The Best Standing Desks for Students of 2024

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Are you growing tired of sitting at a desk at school all day? Then coming home to only spend hours more at the desk in your room studying? Standing desks may be the solution to your problems.

Standing desks have been growing in popularity over the years. Much of this is due to more and more research that suggests there is increased productivity and focus when work is completed while standing versus while sitting down. Therefore, students and teachers are looking for the best standing desks for home and classroom settings to improve their concentration when learning, testing, and studying.

Choosing the best standing desk for students is an important decision due to their high price and unique functions. The wide selection of products on the market can make this task overwhelming. We hope that this guide helps you prioritize your budget, purpose, and setting while searching for the best standing desk for students.

If you want to just get back to studying, get our top pick for standing desks for students here.

Our Favorites for Best Standing Desks for Students

Fully Jarvis Whiteboard Standing Desk

Height range: 29”-48.25”

From the name you can probably guess that the Fully Jarvis Whiteboard Standing Desk in fact, has a whiteboard surface. This can be super helpful for brainstorming, writing out computations, taking notes, or quizzing yourself while studying.

What makes it Unique:

  • The surface of this desk is Greenguard certified and is made of recycled materials.
  • The buyer has customizable options when ordering the desk including the color of its stand and the type of handset to adjust its height.
  • There are a variety of accessories available to complement this desk.

The company Fully provides the buyer with accessories including tall stools, if you grow tired of standing and lower the desk to a seating height, standing anti-fatigue mats, balance boards, and organizational means. These accessories obviously come with a cost, but the reduced price of the desk overall allows the customer more financial freedom when navigating these add-ons. It is by far the best manual standing desk.

What makes this Desk the Best for Students:

  • For students who are studying math or science, writing equations and formulas on the surface to help with memorization and to aid one in completing their homework is a convenience this desk offers.
  • Additionally, students studying english can use this desk to brainstorm for an essay.
  • Forgein language students can practice grammatical rules and conjugation by writing on the surface.

UpLift V2 Standing Desk

Height range: 30”-48”

This is one of the most electronically advanced desks on the market that is arguably the easiest to adjust. If you have a large workload or are typically in a rush, this desk is perfect for you. It ensures efficient comfort.

What makes it Unique:

  • This desk allows you to electronically set 4 different heights that the desk will remember.
  • All you need to do is push a button to go from your specific standing height to sitting height to stool height. This is an advanced feature that is not offered in most products.
  • There are 18 different wood types and designs to choose from for the surface of the desk and you can mix and match that with four metal frame options.

What makes this Desk the Best for Students:

  • What makes this helpful for students is the time aspect. Standing at a desk students are often doing homework or studying for hours on end. Therefore, it is natural for them to find discomfort in a singular position and want to change from sitting to standing or vise versa. This allows them to easily be able to do so without the desk adjustment serving as a mental or time distraction from their work.

Runner-Ups for Best Standing Desks for Students

Regency PowerDesk Standing Desk

Height range: 25”-50”

This desk offers one of the broadest height ranges. It’s large surface and quality make it a desk that can last you for years.

What makes it Unique:

  • This surface is an impressive size for an adjustable standing desk.
  • The surface is great quality and can withstand the weight and surface area of all of your school materials for multiple subjects.
  • The desk has a touch sensor to adjust the height from a sitting to standing height. The broad height range is also unique, so it can accommodate most students of all ages and heights.

What makes this Desk the Best for Students:

  • What makes this desk so useful for students is the length of the desk. You can spread out books, notes, tablets, and laptops for studying.
  • This desk is definitely for the multitasker. You have enough room to do it all at once: video chatting, eating, reading, writing, you name it!
  • Are you still growing? This desk can literally grow with you…lasting you for years to come.
Regency 72" x 24" Height Adjustable Power Desk, Grey
  • Raise the entire work surface with the push of a button. Never hunch over again or strain to reach a work surface that's too tall or too short
  • Save up to four favorite heights as presets for quick, one-touch adjustments
  • Tabletop is constructed of a 1-inch thick thermal Fused Melamine laminate finished with a Black T-Mold edge banding

Last update: 2024-05-21

iMovR Energize Freedom XT Standing Desk

Height range: 21” to 47”

iMovR is an American company with all American-made products that specializes in a variety of standing desks. They range from ones to work at while walking on a treadmill, to a simple standing desk. This Energize Freedom XT standing desk balances the company’s expertise with a reasonable price and function for students.

What makes it Unique:

  • This desk can move up or down electronically at a speed of 1.5” per second.
  • It has a sleek and modern design that promotes an organized and efficient workspace.

What makes this Desk the Best for Students:

  • This desk is great for students because the quality will ensure it lasts for years…allowing customers to be more confident in its value.
  • This desk can easily be adjusted to precisely fit your height preferences, ensuring your comfort while working.

Eureka i1 Standing Desk

Height range: 28.4”-45.8”

This desk is great for students who are looking for a desk that blends quality with a reasonable price.

What makes it Unique:

  • This standing desk is definitely on the cheaper side of standing desks price-wise.
  • The weight capacity is on the low end at just over 150 lbs so if you are planning on your standing desk to uphold a desktop with an obscene amount of work and books, this isn’t the desk for you.
  • Also, this product comes with either black or cherry wood surface options.

What makes this desk the best for students:

  • The surface is an average size and large enough to hold most student’s work.
  • Like the iMovR desk, this desk also has four preset heights to make for easy and fast adjustments when you are working.
  • This desk provides quality despite its misleading price. The product has a five-year warranty which proves the company’s confidence in this standing desk’s value.
EUREKA ERGONOMIC 43 Inch Curved Gaming Desk with Phone Holder, Small Study Computer Desk with Mouse Pad, Writing Desk with Groove for Tablet or Book Cable Management System for Home Office, Black
  • 【43” Gaming Desk for Small Space】The desktop measures 43” (length) x 24” (width), generally holds 1-2 monitors. Medium size, suitable for small places.
  • 【Excellent Wire Management System】I1 Study Desk comes with an integrated power strip storage box, mobile device slot and two cable grommets to keep your field chean.
  • 【Cool “Gamer Look” Designs】Solid carbon fiber tabletop, angular lines, blacked-out metal frame, gaming style cable grommets, polygon legs and curved front, makes you completely immersed in your game.

Last update: 2024-05-21

Value picks for the best Standing Desks for Students

Fully Jarvis Crank-Powered Standing Desk

Height range: 27.5”-46”

This desk is the best bamboo standing desk and it is an average size for all of your work. If you have a limited budget but is still adamant about the standing desk benefits, then this desk is for you!

What makes it Unique:

  • It has a cup holder which is nice because it allows you to drink without worrying about spilling it all over your work.
  • The brand of this standing desk considering its price makes it unique. Usually, Fully desks are much more expensive.

What makes this Desk the Best for Students:

  • This desk is great for students because it is not very expensive, but a very quality product nonetheless.
  • You are sacrificing an electronic height adjustment, however, it is still adjustable to a variety of heights.

SKARSTA IKEA Standing Desk

Height range: 27.5”-45.5”

You are sacrificing a more advanced design, higher quality materials, and an electronic height adjuster (this desk has a crank) for a more affordable price. However, this desk boasts an impressive height range and customer reviews despite its price.

What makes it Unique:

  • The surface is on the smaller end, but still should have enough room for at least one subject’s material.
  • Additionally, the surface is made of recycled materials and comes in a white, modern design.

Why makes this desk the best for students:

  • For students, this desk still provides the “stand and work” experience without breaking the bank. Parents can buy this for their students to keep them focused and engaged in their work when maintaining peace of mind financially.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that students often have a lot of homework and will likely be spending hours working each night. Therefore, wear and tear is expected and shouldn’t be feared on this desk due to its low price.

How to Choose the Best Standing Desks for Students

The most important aspect of standing desks to keep in mind is their adjustable height. All of the desks listed above have a wide range of heights and are able to accommodate most students. The reason this should be your main focus is to ensure comfort when using them.

Their purpose is to improve your concentration while doing school work. However, if you are on your tiptoes or crouched over due to its inappropriate height, then it is being counterproductive by distracting your mind and posture to adapt to your workplace.


Additionally, the price of a standing desk is likely another primary focus of yours in this decision. The prices of standing desks are definitely higher than their competing lap desks or the traditional seated desk. However, the increased productivity they provide makes these products well worth their price. Furthermore, there is a wide range of prices for standing desks reaching from $200 to well over $1,000 depending on size and quality. Therefore, you should be able to find one that fits your needs as well as your budget.


Considering the size of your that you plan on storing your standing desk is also significant in your decision-making process. Standing desks can be very wide, which helps store things and have space to write, read, and type all at the same time. The space you wish to keep your standing desk should ideally be measured and then compared to the desk options to narrow your search. In the end, you will have a desk that fits your height, budget, and space best.

Why Should You Invest in a Standing Desk?

Buying a standing desk may seem unnecessary and a waste of money at first sight. Why not just buy a regular desk to sit at? This is a valid question considering the demanding price and space a standing desk has. However, they have proven to be very helpful for students and professionals alike. The improved physical health and productivity are well worth what the standing desk’s requirements of your wallet and room.

In addition to improved focus, standing desks have many physical health benefits. By standing at a desk instead of sitting, students can burn significantly more calories a week (up to over 1000) which can help with weight loss. Additionally, by standing, blood pressure and blood sugar levels fall and so does your risk for heart disease. Read more about how standing desks can help your physical health here at US News.

Primarily, by investing in a standing desk, you are also investing in your academics. Standing (versus sitting) boosts one’s mood, energy, and therefore their productivity as well. Read more about the positives about standing desks here at Healthline.

Why Should You Buy a Standing Desk for College?

For college students, standing desks make for a meaningful and helpful addition to a dorm room. It can be easy to get distracted or tired when doing hours of work and studying in the dorms so investing and utilizing a standing desk will ensure productivity and focus.

Additionally, purchasing your own desk for college, in general, is advantageous due to the traditionally small desks that Universities supply. Having hours of homework a night from multiple subjects can call for a large number of materials from books to pens to laptops to notes…things can get messy and unorganized quickly.

Having a large space that is heightened and apart from the rest of your room or dorm is advantageous. Your school work will be separate from the rest of your room and there will be enough space on your standing desk (which traditionally has a broader surface) to keep it in an organized manner.

Differentiating between Industrial Standing Desks

Whether it is to assert dominance or simply to improve the productivity of their own, standing desks are also a trend that has been embraced by professionals. Therefore, products have been created for professionals that are priced well into the thousands and far more advanced than what a student needs.

It can be challenging to decipher between “industrial-grade” standing desks that are meant for an office space or cubical versus one manufactured for a student’s bedroom or dorm. The different designs, materials, and sizes help differentiate between these models.

The products listed above take into account what students need from a standing desk that balances price, function, and quality. If a student does have an office or larger space to house a standing desk of industrial size, many of the products listed below can also be found at a bigger size, with an increased cost, of course.

Wrapping Things Up: The Best Standing Desks for Students

These are all highly recommended standing desks for students. The Fully Jarvis Whiteboard standing desk is our preferred Jarvis standing desk and it is customizable and blends creativity with a price to produce the best standing desk for students. The UpLift V2 is also super customizable in terms of colors, heights, and materials.

Our runner-ups include the Regency PowerDesk that is larger than most and can allow students to multitask and spread out their work. The iMovR Energize Freedom XT is a high-quality desk that is sure to last for years. Our last runner-up is the Eureka i1 standing desk which allows you to preset heights to match your different seating/standing positions while using the product.

The most price effective desks are the Fully Jarvis Crank-Powered standing desk and the SKARSTA IKEA Standing Desk. Both are significantly cheaper than the rest but require that you sacrifice electronic height adjustment. The lower price matched with reasonable quality makes these desks ideal for students.

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