Best Business Majors for the Future

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Saying that you want to study business is like saying you want to study medicine. There are so many different majors that you can choose from that will allow you to have a lucrative career in business that it can sometimes be hard to choose which major is right for you.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down some of the primary reasons why you might want to study business, as well as discussing which majors are most likely to provide you with a great career in the future. The world is constantly changing, but there will always be business majors that are needed.

Are Business Majors Worth It?Are Business Majors Worth It?

Business majors can cover a variety of fields, and the careers that require these majors are ingrained into our society. From accounting to marketing to administration, our world would not be able to function without business jobs. Going to school to study business is a great way to set yourself up for a variety of potential career options down the line.

Some business majors, such as e-commerce, are a rapidly growing field in the modern world, while others might not be seeing such fast growth. Many of these business majors are predicted to continue growing rapidly into the future. Overall, there are tons of business majors that will be in high demand in the future, making these business majors worth it.

Figuring out if a particular major is going to be worth it for you or not is something that you have to decide for yourself. While a business major is an excellent bet for finding a stable job after graduation, if a business major is not what excites you about learning, it still might not be worth it for you. The career and the money are only part of the equation.

If you are not excited to study business, it may not be the best major for you. Since the career you get after is only part of the equation, as we said earlier, it is important to be excited about and engaged with the information that you are studying. If you don’t find yourself that engaged with a business major, just know that plenty of other majors will offer you equally good career options.

Why Study Business?

Why Study Business?

Business, in the most basic sense of the word, is engaging in commerce to support yourself. The world functions based on these transactions, so while markets may go up or down, the overall need for business majors will never fully diminish. This makes a business major super helpful and a relatively safe choice.

Business is fundamental to how the world functions. This means that the world will always need more business majors to fill the roles that will always be there in society. Without someone who truly knows business at the helm, a company or business can go downhill very fast, so having good businessmen and women is an essential part of society.

What are Types of Business Majors?

What are Types of Business Majors?

There are tons of different business majors out there, ranging from the broad and common to the narrow and hard to find majors. Most schools will offer a handful of more specialty majors within a business college.

This is a list of some of the most common and popular types of business majors out there, but there are plenty more. Each school is likely to offer a variety of business majors or concentrations, so take some time to think about what sounds the most interesting for you and fully look into all the options your school offers.

Human Resources

Human resource majors are one of the largest categories of business majors. While some schools will offer human resources, others might offer more specific majors like hospitality management or hospital administration. All of these subcategories of majors fall into the general category of human resources.

This category comprises all the majors within a business school that relate directly to human interactions. This could mean that they are based in communications, or they could be based in administration. Either way, these majors tend to be more human-focused than other business majors.


Accounting or finances is one of the other major categories of business majors. This category encompasses all majors dealing with managing money for a business or organization. Regardless of if this category of majors leads to a desk job or an online job, this is one of the fields that is not likely to go away any time soon.

Finance is one of the broadest categories of majors out there, so it can be hard to define, but it tends to deal more with the money side of any given company or business. In some schools, economics falls into this grouping, while other schools include economics as its own category.


Becoming an entrepreneur or working with other entrepreneurs is one of the most highly sought-after fields within the category of business. This field has limitless possibilities and is thus a continually expanding career that changes as the times change. This career also carries some more risk than a more stable career, such as accounting or human resources, but can often be more rewarding.

Not every person who calls themselves an entrepreneur has a degree in entrepreneurship or even business, but many schools do offer a major in it. This major tends to focus more on the background information needed to start something from the group up.

International Relations or Marketing

Regardless of the title given to this branch of study, the study of international markets is essential in such an interconnected world. Most big business schools will have a major that incorporates some international aspect into it, although they may have their own official title.

As the world continues to globalize, this grouping of majors is likely to continue to grow at a rapid pace for quite a while. International business can be any other category of business but practiced on the international stage. This complicates everything since every country and region have their own rules and practices, making this quite a complicated major to choose.

What is the Best Business Major to Go Into?

What is the Best Business Major to Go Into?

There is no one answer to the best business major since every person is different, and what’s right for you might not be suitable for the next person, but some business majors are more likely to be stable in the future than others. When thinking about the best business major to go into, you need to consider what major will be best in the future.

Suppose you want a more exciting business career that has the potential to take you anywhere. In that case, it might be worth looking into an international business career that could allow you to travel for work or an entrepreneurship career that would allow you the freedom to tailor your career to you. If this sounds like something that you like, the best business majors categories are likely tied to these ideas.

If you are looking for a more stable desk job that will allow you to support a family or just live the life, you desire, accounting or human resources may be the right path for you. These careers are likely to be more stable and have less movement associated with them. While desk jobs might not be for everyone, they are an excellent option for someone looking to have a consistent position that has good pay and benefits.

What Business Majors are Most In-Demand?

What Business Majors are Most In-Demand?

When thinking about the best business majors for the future, it is important to think about what fields are growing rapidly. Some business majors, such as marketing or accounting, will always be applicable since the world needs these jobs. This means that these majors are a great choice for anyone interested in studying business.

Other majors, such as e-commerce, fall more into the category of top business majors for the future since any major to do with the online realm is likely to be seeing an increase in need in the future. These rapidly growing fields are a great option if your school offers a major that could help set you apart in this new and emerging job market.

As the world changes, the majors that are most applicable will change, but given that the general trends have been towards a more globalized world, most majors relating to international marketing or business will be in high demand. These internationally focused business majors are likely going to be feeding into a number of good jobs, making international business one of the major categories of the future.

How to Choose the Best Business Majors?

How to Choose the Best Business Majors?

When you are trying to decide what business major you should choose, try thinking about and reflecting on what careers you find interesting and what careers the world will always have a need for. If you choose a major that only sets you up for careers, you are not interested in, and then it may not be your best business major. The best business major for one person is not necessarily the best business major for every person.

Here are the three main things to think about when trying to choose the best business major for you.


Thinking about what makes a major the best major can often be challenging, but one of the main ways to differentiate between majors is by the jobs that you can get and the salaries you are likely to have. There is a massive range of jobs that you can get with any business degree, so it is hard to give an accurate salary range for any business major, but, in general, majors like e-commerce and marketing will make anywhere from $100,000 to $125,000, while major like finance or accounting will make closer to $90,000 to $100,000.


Some business majors, such as entrepreneurship or business administration, have such a wide range of average salaries that it is hard to use this metric to compare them. Ultimately, the salary you make from a particular major is only part of the draw of that major. If neither the major you choose nor the job you end up picking makes you happy, it may not be the best job for you, regardless of the salary.


It also is worth considering where you live. If you want to live in a particular region, finding out what business careers are most prevalent in that region is a great way to help narrow down your choices of major. If a career that you want is not available in the area that you hope to live in, you may need to be flexible with either the career choice you make or the place you choose to live.

Wrapping Things Up: Best Business Majors for the Future

The future is never sure, but it is hard to imagine a future without many of the most popular business majors. While some majors are more beneficial than others and some have more job stability, most business majors are likely to be needed well into the future, making business a great career choice for any student.

Regardless of what type of business career you want to go into, there is a business major out there for you. From working in accounting to international marketing to human resources, the possibilities of an exciting business career are endless. Take some time to find which major and career options are right for you, and you will be well on your way to figuring out the best business major for your future.

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