Good Reasons to Graduate High School Early

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Are you looking to find the pros and cons of graduating high school early? Are you contemplating graduating early and wondering if there were any real benefits? You have come to the right place. If you are on the fence, we hope to help you wobble in the right direction, which is right for you.

High school is a pivotal time in your life and allows you to create some of your most memorable moments. However, everyone’s high school experience is not the same, and though some may thoroughly enjoy it, others may be planning their escape the moment they walk through its doors. To help you determine which side of the fence you live on, we will provide you with not only good reasons to graduate early but good reasons to stay in school as well.

What are you waiting for? Keep reading to find the pros and cons you are looking for, as well as information on what it is like to actually graduate early. Regardless of which route you choose, the most essential thing that you can do is finish.

Should You Graduate Early in High School?Should You Graduate Early in High School?

Graduating early is not something that every student should do. However, it can be highly beneficial for the individuals who decide to take advantage of the opportunity. If you are someone who is looking to graduate early, there are a number of things you should think about first. These things will likely include what you plan to do with the extra time and your ultimate goal. You should also assess if you are prepared to begin your life in the “real world.”

You may be wondering how you can go about graduating early.  There are a number of ways to do just that. This can include doing things like taking AP or advanced placement courses or even taking honors classes. Another excellent way to ensure that you graduate early is to take college bridge courses. These courses will help you get not only high school but college credit as well. Summer school is another excellent way to get ahead.

If your school allows it, students will be able to take the courses that they would take in the upcoming year to get a jump start on the curriculum. If you have determined that graduating early is in your future, these are all great ways to do so.

What's It Like to Graduate High School Early?

What’s It Like to Graduate High School Early?

You may be wondering, is it good to graduate high school early? Or, you may be wondering what the experience is like itself. We can help you visualize just that. Graduating early can be seen as a personal achievement. It is most certainly something to celebrate. Gone will be the days of homework assignments, school bus rides, and classmates.  Depending on what you choose to do, you now have all the say in how you spend your time.

If you choose to get a jump start on college, you may start your experience by attending courses. For someone particularly young, like 16, it may be hard to transition into a college classroom. However, you will soon find that the students are only older. Age has no bearings on intelligence. You will then begin to find your space within the course.

Some students who opted to graduate early often said that they started college right away and ultimately didn’t feel like they were missing out. Your post-high school experience can be different depending on how you feel about school. Some may be eager to finish and take a break, whereas others may be looking for a jump start on college.

Your day may look different if you decide to go directly into your career arena. Instead of waking up early and grabbing a bookbag for class, you will likely be waking up early to get ready for your day. This may include having breakfast and packing your bag for the day. If you opt to go straight into the workforce, you are diving headfirst into adulthood. You will need to be responsible, punctual, and reliable to maintain your place and move up in your career.

Going to college may be the best option as you will not be as restricted as you would with potential jobs. If you graduate high school at a young age, your options may be slightly more limited. Regardless of what you choose to do, there are several reasons why you should take the leap of faith.

What are Good Reasons to Graduate High School Early?

What are Good Reasons to Graduate High School Early?

There are several benefits of graduating high school early. These things may vary by person; however, they provide your life with great benefit. While there may be several things that you can think of to stay in high school, there are just as many reasons to leave.

  • Create a Gap Year. If you are contemplating a gap year but still looking to go off to school with your friends, it may be beneficial to graduate early and take a gap year. This keeps you from being “behind” and allows you to get the break you need. However, make sure that you have a plan if you plan on going to college.
  • The Benefit of the Bridge. Suppose you are someone who is taking advantage of college bridge programs or dual credit courses to gain your diploma faster. In that case, this can also help you graduate college quicker and reduce the cost of your college education.
  • Scholarship Opportunities. It is becoming increasingly popular for students to be offered scholarships by state schools for graduating early. Many states will provide a set amount per year which you graduate early. This is happening in states like Indiana and even Minnesota.
  • Start College Sooner. Graduating high school early gives students the ability to kickstart their careers, if possible, or jumpstart their college education. Either would have significant benefit for you long term.
  • Colleges will be impressed with your ability to complete college-level courses in tandem with your high school curriculum. If you already have an impressive resume, graduating early is like the cherry on top.
  • Gain more control of your life. Graduating early gives you the flexibility that you need to create your own schedule. Your life is no longer centered around your high school courses but rather your job or whatever you may choose to do.
  • Allow time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Graduating early doesn’t have to mean going straight to work. You can use the time to spend time with family and friends that you may be leaving behind if you go to college. If you have just spent long periods of time stressing overwork or classmates, this may be the perfect time to work on a passion project or just relax.

Graduating early can be an extreme help for getting ahead. It can allow students the needed push they need to make a significant impact on their life. These seven reasons are only the tip of the iceberg. For many of you, you will be able to add several more to this list that resonates with you personally. If you find that these reasons outweigh the drawbacks, then grab your diploma and kick start your life.

What are Some Drawbacks to Graduating Early in High School?

What are Some Drawbacks to Graduating Early in High School?

Though there are several benefits of graduating high school early, there can also be several drawbacks. Graduating early isn’t for everyone. It can take an unneeded toll on students who are not ready to put in the effort needed to graduate early. There are several reasons why you may choose to stay in school and not graduate early. These reasons include the following:

  • High school is free. Remember that, unlike college, if you attend a public school, high school is free. The high school offers several amenities that you do not have to pay for by continuously being enrolled. You are also eligible to collect complimentary breakfast and lunch if you are receiving those benefits.
  • You miss out on high school activities. Depending on when you graduate, you may be missing out on pivotal moments in high school. This can include homecomings, proms, and even other trips or activities. This may not be a major issue for mature students; however, this may be far more detrimental than others may realize for some students.
  • Take advantage of dual courses. Staying in high school allows you the opportunity to take dual courses. These courses often have no cost for current high school students and can be taken advantage of as long as you have the availability. These will allow students to get a head start on college courses and stay in school and get their full high school education.
  • Socially Isolated. Students who graduate early may feel some form of social isolation. They are going from seeing their friends and classmates every day to not at all. They also may have fewer interactions with people their age since their schedules are likely much different once they have graduated.
  • Heavier course load. Graduating early from high school means that at some point, you will have a heavier course load. This can mean doubling up on traditional and college classes or even attending summer school to ensure that you are ahead on the curriculum.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should rethink graduating early. There can be several reasons for leaving high school early. However, there are just as many reasons to stay. Staying in school and experiencing high school is just as important as having that extra year or two off. Students make life-long friends, discover their passions, and even find out who they are during these years.

Wrapping Things Up: Good Reasons to Graduate High School Early

Overall, there are several good reasons to graduate early. However, all of these reasons are relative to what you do and what you’d like to do in the future. If you are someone who is okay staying in school and experiencing high school with your classmates, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are socially and emotionally mature enough to graduate early, you should go for it.

Your experience graduating early may not be the same for everyone. Some students may choose to go to college, whereas other students may choose to go directly into the workforce. For each of these student, their day-to-day may look significantly different. However, regardless of what it looks like, you should be able to adapt and prosper.

Scholarship potential, the potential for a gap year, and even getting a jumpstart on college are all great reasons you should graduate early. However, don’t fool yourself into believing that there is only one way to do things. By staying in high school and taking complete advantage of the programs offered to you, you will be able to stay in school and gain college credit.

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