What is Interact Club in High School and What Can It Do for You?

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High school is a hotspot for skill development that you can acquire from joining events that would benefit you along the way. Having no talent is not the worst part of being an adolescent; it is when you cannot find an activity that leverages your knack for growth.

You might be in an alley of a dilemma right now as to which organization best fits your interest. Maybe, you are hesitant to join a team because something is holding you back—low esteem, limited resource, etc. Fortunately, you are on the right track toward discovering your potential.

You might wonder what is Interact Club in high school, or you may be considering partaking in this global cause. If you are looking for a sign to submit your application—this is the sign. Read on to have an overview of how you can make a positive impact on society by joining Interact Club.

What is Interact Club?What is Interact Club?

Interact Club is a youth-centered organization that aims to build a network of global leaders who take action on global issues on humanity and create international understanding through highly interactive programs. It establishes a worldwide network of youth volunteers ages 12 to 18 to participate in community building in pursuit of Service Above Self.

The organization mainly pursues the promotion of international awareness of cultural diversity and social issues while making friends who share the same aspirations along the process. It also takes a firm stance on protecting the environment and natural resources, thus equipping youth leaders competence to take action against rapid-rising global threats within and outside school premises stipulated in the Interact Handbook.

Members of the organization are expected to genuinely devote time and effort since the club has two projects to implement annually—one school-based action and one global relevance. In a shorter narrative, it pursues a unified and shared responsibility to invigorate youth for practical steps for the greater good.

Its history blossomed from the initiative of Rotary Youth Programs, a network of more than a million people that collaboratively work to promote health and wellness, fight illiteracy through education, and promote peace across the globe. You would expect the same model to ensure in Interact Club, for it follows the same outfit of leadership events, team-building activities, and charity work as an umbrella organization.

Establishing an official group for youth aged 12 to 18 was the general motive of Interact Club until it spurred global enthusiasm for community development, hence becoming a global chain of social agents toward peace and transformation, be it in a local or international parameter. In point of fact, most high schools in the United States have their chapters on microfocus intervention and cooperation.

Primal Objective

  • Cultivate personal integrity and constructive leadership.
  • Promote compassion and integrity toward others.
  • Raise awareness of home and family values.
  • Recognize and respect individual rights.
  • Emphasize accountability of personal responsibility for own success, community development, and group achievement.
  • Education on financial freedom, self-development, and time management.
  • Provide dignity in every occupation as community service opportunities.
  • Heightened understanding of community, national, and world issues.
  • Facilitate personal and group growth knowledge to advance the common good and international awareness.

What are the Programs in the Interact Club?

What are the Programs in the Interact Club?

Now that you have a comprehensive overview of how Interact Club members invest their time, you may wonder about the mandatory programs this organization engages in and what high school clubs do.

Interact Club members must participate in two yearly projects that scale in local and global arenas like campus youth summits or international conventions. Rotary Club, as the principal sponsor of the group, cooperates with the guide and mentor Interactors in realizing an event by providing leadership supervision.

Interact Club celebrates global impact by carrying out the following standardized events.

  • Global Youth Service Day
  • World Interact Week
  • Rotary Youth Day at the United Nations
  • Interact Video Awards

Apart from the abovementioned systemic involvements, Interactors can also mechanize personalized events that would benefit local communities in the forms of the following:

  • Community Clean-up Drive
  • Environmental Drive
  • Children Engagement
  • Education Drive

How Do I Join Interact Club?

How Do I Join Interact Club?

As soon as you have a sound idea of what Interact Club stands for, signing up as a member is as easy as eating nuts. Make sure that there is an existing Interact Club in your, as it is the simplest way to become a member.

If then, contact your locale Interact Club to announce your interest and inquire about the next community event, service activities, and chapter meeting specifications. You may also follow Interact Club’s Facebook page to keep posted about the upcoming projects near your vicinity and around the globe.

In cases when there are no existing Interact Clubs in your school, you need not worry, for you can pioneer an accredited club by submitting all the requirements on how to start an Interact Club. Click on this link and contact the Rotary Club administrators for a step-by-step process before you can begin Interact Club activities in school.

Before you get demotivated by the circumstance of pioneering an Interact Club, as you may expect lesser community service and leadership opportunities, you need to remember that this is the best opportunity for you to elevate your passion and stand bigger chances to get accepted by top universities.

Should you wish to use Interact Club as a place to experience diverse opportunities for college admissions applications, college admission will consider your internal involvement, years of experience, and leadership capabilities. Being a pioneer can vouch for your ability in future endeavors.

5 Benefits of Joining Interact Club

5 Benefits of Joining Interact Club

Joining the Interact Club awaits countless advantages that you can bring with you in several aspects of your life. It prepares you for greater glories and nurtures you to take on more prominent roles with grit and pride.

College Admission Advantage

You are hitting it big when you are a member of Interact Club and aim to apply to prestigious universities. Universities are meticulous about the leadership experience of applicants, and Interact Club has some of the most remarkable events that will show your growth. You should start as early as now for universities do not just look at your affiliation but also your involvement and years of experience.

Leadership Opportunities

It is a no-brainer. Interact Club puts so much highlight on leadership as a core value since it vehemently ensures that members will transform into meaningful agents of society. You will face ongoing programs that will measure your ability to lead people and create innovative outcomes. In the process, you will build character, service, and charisma essential to invigorate people.

Increased Cultural Sensitivity and International Understanding

Its main goal is to breed leaders who value diversity and have a great sense of social awareness. Seminars and practical involvement will improve your understanding of the branches of society and how you can position yourself in multicultural contexts. You will deal with people from all walks of life who come from different backgrounds.

People Network

Allow yourself to grow outside your comfort zone. Meet new people and place yourself in different positions to build compassion and care for the underprivileged. Life is better with the right people beside you. It is an excellent opportunity to make friends and learn from their point of view. You will never regret joining this group, for members share the same outlook as you.

Community Involvement

Learning is a lifelong process; it is not linear. Becoming holistic involves community engagement. You learn practical things not taught at school from people you meet in the community. Increase your chance to gain experiences you will only learn from participating in several events. It is the training ground to become socially intelligent.

Does Joining Interact Club Help Your College Admission?

Does Joining Interact Club Help Your College Admission?

Definitely. Organizational affiliations that allow you to exhibit leadership competence can be an excellent asset for your college admission. There are no other means of girding yourself with relevant experience other than involving yourself in extracurricular and academic activities that will single you out positively among other applicants.

Usually, applicants for renowned universities have the same GPA and academic achievements. You must excel in different fields to prove your college  preparedness and aptitude. College admissions likely prioritize those who portray various roles and those who champion excellence through public service.

Nonetheless, you must remember that your integral involvement should also vouch for your experience. You must exhibit leadership prowess through active participation during your stay at the organization, which will become evident when you spend several years holding an Interact Club position.

Moreover, you will meet professionals like educators who can attest to your character and expertise in the field of leadership. College application also involves outside recognition.

Your school awards are not enough to secure a slot in the university. Since Interact Club is an international organization, you will receive awards from the central organization if you actively participate in their cause and excellently lead your team. Therefore, you can use this award as evidence of your hard work.

What's the Difference Between Interact Club and Key Club?

What’s the Difference Between Interact Club and Key Club?

Interact Club and Key Club both share the same aspiration in the aspects of creating a better society to live in through engaging youth in significant social matters and considering them as essential actors who can make a positive impact. However, their key motives and core values vary in many areas. On the one hand, Interact Club is leaning towards global awareness and network building under the core value of Service Above Self through humanitarian events. Meanwhile, Key Club centers on building a community and transforming members into transformative leaders.

Additionally, rendering services to the respective organizations have different scales. Key Club has the freedom when to join as long as it meets the requirement of 50 combined hours annually. On the other hand, Interact Club has two primary community service drives every year—one focused on the local scale and the other centered on global impacts.

Wrapping Things Up: What is Interact Club in High School and What Can It Do For You?

Going back to the golden questions: what is interact club in high school, and what can it do for you? The answer is that it prepares you for limitless benefits and opportunities you can bring with you for future affairs. It gives you chances to learn cultural understanding and become socially intelligent.

Interact Club is one of the few high school organizations deploying global companionship. You will be working with experts while having fun! You will never regret spending valuable time as a volunteer for the rest of your life. Friendship, gathering, and leadership—-you name them, Interact Club has it all.

You cannot afford to miss this opportunity, can you? What are you waiting for? Improve your college resume and hit it big by signing up for the nearest Interact Club in your area. Do not waste your time, for every second counts!

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