What is Ivy Day: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you excited about going to college? You are aiming to enroll in one of the Ivy League Schools. It is the dream school of most students all around the globe. In this case, you may have already heard about Ivy Day. What is Ivy Day? Ivy day means the college decision day. This day is what most freshmen applicants have been waiting for because the Ivy League schools will announce the qualified first-year students.

If you are aspiring to be a part of the Ivy League school, read below to learn more about Ivy Day, what you should do if you are rejected, accepted, or waitlisted, and other pertinent information that will make your application successful.

What is Ivy Day?What is Ivy Day?

Most first-year students feel mixed anxiety and excitement when they hear about Ivy Day. Usually, this happens every last week of March. The eight colleges that compose the Ivy League Schools, such as Harvard, Penn, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, and Dartmouth, will announce their admission decision. What’s impressive about this is that these schools will announce online simultaneously. The time is usually five o’clock in the afternoon or seven o’clock in the evening.

Take note that Ivy Day is only for regular applicants. If you are an early applicant, you will receive your decision letter early by December. Hence, you don’t have to wait for Ivy Day. If you apply for three schools, you will receive your application notification from every three schools simultaneously and during the day. That’s why it is called “Ivy Day.”

Because everyone worldwide is looking forward to Ivy Day, you may expect some website glitches. The loading time may take longer many applicants will access the website. Expect that you will be able to look at your admission status after a while. You may have to wait for a couple of hours. Just try to be patient.

Why is it Called Ivy Day?

Why is it Called Ivy Day?

Ivy Day is derived from the eight elite universities that comprise the Ivy League Schools, such as Harvard, Penn, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, and Dartmouth. The name Ivy League came from planting Ivy. These universities have very stringent admission policies because they always aim for academic excellence in their students.

Compared to other prestigious colleges, the scheduled release of the admission decision is different. Usually, it occurs late in March or early in April of the year. However, during Ivy Day, the final decision is released from all eight Ivy League schools on the same day and simultaneously. For example, Ivy Day in 2021, was on April 6, 2021, while in 2022, it was on March 31, 2022. If you are one of the students waiting for the announcement, feel free because it will be publicly announced weeks before Ivy Day.

When is Ivy Day?

When is Ivy Day?

If one of your dreams is to be accepted into one of the Ivy League Schools, then Ivy Day is what you have been waiting for. You must know when the admission decision is released. In this manner, you can prepare yourself for the next step.

If you have applied for early action or decision, you will receive your admission decision by December or January. However, if you have applied for a regular decision, you will witness Ivy Day in the last week of March or the first week of April. Based on the last six years, it is usually five in the afternoon or seven in the evening when the results come out. That will give you an idea of what hour you should wait for the announcement.

What to Expect on Ivy Day?

What to Expect on Ivy Day?

There are so many things you may expect on Ivy Day. For some, it can be the best day of their lives, while others may feel frustrated with the result, particularly when they are not accepted into one of the Ivy League schools. To give you an idea of what will happen on Ivy Day, below are some of the events that you may expect:

There are thousands of applicants.

It would help if you kept in mind that many applicants from all over the world to one of the Ivy League Schools. Thus, don’t expect too much that you will be able to enter even one of the Ivy schools. The applicants are from various locations in the world. The admission is stringent when it comes to qualifications. Because of many applicants, it leads to the next expectation during Ivy Day.

The internet connection is too slow.

Take note the announcement of the final decision from all eight Ivy League Schools will be on the same day and at the same time. Because everybody from around the world is waiting for Ivy day, you must expect that the internet connection to the Ivy Schools’ websites will be slow. Some of them may even crash down because of too much traffic accessing the websites. That’s why the applicants will access the websites at the same time too. In this case, you will experience the next thing that may happen.

You will feel mixed emotions.

While you can see that the website is loading, you will feel unexplainable emotions of happiness, excitement, and fear. Some may want to pee first because their heart is beating faster than usual. Some will walk from one corner to the next while waiting for the websites to be opened.

Ivy Day is Over: What to Do Next?

Ivy Day is Over: What to Do Next?

Once you know your application results, you must not stay there. After receiving the acceptance or rejection letter, most applicants still need to figure out what to do. Determining your next move is what matters most after the decision.

What to Do if You Got Accepted?

You may feel happy or not. Of course, you will feel happy and excited about this decision to be accepted into one of the most prestigious universities. However, at the back of your mind, you will probably feel worried and pressured about how you can maintain the standards and expectations of the university and the people around you. If you get accepted, here are some of the things you may experience:

You may feel happy or not.

You may have applied to more than one Ivy League School. Some of them may accept you, while others may reject you. You will be happy if accepted into the university you like most. However, getting accepted may also put you under more pressure on how to maintain the standards. You may also feel worried and anxious about what to do next or what will happen to you while you are studying.

The tuition may not be affordable.

You may be accepted, but there is a tendency for the tuition to be expensive for you and your family. Tuition is one of the vital factors you need to consider when applying to Ivy League Schools.

Choose the best school for you.

If you are one of those accepted in multiple applications to Ivy League Schools, you need to have some time to choose the best one for you. You can talk about this with your parents and other family members. After you have chosen and considered several factors, you may send your replies to the universities. At the same time, you may also send your acceptance to the admission decision to the university that you like most.

Plan, plan, and plan.

One of the keys to success in getting into an Ivy League school is proper planning and preparation. You must deposit at the scheduled time to decide on your next move. After you have deposited, you may begin researching the school. In this manner, you will know what to do next and what to prepare while studying. For example, please find out about their rules and regulations and the usual school calendar of activities. You may also inquire about the tuition fees and other costs like the dormitory and allowances. You may also discover financial assistance to help you with the expenses.

What to Do if You Got Waitlisted?

Being waitlisted is like being “torn between two lovers” because you do not know whether you will be accepted or rejected. However, it can give you hope that you will be accepted. At the same time, you feel worried if being rejected. That’s why it is essential to determine what you should do if you are one of the applicants in the waitlisted remarks.

What you can do is to wait. If that school is what you prefer most, you need to wait a couple of times before you decide. So, patience is the key. However, you may also write a formal letter to your preferred school telling your intentions of getting accepted, and you are still on the waitlisted. You may also include in your letter why you deserve a spot in the school. It is much better if you narrate it specifically for the admission officer to be convinced of your enthusiasm for joining the university.

There is a higher chance of not hearing anything from the school. At this time, consider the second school that accepted you. You may confirm that you accepted their decision and are willing to enroll. In this manner, even if you have not heard anything from your first-choice school, you still have the second option that will not leave you hanging. Thus, you are assured that you will enter the best school for your college.

What to Do if You Got Rejected?

It can be the saddest decision you may receive from the Ivy League Schools. It is normal to feel frustrated and sad about the decision. However, you should still reach your dreams and ambitions. It would help if you accepted that entering the Ivy League School is not for everybody. Aside from that, you are not alone. Other applicants are rejected because of the strict qualifications and admission procedures.

It would help if you decided whether you still want the Ivy League School. It would be best if you moved on and began making your final decisions by letting your second-option school knows that you want to enroll in them. You may also begin declining the other schools. However, if you don’t have any second option, you may give yourself some time to consider your college plans. By doing this, you will have clarity about what directions you will take to have a better future.

Consider considering factors that may lead you to have the best college experiences. For example, think about the academic training of the school, its extracurricular activities, facilities, amenities, and the environment’s ambiance. These factors can significantly influence your studies. After you have decided, you may begin researching other great universities where you can enroll.

To better understand the school, you may visit them and see if it is the best for you. It would help if you kept in mind that being accepted into an Ivy School does not determine your success in the future. You can still be successful and fulfilled even if you did not study in the Ivy School.

Wrapping Things Up: What is Ivy Day: Everything You Need to Know

Ivy Day is the college decision day of the eight Ivy League Schools. These are prestigious schools. Many applicants are aiming to be a part of the Ivy League Schools. Unfortunately, it is not for everybody. The acceptance is rigorous, and the qualifications are too high. That’s why everybody is waiting for Ivy day. What makes Ivy Day unique is that the eight schools will have the same day and time to release the admission results. All applicants from all over the world will have their time waiting and focusing on Ivy day for the result.

Lastly, you will receive three kinds of results. These are the accepted, waitlisted, and rejected. No matter what decision you will receive, make sure to take care of yourself, particularly your mental health. It doesn’t mean that you are accepted; you will be happy. It doesn’t also mean that you will no longer be successful when you are rejected. Remember, the result of Ivy Day will not determine who you are and your future.

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