What is a GT Score on the ASVAB?

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What is a GT score on the ASVAB?  What is the highest GT score you can receive? These are likely two questions that you may have if taking the ASVAB is in your near future. You must understand how the ASVAB will be scored before taking it and what you can expect when you receive your results.

The GT, which stands for the general technical score on the ASVAB is a score that is used in an abundance of calculations. These calculations are also essential in determining what jobs you will be eligible for in the near future. To do well on your GT Score there are several tips and tricks to aid in increasing your score.

If you are looking to maximize your studying and gain as much information as possible about the ASVAB, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find some of the most helpful information and tips for you.

How Does GT Score Determine Your Eligibility for Military Service?

How Does GT Score Determine Your Eligibility for Military Service?

How Does GT Score Determine Your Eligibility for Military Service?

The GT Score is one of nine major line items used to determine eligibility in the service. These decide what occupations the individual is qualified to perform. More specifically, the GT score is also used to determine if you have what it takes to become an officer.

If you are looking to hold any type of high priority position in the service you will need to make sure that you do what it takes to get over a 110. Getting over 110 leaves you open for specialized positions. These include jobs for contracting, intelligence positions, and even engineering. The positions obtained with a high GT score allow for more significant growth and more advancement.

In a nutshell, scoring under a 110 drastically limits your options. However, this is generally a score of a top candidate. Aside from scoring high for initial placement, getting a low score also means that you cannot reclassify if needed.

Though the ASVAB is generally an individual’s first introduction to the GT score, you can retake certain parts of the exam in some instances. This exam is known as the AFCT, also known as the Armed Forces Classification Test. The service uses this exam as a selection component for the OCS or (Officer Candidate School).

This test is remarkably similar to the ASVAB and primarily includes the same materials and is often administered at your local education center.

How to Calculate Your GT Scores?

How to Calculate Your GT Scores?

The formulas for calculating your GT score are readily available to you. It may be helpful when taking your practice exams for the ASVAB to determine what combination of scores may be needed to reach the score you desire.

There are two types of GT scores that can be calculated. This includes the Army GT score and the Marine Corp GT score.

To begin calculating your score, you will need several of your other subtest scores. To begin calculating your GT score, you will need to locate the following scores from your results:

  • Word Knowledge (WK)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC) This score is used only to calculate the Marine GT score.

The first step in determining your GT score is to calculate your Verbal Expression score. You can do this by adding the Word Knowledge score and the Paragraph Comprehension Score together. Once you have added those scores together, you will have your verbal expression score. This is represented in the expression below.

VE = PC + WK

Next, you will need to take the Verbal Expression score that you just calculated and add it to your Arithmetic Reasoning score. If you are looking for your Army GT score, this is it.

Army GT Score = AR + VE

If you are attempting to calculate your Marine Corp score, you will need to also add in your Mechanical Comprehension Score. Therefore, you will be adding the Verbal Expression score plus the Arithmetic Reasoning plus the Mechanical Comprehension score. This is expressed as below.

Marine GT Score = VE + AR + MC

Marine GT Score = Army GT Score + MC

What is the Highest GT Score?

What is the Highest GT Score?

If you want to get a high score on the GT exam, it’s essential to know the highest GT score achievable. The highest general technical score that an individual can receive is a 151. A GT score of 110 or higher is considered a high score.  However, it will give you the ability to have a multitude of options available to you. It also opens up areas like Communications and even Information Technology.

How to Get a 110 GT Score on the ASVAB?

How to Get a 110 GT Score on the ASVAB?

How to Get a 110 GT Score on the ASVAB?

This is the question that you may have been wondering about the most. Since 110 is the minimum that you should be striving for, how do you get it? The answer is simple – study!

If you are currently not enrolled in the military, there are several things that you can do to get creative with your studying. The following are just a few activities to help you when studying for the ASVAB and, more specifically, the GT score.

  • Create a study plan or calendar: Having a study guide is an excellent idea if you are looking to keep your studies organized and hit on several subjects. It can be helpful to separate your studies by subject and make sure that you leave yourself enough time to do things like taking practice exams and study the items you are still struggling with.
    This calendar should allow for at least two months of study time to ensure that you can hit all of the ASVAB subjects. If needed, it may be helpful to carve out a specific week dedicated to studying only GT specific items and questions.
  • Purchase or create GT specific flashcards: Flashcards can be a great aid when studying for standardized exams. These cards can be a helpful aid in memorizing concepts on the fly and can also be useful for studying with friends. You can create your own GT flashcards or use options that are available online.
    Barron's Test Prep has created a set of flashcards to help you on the ASVAB specifically. These flashcards have specific subtest reviews for Word Knowledge and Paragraph comprehension. The cards also focus on other areas specific to getting a better AFQT score. The set includes over 400 flashcards.
  • Take a diagnostic test: A diagnostic test is extremely helpful for having a baseline of your current knowledge. This can be used to build your knowledge and pinpoint areas where you may need improvement. Once you have studied for a considerable amount of time, it can be helpful to take another practice exam to determine how far you are from your baseline.
  • Practice questions specific to arithmetic reasoning, verbal expression, and paragraph comprehension. These areas of the exam all focus on your GT score and directly impact it. Doing well in these areas is a sure-fire way to improve your GT score. Doing well in these areas would also significantly increase your overall AFQT score.
  • Use outside resources. Even if you aren’t currently enlisted in the military, there are several external options available that you can use to score a higher GT score. This includes an abundance of websites that offer free practice exams and tips. Several paid options provide ample practice exams and an abundance of questions and exercises to help you do better on the exam.

5 Helpful Tips to Boost Your GT Scores on the ASVAB

5 Helpful Tips to Boost Your GT Scores on the ASVAB

5 Helpful Tips to Boost Your GT Scores on the ASVAB

1. Get Outside help. One excellent option for improving your GT score is to get outside help. This help can come from the Army education Center if you are already enlisted. They offer programs that focus on basic skills and the information needed to pass. Some entities even offer self-study programs or improvement classes.

2. Study Harder on GT Specific Areas. You can see what subtests make up the GT score calculations. When studying for the ASVAB, zero in on these areas to ensure that you have a firm understanding of what to expect to do better. These areas include Word Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, and Paragraph comprehension.

3. Practice as Much as Possible. Many online resources offer practice exams and help raise your GT score and general college entrance exam scores. March2success.com is one site that provides practice tests and tips for taking the ASVAB and several other standardized exams.

4. Grab a Study Guide. Several ASVAB study guides include information on how to raise your GT score. Grab a book from your local library or even online to get more information on what you can do to improve your GT scores.

5. Calculate the Score You Need. Though this may not be the case for all, some test takers may find it helpful to have an idea of what they will need to obtain a 110 or higher score. If you are shooting for a 125, it may be helpful to calculate the scores you will need to do well in the other areas.

These are only a few tips that you can use to do well and ultimately boost your GT score. There are several methods, videos, and classes to aid in your preparation process. It is important to find the resource which works best for your learning style and even potentially your budget. These resources will be instrumental in your success on the actual exam.

Wrapping Things Up: What is a GT Score on the ASVAB?

Overall, the GT score is a measurement of a potential recruit’s basic math, vocabulary, and reading skills. However, this score can include a Mechanical score if you are looking to become part of the Marines. Your GT score is extremely important and can have a direct impact on your future in the military.

Scoring a 110 is not impossible and highly recommended to have a lucrative and option filled career in the military. Specific programs, activities, and positions are dependent on the GT score that you receive. Scoring over 110 allows you to be open and eligible for many of these positions. Scoring under a 110 drastically reduces the options available to you.

However, getting under 110 doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Another thing to remember is that if you plan on retaking the ASVAB, that would be a great time to work on improving your GT score. There are several ways that you can go about doing this, so don’t get stuck struggling on your own.

Suppose you are already enlisted in the military. In that case, your education center likely offers an abundance of improvement classes and even programs to help you raise your GT score to be eligible for more opportunities. If you are not enlisted, this would be an excellent time to look for resources online. There are several free and paid options.

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