Benefits of Graduating High School Early

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What are the benefits of graduating early? Is graduating high school worth it?  If you are asking yourself these questions, then you have come to the right place. Graduating high school is highly beneficial for your future regardless of when you do so; getting your diploma is the ultimate goal.

However, if you have the option to graduate early, you may want to consider it strongly. Though there are some downsides to graduating early, which we will touch on later in this article, there are several benefits of graduating high school early.

If you are looking for the benefits of graduating early, we will give you just that. We will also provide you with information on how colleges feel about you graduating early and if it can help your chances of acceptance. We know you’re eager to get all this information, so keep reading for more.

Is it Smart to Graduate Early from High School?Is it Smart to Graduate Early from High School?

Graduating early from high school can be seen as an accomplishment and potentially a necessity for others. Some students may be keen on getting a jumpstart in their career or education; therefore, graduating early is something that they consider a mandatory achievement. Others may choose to stay in school and enjoy the activities which come with being a high school senior.

You will ultimately need to look closely at what you want. If you are an introvert who loathes school or is indifferent to participating in the school activities, graduating high school early may be a viable option.

So, when asking this question, it’s important to phrase it specific to your scenario. For an ambitious student who wants to spend more time preparing for college or even starting classes early, graduating early may be brilliant for you.  If you are just barely making it to school, this may not be the route for you.

Does Graduating High School Early Look Good to Colleges?

Does Graduating High School Early Look Good to Colleges?

Contrary to what you may believe, graduating early has no accurate bearings on your ability to get into college or even create a buzz for your application. Graduating early from high school is far more common than you may think.  It likely will have more personal benefit than a benefit on your college applications.

Depending on how early you graduate, you may be able to take summer school classes at your college or even at a local college in preparation for what’s to come. If you’re asking yourself if you should graduate early, your answer must reflect your goals and the best decision for you. Colleges will likely not care if you graduate in three or four years. It is less about how long it took you and more about what you did during that time. If you graduate early and still lack extracurriculars, you will likely receive the same acceptance decision as you would if you did it in four years.

However, one thing that s becoming increasingly popular is scholarships offered to students who graduate early. Some states are offering students thousands of dollars for graduating early. These states include Indiana, South Dakota, and more.

Though it may not have bearings on your acceptance, colleges will be impressed with your ability to complete college-level courses in tandem with your high school curriculum. If you already have an impressive resume, graduating early is like the cherry on top.

5 Good Reasons to Graduate Early in High School

5 Good Reasons to Graduate Early in High School

Graduating early doesn’t have to be for everyone, but there are several reasons why you may want to graduate early.  Having the proper support from your counselors and peers can you push you towards an early graduation.

  • Allow time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Graduating early doesn’t have to mean going straight to work. You can use the time to spend time with family and friends that you may be leaving behind if you go to college. If you have just spent long periods stressing overwork or classmates, this may be the perfect time to work on a passion project or just relax.
  • Get a jumpstart on college or career. Graduating early allows you to get an early jumpstart on college. Depending on how soon you graduate, you can use this time to take advantage of summer school or start a job that may help you in the future. For example, if you are looking to get into the medical field, becoming a CNA or LPN may be the natural step after graduating high school.
  • Avoid end-of-the-year activities. If you are not looking to participate at the end of the year activities like prom, senior trip, spirit week, or any other festivities, graduating early may be good for you. Though these activities are seen as staples in the high school experience, others may not care about spending their money to partake.
  • Graduating doesn’t have to be a chore. More time to prepare for college and beyond. You can take the time you need to take a break from classes and live an everyday life; if you feel that you need a break between college and high school, use this time to do just that. Use your time to explore your interests, take a new class and prepare yourself for the “real world.”
  • Extra time saving for college. If you are funding your education, you may need a little more time to save. Using the time you have between high school and college can allow you to get that extra job in. Start working longer, and putting more money away to fund your education. Therefore when you are to leave for school or begin the semester, you have the money that you need.

These are just five reasons to graduate early. There are several others you may be thinking of. If these pros outweigh the cons for you, then it should be a no-brainer for you to graduate early.

What are the Cons of Graduating Early from High School?

What are the Cons of Graduating Early from High School?

Though some people may have difficulty understanding why students attempt to graduate early, you have to remember that it’s not for everyone. All students are not good candidates for graduating early, which is not directly correlated to their academic status. There are several reasons why some students may opt to stay in school and finish their matriculation process with their classmates. These reasons can include but are not limited to the items listed below.

  • If you are someone who is heavily sentimental and who will look back at your high school years with regret if you graduate early, you likely should not do it. However, some high schools may allow you to attend events like graduation. You probably will miss all of the events which fall in the school day or school year.
  • You will miss out on critical senior memories.
  • One significant aspect that may be a deterrent for graduates is the reality that you won’t get to spend time with your friends anymore. You won’t get to spend as much time with your friends before you all go your separate ways. The social aspect of high school would be greatly missed, and unfortunately, this may be the last opportunity you have to share memories with these individuals.
  • You are ill-prepared for life after college. If you have no plans of graduating early and utilizing that time for something constructive, it may not be in your best interests to graduate early. If you are still looking to figure out what you want to do with your life and may need the help of your counselors, graduating early may be something to reconsider.
  • It would be best if you had the benefits that high school has to offer. It’s no secret that schools are places that provide children shelter, hot meals, and even structure away from home. If you need these items, graduating early should likely be taken off of the table. There is no shame in getting two meals from your high school, breakfast, and lunch.  If you are likely not able to sustain yourself without eating at school or have a rough home life, the benefits of graduating early may be significantly reduced.
  • Heavier course load. Graduating early from high school means that at some point, you will have a heavier course load. This can mean doubling up on traditional and college classes or even attending summer school to ensure that you are ahead on the curriculum.

These are all things that are relative to where you are in your life. Though some cons may apply to you, others may not. You must assess things in terms of your current position and not that of someone else.

Wrapping Things Up: Benefits of Graduating High School Early

Graduating high school early is an accomplishment that you can most certainly be proud of. It will allow you to take advantage of various opportunities, and you give a considerable amount of time back from traditional schooling.

There are several benefits to graduating early; however, it is not likely that doing so will directly relate to your college application. Though a small personal feat, colleges will look at what you did during college rather than how long it took you to complete it.

Yet, with the many pros come many disadvantages of graduating high school early. These disadvantages may include having a heavier course load and even missing out on the activities that make your senior year memorable.  However, regardless of when you graduate, we hope that you make the right decision for yourself and ultimately get your diploma

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