The Best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide of 2024

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If you have planned to become a plumber and engage in a career of working toilets, sinks, and pipes, then you have likely heard of the Journeyman Plumber Exam. Passing the Journeyman Plumber Exam is required to earn a plumbing license, and the exam will, as a result, test your ability to become a plumber adequately and competently. You need to learn and study beforehand. Coming to the exam unprepared will undoubtedly lead to failure for even the most talented journeyman plumbers.

So how do you become better prepared? In this article, we list the best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide—the study guide that guarantees you a passing grade and a lucrative and rewarding career as a plumber!

If you want to just get back to studying, get our top choice for Journeyman Plumber’s study guide here.

Our Favorites for Best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide

The best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guides will effectively match all three of the above criteria, allowing you to pass any exam easily. But, as there is no such thing as “too much of a good thing,” we will also be listing additional study guides that are not as comprehensive as our favorites but will still be keenly useful for any upstart plumber!

Journeyman Plumber Practice Exam Kit

The first study guide you should sink your teeth into is’s Journeyman Plumber Practice Exam Kit. This study guide, written by experts and based on the International Plumbing Code (IPC) and Universal Plumbing Code (UPC), is a comprehensive guide on what you will take on the Journeyman Plumber Exam.

What Makes it Unique:

  • A full comprehensive guide to every subject that will appear on the Journeyman Plumber Exam.
  • A consistently updated guide to address new guidelines and tricks.

Why Choose this Best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide:

  • The Journeyman Plumber Practice Exam Kit is very comprehensive in its teachings as well as understandable.
  • The Exam Kit is written by elite exam writers, people who themselves have experience in writing exams and knowing exactly where test-takers tend to fumble or struggle with when it comes to passing exams.
  • The Exam Kit also comes with a load of practice questions for you to drill into your skull repeatedly, but the answers to such so you can find out not only what you got wrong but how. The Exam Kit will also be consistently updated to address concerns and include additional questions, so there isn’t even a worry about remaining stagnant in answering questions. Every session is a fresh test.

One caveat is that it does cost an initial but one-time fee of $80 and is tied to, but with occasional discounts, this study guide will be well worth your money.

All in all, your first choice in a study guide will be one of your best. We dare say that the Journeyman Plumber Practice Exam Kit could be the only study guide you need to pass the Journeyman Plumber Exam. However, we still have another excellent choice for you to consider!

Journeyman Plumber Practice Exam Kit
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Woodson, R. Dodge (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Last update: 2024-06-15

Journeyman Plumber’s Exam Secrets Study Guide

Mometrix Test Preparation’s Journeyman Plumber’s Exam Secrets Study Guide is another wonderful study guide. Mometrix boasts its comprehensive and legible design and promises to take your plumber’s test score from “good enough” to one of the highest around. They are dedicated to ensuring that test takers are fully prepared for the work they have cut out for them. The Journeyman Plumber’s Exam Secrets Study Guide is one of many study guides in many different fields.

What Makes it Unique:

  • A benchmark method for which kind of answer choices you should pick
  • Tips on avoiding issues and errors that may occur even if you try to double-check your work.

Why Choose this Best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide:

  • The Journeyman Plumber’s Exam Secrets Study Guideoffers a wide selection of practice questions with answers that will help you understand the Journeyman Plumber Exam and similar tests. As the name implies, the study guide will offer exam secrets and tricks you can use on top of conventional study plans and guidelines.
  • They also give detailed instructions on building your study plan so that you can make the absolute most of your study time.

If the Journeyman Plumber Practice Exam Kit looks too expensive for you, then let it be known that you can buy the Journeyman Plumber’s Exam Secrets Study Guide for $50 or less on Amazon or other delivery services. You can also physically hold this study guide, granting you just a little more intimacy.

On Sale
Journeyman Plumber's Exam Secrets Study Guide: Plumber's Test Review for the Journeyman Plumber's Exam
  • Plumber's Exam Secrets Test Prep Team (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 116 Pages - 02/14/2013 (Publication Date) - Mometrix Media LLC (Publisher)

Last update: 2024-06-14

Runner Ups for Best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide

The runner ups for best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide may miss a thing or two than our winning picks, but they are still excellent choices and supplements for anyone who needs to pass their Journeyman Plumber’s Exam.

Plumbing Licensing Study Guide

While the Plumber’s Licensing Study Guide isn’t necessarily more comprehensive as our winning study guides—as this one includes not only information on what a Journeyman Plumber knows, but also what makes a Master Plumber—authors Rex and Mark R. Miller are experienced writers who have made dozens of textbooks and study guides catering specifically to trades and crafts like plumbing. They know what they’re doing.

What Makes it Unique:

  • The Plumbing Licensing Study Guide  provides a full list of instructions and material from two experienced professors.
  • A look into the Master Journeyman experience to get ahead.

Why Choose this Best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide:

  • In the Plumbing Licensing Study Guide, you have over 400 practice questions with answers and chapters of subject knowledge written by experienced teachers who know precisely how to explain and break down concepts and topics for anyone to understand.
  • In addition, the study guide addresses the more antiquated tips and ideas from previous study guides and exam preps, updating them for modern readers and having a preparedness for the field of plumbing as far as 2024!

If you are primarily looking for a book that can tide you over once you gain the experience and courage to take the Master Plumbing Exam, then the Plumber Licensing Study Guide is the study guide for you!

On Sale
Plumbing Licensing Study Guide
  • Miller, Rex (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 300 Pages - 04/12/2018 (Publication Date) - Industrial Press, Inc. (Publisher)

Last update: 2024-06-14

Value Picks for Best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide

The value picks for the best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide are not as complete and comprehensive as our favorites and runner ups, but they have just a little something we consider that we feel should be mentioned.

F25 National Standard Journeyman Plumber Exam Prep

Sometimes, it is a good thing to have material that laser focuses and specializes on a particular aspect of study: something you can sit down with for hours and absorb as much as possible.

With over 800 different code questions, studying with the F25 National Standard Journeyman Plumber Exam Prep (whew!) is the equivalent of taking the exam over six times! The exam prep comes with hundreds of practice questions and timed practice tests so you can feel and understand the atmosphere of taking the Journeyman Plumber Exam.

The F25 National Standard Journeyman Plumber Exam Prep offers you:

  • Nearly a thousand practice questions to work on.
  • Detailed information on International Plumber Code.

Suppose you are simply looking for a resource where you can learn by completing as many practice questions as possible and memorizing the International Plumber Code until your brain is numb. In that case, the F25 National Standard Journeyman Plumber Exam Prep is for you! It may not be most generally comprehensive, but it is an excellent way to get your practicing in if and when the other study guides have beaten those lessons into your head! It may not be the most prestigious and helpful study guide, but it gets its job done all the same.

How to Choose the Best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide?

To pick the best study guides for prospective test takers, we have defined criteria that we value. We asked ourselves three essential questions when picking our selection of study guides:

Is the Guide Easy to Understand?

Before we ever get into the content of a study guide and how well it informs you of the subject, we must first ask and make sure that the guide is easy to understand. By “easy to understand,” we mean that a study guide shouldn’t have to take a whole different study guide to learn how to parse this one’s information and instructions!

The best Journeyman Plumber Exam study guides will introduce you to the large variety of subjects and topics expected to be on the exam. After you have read the study guide, front to back and top to bottom, you should have a keener understanding of what the exam will ask of you, even if you are not exceptionally knowledgeable in those topics.

Technical jargon is fine for supplying the reader with information, but if that information is impossible to parse, what good will it do you? The best study guides will know how to explain their own information as quickly and concisely as possible so that you will use that extra time to think more about what the information is saying instead of trying to even understand what’s being said! They would have recognizable vocabulary and explain the more complex words, phrases, and terminologies when necessary.

We consider the ability to understand a guide the most important in rating a study guide because it decides whether the guide will be helpful to you. It could be the best study guide in history, but if you can’t understand it, what’s the point?

What Does the Book Cover?

The Journeyman Plumber Exam will test your knowledge and ability in the wonderful world of plumbing. A good study guide, then, will give you a detailed collection of the various subjects and topics you are expected to know and their assorted answers. Subjects include:

  • Ventilation, or how to keep the circulation of gases and steam in pipes clean,
  • Hangings and Supports, or the various elements and implements that can help balance the load onto a sturdy pipe,
  • Plumbing Fixtures, such as faucets and showers—these appliances are defined as having a stop value for their water supply line,
  • Interceptors and Traps, or the various devices that “intercept” or “trap” greases, oils, and other contaminants that often go down the pipe drain,
  • Contracting, or how to make sure you are adequately paid for your services.
  • And Worker Safety, or how to maintain your safety as a plumber, both in and out of the job.

The study guides we value give you a comprehensive understanding of these subjects in a way that will make you mainly prepared for the exam.

Are There Practice Questions?

Lastly, we look for study guides that come prepackaged with some useful tips. While there are practice questions and tests on the internet, having them all in one place is the most convenient and valuable. Study guides with practice questions may also have their selection of questions specifically catered to the information they are giving.

We have additional hidden criteria that we tend to consider, such as price and the availability of the study guide itself.

Wrapping Things Up: The Best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide

We have listed what makes the best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide. Whether you are looking for something all encompassing, something that will guide you through tips and instructions, a book that tests your mettle with master-level material, or a laundry list of practice questions for you to really sink your teeth into, we hope that you have found the best Journeyman Plumber’s Study Guide, one that will help you absolutely ace that test and become a certified plumber!

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