The Best FSOT Study Guides of 2019

By September 30, 2019 October 16th, 2019 Armed Services Book Reviews
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Are you getting ready to apply for your Foreign Services Officer Test? If you are, then you’re definitely going to want to know where the best FSOT study guides are and how to get yourself ready. After all, you want to make sure that you’re passing this big test the first time. No one wants to go through that exam process more than once, right?

What you should know is that this exam is going to test you, but if you’re looking for a way to become a diplomat from the United States, this is a requirement you must complete. Not only that, but it’s going to be an exciting opportunity for you. You’ll be able to showcase your desire to promote peace and the American public while you’re doing great things abroad.

Being a foreign services officer is definitely going to be a great way for you to experience the world and still support your country at the same time. But it’s going to require you to do some hard work and to really understand different aspects of what the United States stands for and is all about. You’ll use the best FSOT practice books to learn about economics, management, politics, consul, and public diplomacy objectives.

So, let’s take a closer look and dive into just what you should know about the FSOT and how you’re going to get the skills that you need in order to pass your test.

If you want to just get back to studying, get our top pick for FSOT study guides here.

Our Favorite FSOT Study Guides

When it comes to choosing the best guide to study for the FSOT, you definitely want to take a look at our favorites list. These are a couple of books that make the top of our list because they have a little of everything. They’re going to give you a full overview and some in-depth information about all the topics, but you might get have a little higher price tag to go along with them. You want to get the best FSOT prep book, after all, and that might mean spending a little more.

The Complete FSOT Study Guide by Robert Clark

Anyone who wants to take the FSOT should take a close look at The Complete FSOT Study Guide. Here you’ll find a book that’s actually written by someone who passed the test and works as a foreign services officer. That means you’re going to have a whole lot of a head start. Plus, he’s actually in charge of grading the tests, which means he knows a whole lot about what they’re looking for. What’s even better is that you’re going to have a practice test included in the book.

The Complete FSOT Study Guide offers information on your personal statement, your grammar and the other information that’s included on the test. It’s also inexpensive, even as one of our favorites, which definitely turns it into an all-around option. The Complete FSOT Study Guide provides tips and strategies, common problems that cause most failures, and even information about what you don’t need to worry about in taking your test. That way, you’re not spending time on the things you don’t need to know.

Why Choose This Book:

  • Written by someone who passed the exam
  • Includes tips and strategies to make the test easier

What Makes it Unique:

  • Explains what not to study
  • Talks about why most people fail

FSOT Secrets Study Guide by FSOT Exam Secrets Test Prep Team

In FSOT Secrets Study Guide, you’ll find practice questions, step-by-step tutorials (in video format) and a complete review of each of the sections that will be included on your test. That means you’re going to have a better understanding of the entire test before you even get there. This is important if you’re struggling in specific areas or if you haven’t had a chance to study anything else yet.

Each of the practice questions includes detailed explanations for the answers, so you can see why the answers are wrong or right. The video tutorials are also designed to make sure you can follow along easily and understand even the more difficult topics. FSOT Secrets doesn’t just have the information you need for your written test either; it goes over everything that could possibly be asked of you during all the different aspects, so you’re ready to go.

Why Choose This Book:

  • Organized in a logical way
  • Practice questions include answer explanations

What Makes it Unique:

  • Answer explanations are based on how testers think
  • Great for those who have a basic understanding to start with

FSOT Flashcard Study System by FSOT Exam Secrets Test Prep Team

For those who want a simple way to study no matter where they are or what they’re doing, the FSOT Flashcard Study System is a great way to go. Flashcards make it easy to study while you’re on the go, including on the bus or subway and even in the car (when someone else is driving, of course). The FSOT Flashcard Study System offers questions on all areas that the test will cover and gives detailed information.

Repetition, through the use of the FSOT Flashcard Study System, can really help to improve your retention and therefore, your overall score. The idea is to memorize and retain specific information that will actually be relevant throughout the test, rather than focusing on a lot of content that isn’t helpful. The idea is to concentrate because memorizing everything is just not going to be possible. The cards here are of high quality and easy to take with you anytime.

Why Choose This Book:

  • Easy to carry along with you wherever you go
  • Easy to study even with someone with no knowledge of the subject

What Makes it Unique:

  • Provides open-ended questions for review
  • Offers in-depth information on each card for better review

Runner Up FSOT Study Guides

When it comes to how to study for the FSOT, you might not need something quite as comprehensive as our favorites. Maybe there are only certain areas you need to study or perhaps you already have a few guides. Or perhaps you’ve already gone through those, and you want to look at some other options. No matter what your reasoning, our runner up picks are definitely going to be a great way to go as well.

FSOT Study Guide Review by Test Prep Books

Designed to give you advice and study materials for the written and oral exams that are a part of the FSOT, the FSOT Study Guide Review is a comprehensive guide book. You’ll get reviews of all of the materials as well as test strategies and even practice questions so you can get the result you need on your exam. Not only that but FSOT Study Guide Review offers information on writing strategies, sentence structure, and grammar, to advise you on writing reports and more.

All test questions include answers with descriptions so you can see why each one is right or wrong. This makes sure you know what you should be looking out for in the future. You’ll also have a background on strategies that will help you with questions in the future, even if you aren’t sure of the answers. FSOT Study Guide Review offers you easy to read and understand notes as well as the most up to date and current information available. On the other hand, you may find some of it a little bit dry and dense to read.

Why Choose This Book:

  • Offers guidance for written and oral aspects of the exam
  • Provides explanations for right and wrong answers

What Makes it Unique:

  • Offers strategies for answering questions on the actual test
  • Comprehensive overview of the information on the test

FSOT Practice Questions by FSOT Exam Secrets Test Prep Team

Preparing for the questions and the format of the FSOT is one of the most important aspects of the exam. It’s also one of the major reasons that applicants fail the test. This isn’t going to be quite like the exams and tests you took in college or even other certification exams that you’ve taken. FSOT Practice Questions looks at the types of questions that you’ll see on the exam and helps you to approach them in a more thorough manner. The guide also provides tips for those who are new to these types of exams.

FSOT Practice Questions is filled with questions written on all aspects of the FSOT, which means you’ll be able to get a comprehensive look. You’ll also be able to better evaluate the areas where you need additional help. Repetition can help you to retain information, and knowing the style of the test could make you feel more confident and comfortable when it comes time to actually sit down for it. Answers are even extremely detailed to make sure you know not only what questions you actually missed but why you missed them. Use each FSOT practice test to the fullest advantage to be ready to go.

Why Choose This Book:

  • Focuses on practice questions
  • Offers detailed answers for right and wrong responses

What Makes it Unique:

  • Great supplement to other materials
  • Makes memorization of questions and information much easier

Value Pick FSOT Study Guides

For those who want to start studying for the FSOT but don’t have a whole lot of money to get started with, these value picks are for you. You’re still going to get some of the best FSOT review books, but you’re not going to have to break the budget in order to do it. That means you may not get quite as much comprehensive information or as fun content, but you’re still going to have what you need.

Cliffs Test Prep Foreign Service Officer Exam by American Bookworks Corporation

Just about everyone has heard of Cliffs Notes, right? Well, Foreign Service Officer Exam is written by the same people who have brought you Cliffs Notes on just about everything else. Here, you’ll have a guide that’s designed to help you with the written and oral aspects of the FSOT. It also contains proven strategies and exercises that are designed to help you better understand each of the topics.

The Foreign Service Officer Exam book offers more than 800 practice questions, which will definitely help you prepare for the style and format of the test. These questions also include the answers that you need to review and information about why those answers are right or wrong, so you have a better understanding. You’ll be able to get a better idea of what you still need to study and which areas you’re already thriving in by skimming over the book and then you can focus on the areas where you need it most.

Why Choose This Book:

  • Comprehensive review of the exam
  • Great as an added guide with other materials

What Makes it Unique:

  • Breaks everything down into simple pieces
  • Updated guide to the latest version of the test

Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work by Shawn Dorman

Here you’re going to find a thorough overview of what it looks like to work as a foreign service officer. With Inside a U.S. Embassy, you’ll have an idea of what the job is going to entail, and you’ll have a better idea of whether or not this is actually the right step for you to take. You’ll also have the ability to learn more information about this career path that can help you with the exam. Inside a U.S. Embassy explores the embassies specifically in over 50 countries and gives examples of the jobs related to it.

There is plenty of information contained in Inside a U.S. Embassy about the process of diplomacy as a career and also about different diplomats throughout the world. There are first-hand experiences of evacuations, civil wars, and coups as well as of the enjoyable aspects of the job. While the primary focus for Inside a U.S. Embassy is simply to inform you of what the position is actually like and what your future career may be, it can definitely be a good guide to help you understand topics that will be associated with some areas of the exam itself.

Why Choose This Book:

  • Overview of the function of foreign service officers
  • Overview of some of the aspects of the foreign services exam

What Makes it Unique

  • Explores the lives of real diplomats around the world
  • Details experiences and jobs in 50 different countries

Summary of the Best FSOT Study Guides

To sum up, here are the best FSOT study guides we looked at today:

ProductList PriceNumber Of Pages
The Complete FSOT Study Guide $23.49 172
FSOT Practice Questions (Mometrix Test Preparation) $35.00 88
FSOT Flashcard Study System N/A 661
FSOT Study Guide Review $27.99 289
FSOT Practice Questions N/A 88
CliffsTestPrep Foreign Service Officer Exam $17.99 304
Inside a U.S. Embassy $22.95 280

So, what do you think? Are you ready to get started on the FSOT? Do you want to become a foreign services officer? Well, if you’re really into it, you’re definitely going to want to look closer at each of these best FSOT study guides. Hopefully, at least a few of them are going to make it a lot easier for you to get the result you’re looking for on your test. All it takes is one (but you might want to go for a couple of them anyway, with the FSOT pass rate always a question).

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