.

As an honor college student, you can choose from 240 academic programs, and you can choose multiple programs of your interest. You will be developed in research through honors research seminars. Each year, the honor college students are allowed to be professorial assistants. They are mentored and paid through a stipend for working 8-10 hours per week during their first and second year at MSU. Indeed, the opportunities in the MSU Honors College program are limitless. The real challenge is getting invited and starting your journey in this program.

How Hard Is It to Get Into MSU Honors College?

How Hard Is It to Get Into MSU Honors College?

If you want to join the Honors College, you should enroll first at Michigan State University. After that, you may receive an invitation that you are qualified to get into the Honors College. MSU Honors College admission is evaluated for six to eight weeks and is considered competitive. According to its history, only up to 400 students joined the Honors College and participated in the Academic Scholars Program. That’s only 8% of the total undergraduates.

The first step to getting into the MSU Honors College is to be accepted into Michigan University. However, not all students who enrolled in MSU receive an invitation to the Honors College.

What are the Admission Requirements for MSU Honors?

What are the Admission Requirements for MSU Honors?

The first thing you need to do to get into the Honors College is to have Michigan State University admission. You should consider the MSU Honors College requirements, such as its required GPA, SAT, and ACT results. Do not worry because the MSU acceptance rate is 83%. Getting into the MSU may be easy if you submit all the required documents and follow the procedures.

Once you are admitted to MSU, you will have the chance to receive an invitation to the Honors College. These are the qualities they are looking for:

  • Last 2021, the typical GPA of an honor college student is 3.8-4.0.
  • You must belong to the top 5% of the class.
  • You must take up dual courses or more AP/IB.
  • You must participate in community activities, leadership involvement, research, and other extracurricular events.
  • Although SAT and ACT results are not required, it is a plus if you have them. As much as possible, your score must be 1440 for SAT and 32 for ACT.
  • Other documents may be asked from you, like your 7th-semester grades. Be sure to have it on hand for a faster application process.

How to Follow Up on Your Application?

How to Follow Up on Your Application?

Based on the requirements above, you meet all of those, yet you have not received the invitation. How to follow up on your application? Are you allowed to submit additional documents for consideration? The answer is yes.

It would be best if you waited for eight weeks before submitting an additional document for consideration. If, after eight weeks, you have not received any news about your application, you can write an essay based on this statement:

“For over 60 years, the Honors College has valued academic flexibility and innovative approaches to learning. Please tell us about an experience that shows how you have approached your high school career in a unique way.” 

After writing your essay in a .pdf or .doc/docx file, you may submit it to [email protected] with your name, application number and your recent grades.

Please inform your school counselor to prepare a copy of your recent transcript of records and submit it directly to the university. Be prepared, as some of the university staff may call you for further verification of information.

The MSU Honors College may close the application at any time. That’s why you need to submit it early. In this manner, you will have adequate time to follow up and submit additional documents if you have not heard any news from them.

How Do You Get Invited to MSU Honors College?

How Do You Get Invited to MSU Honors College?

According to MSU admission, all first-year students admitted to Michigan State University will have a chance to enter the MSU Honors College. There is no separate application process. However, you must also meet the typical honor college students’ profile requirements mentioned above to have a higher chance of receiving an invitation.

How hard is it to get into MSU Honors College? It may be challenging since you need to wait for the invitation. However, you will have a higher chance of receiving the invitation when you do the following:

Study the Honors College Students’ Profile

You can study the honor college students’ profiles and learn from them. Most of them have a GPA of 3.8-4.0. So, most probably, you must get that GPA to be considered. Although SAT and ACT results are not compulsory, the majority of the honor college students got a score of 1440 on SAT and 32 on ACT. It would be advantageous if you could submit your SAT and ACT scores, particularly if you have similar results that honor college students or even higher. If you belong to the top 5% of the class and took more AP or IB classes, you will have more chances of being invited.

Qualify for a Culturally Diverse Group of Achiever Students

The MSU Honors College wants a culturally diverse group of achiever students. They prioritize students who belong to low-income society, the first student in the family to go to college, and academic performers students from all over the world. Who are these students?

For example, you will have more chances to enter the Honors College if you belong to a low-income society. Yet, you perform well academically with a high GPA, SAT, and ACT scores, are top 5% in the class and are active in other extracurricular activities. It is recommended to have a combination of this quality and profile.

Apply Early

The selection is competitive. It requires at least six to eight weeks of application review. When you apply early and have not heard any news from them, you will still have enough time to follow up and submit other documents to support your application. In this manner, the evaluators will have enough time to review your submitted documents and may consider you for the honors college. Take note of the application timeline below:

Dates Events
August 1
  • The admission for Michigan State University opens.
  • Apply to MSU in the early fall
  • MSU Admission
After six to
eight weeks
  • Honors College Invitations are given.
  • Accepts Honors College applications on the students’ portal due on May 1.
  • Accepts advanced payment for enrollment that is due on May 1.
After May 1
  • Conducts new student orientation.
  • Selects housing room for students.

If you make it to the Honors College, you will experience many benefits. The Honors College is designed for each honor college student to discover and maximize their potential, especially in research. Once accepted, you can enjoy the scholarship programs and other opportunities here and abroad.

Wrapping Things Up: How Hard Is It to Get Into MSU Honors College?

How hard is it to get into MSU Honors College? Indeed, it is hard and challenging. It would be best if you were admitted to Michigan State University and wait to be invited into the MSU Honors College. In your class, you must belong to the top 5% with a GPA of 3.8-4.00. It is recommended to take more AP and IB classes. Although it is not required, you may submit your 1440 SAT and 32 ACT results. These test results strengthen your application. You would have more chances if you came from a low-income society or were the first student in the family to enter college. If you believe you are qualified for the honor college program and have not heard from the evaluators after your application, you can follow up with the evaluators. You can even submit additional documents to prove you are qualified to enter the Honors College Program. However, do not forget to look at the MSU application timeline to guide you.

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