The Best Financial Calculators of 2019

By October 8, 2019 October 16th, 2019 Calculator & School Supplies Reviews
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Working in the financial sector and in need of a trusty tool to help you with your job? Or are you simply interested in making sure you get your own personal finance right? In either or both cases, it might be best for you to get the best financial calculator for accounting and finance to help make it easier for you to do your job and your finances the right way.

Financial calculators are great to have your side especially when you are looking to make sure that you do your finances efficiently and precisely. They were made specifically to have special functions designed for the common computations that most people in the finance industry do. In that regard, even business, finance, or accounting students as well can really benefit a lot from financial calculators. So if you are in the market for the best finance calculator, here are the ones you should look at:

If you want to just get back to studying, get our top pick for the best financial calculators here.

Our Favorites for Best Finance Calculator (the best out of the bunch)

HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator

Arguably one of the best calculators for finance students and finance experts alike is the HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator. This calculator has enough features, power, and memory to help you get your job done or pass your exam in as efficient a way as possible. To some extent, it even has more than enough features for the casual person who is simply trying to do his or her own finances while minimizing mistakes and errors.

The most impressive part about the 17BII+ is its amazing volume of built-in functions. It has more than 250 different functions that you can use for finance, algebra, and the simplest computations. In that regard, it is as versatile as any calculator can get especially if you factor in the fact that there are not a lot of things that it will not be able to do when it comes to finance and accounting. You will be able to calculate loan payments in a hurry, analyze costs, factor in interest rates, and etc. without having to actually do them manually or inputting individual formulas.

And the best part about those functions is that they are easy to use and simple to access. With just a few presses of a key, you will be able to find yourself doing complicated financial computations easily with the help of the many functions that the 17BII+ offers. As you work on your finances, you will begin to notice how much time you will be saving by using these functions. And, of course, you will also be able to save a lot of money in the process because of how you will also be minimizing errors caused by wrong manual computations.

The 17BII+ also comes with a list-based cash flow analysis feature that enables you to easily check and observe your cash flows. It also helps that it has a clear 2-line 22-character LCD screen that lists a lot more numbers and characters compared to the usual financial calculator you see in the market. Finally, this financial calculator features a 28 kb memory that can store and save previous data in case you will need to continue on with your computations later or tomorrow.

In conclusion, the HP 17BII+ gives you a lot of everything so that you will not have to do things the hard way. It simplifies the entire process of computing for your finances or doing finance-related computations when you are working in the finance industry. And it offers you a really functional finance calculator at a price that is not too heavy on the budget. It is a great calculator to start with as a student and to continue to use once you are already a professional working in the finance sector.

What makes it unique:

  • It carries over 250 different types of functions that are not exclusively for the purposes of finance.
  • Features a 2-line 22-digit screen that allows you to see multiple numbers and characters.

Why choose this financial calculator:

  • It allows you to perform almost all kinds of finance-related computations and functions.
  • Very easy to use and is efficient at helping you perform different tasks and computations required for your job or for school.

Texas Instruments BAIIPLUS Financial Calculator

One of the world leaders when it comes to the calculator industry is Texas Instruments, which is responsible for producing and selling some of the most popular types of calculators on the market. The company performs just as well in making the best financial calculator to buy as it does in developing effective scientific calculators. In that regard, the Texas Instruments BAIIPLUS Financial Calculator ranks as arguably their best calculator for finance class, business school, and business in general.

When it comes to doing basic math and financial computations, the BAIIPLUS really stands out because of how it can do different types of functions regardless of how basic or how complicated they may be. It even has a worksheet feature that will allow you to set up different types of tables for easy analysis and viewing. This dispenses the need for you to use a computer or even a sheet of paper for your worksheet. Such a feature also makes everything look organized.

As a financial calculator, the BAIIPLUS has the basic functions you need to be able to perform finance-related tasks on the job or simple personal finances. From interest rate conversion, amortization, and depreciation, the BAIIPLUS can simplify things for you. Another reason to love it is that it comes with its own internal memory so that you can store worksheets. In that regard, you no longer have to manually input the worksheets the next time you will be needing them.

The BAIIPLUS is also quite easy to view and use because of its clear 10-digit screen. It also has a prompted display that shows the labels and the values of the characters on the screen. Battery-wise, this financial calculator also lasts for quite a while because of how it features an automatic shutdown function that makes it a point to shut itself down after a long period of stagnancy in case you forget to turn it off yourself. You will also love the protective slide case that makes it more durable than other financial calculators that seem too naked and easily exposed to possible damage.

If you a reliable and one of the best finance calculators for MBA students, finance-related work, or personal finances, the BAIIPLUS really gives you the bang for your buck because of its attractive features, easy-to-use functions, and powerful performance. If you have this by your side, you might not need to look for any other finance calculator.

What makes it unique:

  • Contains a built-in memory for easy storage of worksheets.
  • Automatically shuts down after a long period of inactivity.
  • Has a prompted display screen for easy viewing.

Why choose this financial calculator:

  • It is versatile enough that it can do standard math and difficult financial computations efficiently.
  • Its advanced features really make life easier regardless of whether you are still a student or are in the professional world.

The Runners-Up for Best Finance Calculators (still good but a little lacking)

HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator

If you ask people who have been working in the financial sector for quite a while about financial calculators, they will most likely recommend the HP 12C Platinum Financial Calculator. This product is simply the upgraded version of the 12C, a classic favorite that has been in use by accountants and finance experts for decades. In that regard, what is not to like about a long-time favorite?

If you look at the 12C Platinum, it does seem a bit basic but do not let this wide calculator fool you because it has more than enough features to help you perform accounting and finance-related tasks well. Professionals in the field and students will consider this the best calculator for the CFP exam and for the CFA exam because of its basic features and reliable design.

In terms of its features, the 12C Platinum has about 130 functions and has a memory that can handle over 400 steps. The functions are a good mix of basic math, algebra, finance, accounting, and statistics. In that regard, it is pretty versatile and can be used by students and professionals alike regardless of what their field in business is.

What has allowed the old-school 12C to stay long in the market is its design. The 12C platinum carries the same feel and design as it comes with a 10-digit clear display as well as a very durable body that can withstand a hard fall with minimal damage. It is a shock-resistant calculator that will survive a fall on hard concrete with just a few scratches and probably some cracks. Nevertheless, the screen will most likely stay intact and the internals will be left undamaged. Of course, it also has the 12C’s reliable battery life that some say will last for 10 years even with regular use.

While not the most powerful financial calculator on the market, the 12C Platinum covers all of the basic needs that a business student or a financial expert requires to get the job done. But what really makes it attractive is the reliable build and design that will most likely allow it to be by your side for decades.

What makes it unique:

  • Has over 100 functions that can be used for a variety of purposes outside of finance.
  • Built to be shock-resistant so that it will last for a long time.
  • Allows you to undo mistakes precisely because of its undo button.

Why choose this financial calculator:

  • The 12C has been around for a very long time and the Platinum variety improves what its predecessor has to offer.
  • Will last for a very long time both in terms of durability and battery life.

Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator

It is difficult to not think of Casio when it comes to some of the best calculators on the market. As such, the Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator is just as reliable as most other Casio Calculators and comes with solid features for finance and business student and also a really neat design that is pretty handy and helpful.

The FC-200V excels when it comes to helping you perform a lot of mathematical functions. It has a lot of different functions and is pretty excellent in terms its performance as it allows you to do your finances using its ability to create shortcuts so that it will be able to do calculators in a simple yet very efficient manner. The calculator also makes it easy for you to switch from function to function because of its multifunction keys. In that regard, it is thoughtful, powerful, and versatile all at the same time.

In terms of its display, the FC-200V comes with a 12-digit 4-line display that will allow you to get more details all at once. This feature also allows you to compare different sets of values at the same time so that you can analyze the numerical values while also relating your answers to certain questions if you are still a student studying finance or business.

All in all, the FC-200V is a solid choice for a calculator for finance class or for a tool for businessmen and financial experts. It does what it needs to do and comes at a very solid price. The display is also what makes it stand out on top of the features that allow it to perform really well for students and professionals alike.

What makes it unique:

  • The 4-line display is a feature that is more than helpful for any kind of purpose.
  • It comes with a solar-powered backup for longer periods of usage.

Why choose this financial calculator:

  • The FC-200V is affordable, intuitive, and powerful enough for any kind of purpose regardless if you are a professional in the finance industry or are still a student.
  • It is great for analysis and comparison because of the 12-digit 4-line display that will allow you to see more values compared to other financial calculators.

The Value Pick for the Best Financial Calculator (good and affordable)

HP 10BII+ Financial Calculator

The HP 10BII+ is your quintessential cheap and basic yet remarkably effective and useful financial calculator. It might not stand up to par with the other higher-end financial calculators but it performs really well and quite impressively for its price range whether for business or finance purposes or for school use.

A good aspect of the 10BII+’s performance is that it allows you to enter data using its algebraic entry system, which makes it very simple for you to input numbers. This feature allows you to minimize your mistakes as much as possible. And in school and in business, even the simplest data entry mistakes in finance can be costly for your grades or for your profits.

The 10BII+ is also regarded as a very versatile financial calculator that has about 170 different functions that cater to different fields of study. It is, of course, effective to use in finance but it is also just as useful for when you are in college especially if you are taking up other related courses such as banking, accounting, economics, business, statistics, and math. It has functions that can help you get through those courses so that you no longer have to buy a separate calculator.

When it comes to its display, the 12-digit screen seems accurate enough and gives you what you pay for. However, unlike other calculators, you can actually adjust the screen’s brightness in case you are using it in under different lighting conditions. You also do not have to worry about how quick the display shows its values as you do not even need to blink for it to produce results in an instant.

And what a lot of people really like about it is that it tends to be quite straightforward in its approach and does not make it difficult for you to use it. This financial calculator simply does its job really well and may perhaps make you think that you have cheated HP for the small price you are paying for this useful tool. You are not going to take up a lot of time learning how to use it and you do not have to be the smartest person in the room to produce the best results from the 10BII+.

What makes it unique:

  • Comes with an algebraic entry system that allows you to enter data accurately and precisely.
  • The screen’s brightness can be adjusted to suit the lighting conditions in the room.

Why choose this financial calculator:

  • It comes with a light price tag but is versatile enough to cover all your needs for your business and finance courses and tasks.
  • Very straightforward in its approach and will not ask too much of your time when you are learning how to use it.

FAQ When Buying Finance Calculators

Why Buy an Accounting Calculator?

You need to buy finance calculators for the simple and straightforward reason that these tools were built and designed to handle your finance and business-related concerns regardless of whether you are using it for school or in the professional world. Unlike basic calculators and scientific calculators, finance calculators have specific functions and features that cater to those in the financial world or those studying for a career in such an industry. That means that its shortcuts, main functions, and its other additional features all fit what a finance professional or student needs to effectively perform well on the job or in school.

What are the Key Advantages and Disadvantages of a Financial Calculator?


  • These calculators come with features that were designed specifically for finance, business, and accounting professionals or students.
  • Their prices tend to be more affordable than scientific calculators and are cheap enough for students to afford.
  • The functions of financial calculators are quite easy to use and are straightforward in terms of how you can access them.
  • It is not difficult to carry a financial calculator around as they were made to be very portable.


  • Financial calculators will make you want to use them for any mathematical task to the point that you will tend to forget to rely on your own knowledge and numerical skills when computing the simplest problems.
  • Most of these calculators were not built to be used for engineering and higher-level math courses.
  • While they are useful for those in business, they are mostly seen as entry-level calculators by those who are not in the financial industry.

What Brands are the Best for Financial Calculators?

When you are going for the best financial calculator, the most sought-after brand tends to be HP because of how this company is great at producing straightforward and easy-to-use financial calculators that come with all the functions needed by a student or a professional. However, other noteworthy brands are Texas Instruments and Casio, which are both world leaders in the calculator industry. In fact, some of the best calculators ever produced come from Texans Industries and Casio but they tend to take a backseat to HP when it comes to financial calculators.

Which Financial Calculators are Best for Professional Exams?

The HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator seems to take the cake for when you are taking professional exams because of its many different functions and because of its a list-based cash flow feature that works well with its 2-line 22-character display. In terms of reliability and longevity, the HP 12C Platinum is also a good choice as it will not die out on you or suddenly break when you accidentally drop it in the middle of a professional exam.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Financial Calculator

  • Go for a financial calculator that has a pretty good battery life because it is important to make sure that it does not die on you while you are in the middle of long and complicated computations.
  • The best financial calculators are the ones that can be used for all of the finance-related professional exams.
  • Try not to spend too much for a finance calculator as the best ones are rarely cost more than $60.

Summary for Best Financial Calculators

Putting everything together, in this guide we reviewed the following:

ProductList PriceWarranty
HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator, Silver $68.99 N/A
TEXBAIIPLUS - BAIIPlus Financial Calculator $26.28 N/A
HP 12C Platinum Calculator $104.99 N/A
Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator with 4-Line Display $32.44 1 year from date of purchase
HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator (NW239AA) $29.99 N/A

Financial calculators have their own niche market precisely because they were made to reach out to the people in the financial and business industry and to those who are studying college courses related to that industry. That is why the best finance calculators tend to be the ones that have all the features that cater to the needs of a person in the financial sector.

In that case, the HP 17BII and the TI BAIIPLUS cover what you need from a reliable financial calculator because of how they have all of the necessary functions needed to solve finance problems and to perform related tasks in an effective and precise manner while also minimizing costly errors.

However, other picks such as the HP 12C Platinum and the Casio FC-200V are also good choices especially if you do not have the budget for the HP 17BII and the TI BAIIPLUS. But if you really want something that fits your budget but still gives you everything you need from the best calculator for finance students or businessmen alike, the HP 10BII+ gives you more than enough power, features, and reliability at an affordable price.

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