The Best HSPT Study Guides of 2019

By September 25, 2019 October 16th, 2019 Entrance Exam Resource Reviews
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If you have a child about to enter high school or if you yourself are someone about to enter high school in a private institution or Catholic high schools, you may need to take the HSPT, which means you’ll need the best HSPT study guides you can get. The High School Placement Test is an examination taken by eighth graders as a part of the admissions process for most private and Catholic schools across the country. Schools use your HSPT score as for class placement and also as a way of determining whether or not to admit you in the first place.

Given that information, you might want to do well in the HSPT to get into that private high school you and your family have always wanted you to attend. For starters, one of the best ways of doing so is to use the best HSPT study guides in the market today.

Our Favorite for Best Overall HSPT Study Guide (the best out of the bunch)

HSPT Secrets Study Guide by HSPT Exam Secrets

Published by Mometrix, a well-known company in the test prep industry, HSPT Secrets Study Guide promises you the same high-quality standards that have put this publisher on the map. This HSPT test prep book attacks your review from all angles and even provides helpful video tutorials you cannot find in other study guides.

HSPT Secrets Study Guide prides itself at being very informative as it covers every bit of detail and lesson needed by the student in the three main topics covered by the HSPT. The examples and solutions not only provide you with more information but also make things easier for you to understand. So, in a sense, this HSPT test prep book is both full of information and easy to understand at the same time.

Arguably the best feature that this book has is the section on the test-taking strategies. While most HSPT study guides are more or less the same when it comes to content review, this prep book stands out from the rest of the pack because of how the test-taking strategies seem to make life easier for a student about to enter high school.

Because this HSPT study guide gives you everything you need for the HSPT, it has practice questions and answer explanations that help you prepare for the actual test in the best way possible. The answers explanations are great in helping you improve on your weak areas as you can really understand why you got the answer wrong and how to get the correct one in case you encounter a similar question in the future.

Overall, HSPT Secrets Study Guide is a book you should always go for in preparation for the HSPT. And, best of all, it will not take up a lot of your time given that it is not the longest and most brain-racking HSPT study guide out there.

What makes it unique:

  • It gives you links to video tutorials online in case you prefer a different way of studying for the HSPT.
  • Its test-taking strategies give you the much-needed edge on the day of the test.

Why choose this book:

  • It is complete, holistic, and high-quality. What more can you ask from a good HSPT study guide?
  • This HSPT test prep book works best for those who are not confident with their basic knowledge as it is so informative.

The Runners-Up for Best HSPT Exam Prep Books (still good but a little lacking)

HSPT Prep Book by Trivium

HSPT Prep Book by Trivium is the HSPT study guide you need if you are short on time and if you are already confident with what you know about the topics covered by the test. Why is that? Because this book is as concise and as short as any HPST test prep material can be. However, that does not mean that it sacrifices its quality for the sake of being concise.

Although HSPT Prep Book is written in a concise way that always seems to go straight to the point, it is nevertheless very thorough when it comes to helping you recall all of the concepts covered by the HSPT. It might not be the best for those looking to re-learn all of the topics but it is very thorough when it comes to helping you remember everything you learned back in elementary and middle school.

The writing style also makes this book very readable. It breaks the concepts down into chunks that are easier to understand and digest for eighth graders. It makes things a lot simpler as you can actually find it a breeze to read through the entire book without having to stop for breaks. That said, Trivium wrote this HSPT study guide keeping in mind that it is for eighth-grade learners.

What makes it unique:

  • It immediately goes straight to the point.
  • The writing style was written in a way that makes it easier for eighth-graders to learn.

Why choose this book:

  • It will not waste a lot of your time as it is very short and concise.
  • This HSPT study guide is best for those who are already confident with their basic knowledge.

HPST Practice Questions by Mometrix

If you have the HSPT Secrets Study Guide by Mometrix, then you would most likely need HSPT Practice Questions by Mometrix. Yes, that is right. This HSPT test prep book was made to be a complementary material to be used in conjunction with the main study guide. However, even if you are using another material as your main reference, you can still use this book because of its high-quality HSPT practice questions.

As you might have already guessed, this material is solely focused on providing you with HSPT practice questions. That means that you can use it to improve your test-answering skills if you believe that you have already done your part in reviewing the concepts and topics covered by the HSPT.

The HSPT practice questions you can find in this book help you familiarize yourself with the type of questions you will encounter in the HSPT. It is also very well-organized and easy to read through so that it will not be too difficult of a task to answer questions that are meant for eighth graders. And, finally, the answer explanations have a way of making you understand your mistakes in a really brief manner.

What makes it unique:

  • It focuses on HSPT practice test questions.
  • Its answer explanations are understandable yet concise.

Why choose this book:

  • The second part of preparing for any test is to answer test prep questions. In that regard, this HSTP test prep material will not disappoint you.
  • It has a way of honing your understanding of the type of questions asked in the HSPT.

The Best Value for Your Money for an HSPT Study Guide (good and affordable)

Barron’s Strategy and Practice for the HSPT by Sandra Martin

Barron’s is a giant in the test prep industry, and Barron’s Strategy and Practice for the HSPT is just as good as any of the study guides this company has published. It is as complete and as comprehensive as any of the other HSPT study guides on this list and it comes with a price tag that is far more affordable for students.

As mentioned, the book is comprehensive enough that it covers all of the necessary topics and concepts required of you to get a good score in the HSPT. It does a good job at breaking down the three different HSPT subtests while also helping you understand the type of questions you will face in the actual test.

While some of the other books on the market can also boast how complete they are, what sets Barron’s apart is that it was written in a way that engages your interests. The examples help you understand the topics in a way that does not bore eighth-grade readers. And, best of all, it does not seem to be a boring HSTP study guide.

All things considered, this HSPT test prep material should be highly considered not only because it is much more affordable but also because it has its own way of making you understand the topics. In a sense, you get to see the concepts in an entirely new light when reading through this HSTP study guide.

What makes it unique:

  • It breaks down the topics and allows you to understand the HSPT’s style of questioning.
  • The author wrote it in an engaging and interesting way.

Why choose this book:

  • It is very affordable but does not compromise quality.
  • If you have trouble understanding other HSPT study guides or keeping yourself engaged, this might be the book that could answer your problems.

Summary of the Best HSPT Study Guides

Wrapping everything up, here are the HSPT review resources we went over today:

ProductList PriceNumber Of Pages
HSPT Secrets Study Guide $62.99 249
HSPT Prep Book 2019-2020 $19.99 100
HSPT Practice Questions $35.00 161
Barron's Strategies and Practice for the HSPT $16.99 464

You might think that the HSPT will not matter very much in the greater scheme of things especially when you are about to apply for a good college or university after high school. However, the one thing you have to consider is that the most reputable colleges prioritize students from private and Catholic schools. As such, doing well in the HSPT can help dictate your hopes of getting into a good university right after high school. That is why you should consider using what we believe are the best HSPT study guides today.

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