What is a Good PRAXIS Score?

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Praxis tests are numerous, with over 90 different tests available all across the US, and, unfortunately for you, their scoring is also varied. What’s considered to be a good score on one exam in one state might not even be regarded as a passing score in a different state. You must understand the intricacies associated with scoring the Praxis exams you intend to take.

This article will break down how to read your Praxis score. We’ll talk you through each part and what they mean and discuss all of the different types of scores out there. There is a lot to discuss and understand, from raw scores to official scores, but don’t worry; we’ve included some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you prepare for your next Praxis exam.

What Does PRAXIS Score Mean?What Does PRAXIS Score Mean?

Understanding how to read your Praxis score once you receive it can be challenging, but we’ll try to break it down here. There are a few things that you will see on your scorecard when you get it back about three weeks after you take the test.

Passed or not passed

This one is pretty straightforward. Your scorecard will tell you if you passed or did not pass the exam.

Raw points available

Since each exam has a different number of available raw points, the scorecard will tell you what that number was for your test.

Range of possible scores

The range of possible scores will be reported to you as a score number, not a raw point. This number will more than likely be around 100-200, but it can vary based on your test.

Range of the middle 50% of scores

You will get to see what the middle 50% of people who took this test got. This will give you a good idea of where you fall in comparison to others who took the same test as you.

Your score

Of course, your scorecard will tell you the score that you received. Your score is calculated based on how many questions you got right and the number used to determine if you passed or failed the exam.

In order to determine what a good Praxis score is, you will first have to figure out what a passing score for your exam is in your state. Unfortunately, there isn’t one passing score for all exams and states that are universal, although some numbers are good and some numbers are bad.

Overall, you’ll want your Praxis score to be as close to 200 as possible. Scores near 200 are good, and scores close to 100 are considered bad. Most Praxis exams require anywhere from a 150 to a 180 to pass, but this all varies by exam and state. Make sure that you check what a passing score is for your exam in your state.

How is the PRAXIS Test Scored?

How is the PRAXIS Test Scored?

The Praxis test is scored based on the type of questions on the exam. While some Praxis exams contain only selected-response (SR) questions, other Praxis exams have both SR questions and constructed-response (CR) questions. These different types of questions are scored differently.

There are three different types of scores in regards to the Praxis tests:

Raw score

The raw score is calculated based on how many SR questions you got right and which CR questions you got correct since CR questions are weighted based on difficulty. This means that the raw score on an exam that only included SR questions will simply be the number of questions that you got correct. If you took an exam that had both SR and CR questions, that raw score is less easy to calculate on your own since some of the CR questions are weighted.

Unofficial score

This Praxis unofficial score is available at the end of the test, in most cases, but not all. You can get your unofficial score on exams like the Praxis core math right after the test is done. Your raw score is adjusted to the grading scale to get the unofficial score. For some Praxis exams, you will have to wait to receive your unofficial score as well as your official score.

If you want to cancel your Praxis exam score, you will need to do so before viewing your unofficial score. Canceling your score is not a decision to take lightly, though, so make sure you consider all the ramifications before doing so.

Official score

Your official Praxis score is what you will receive about three weeks after taking your exam. The official score is what will tell you if you passed or did not pass the exam and how your score compared to others. The official score is the score that really matters since this is the score that you will report.

How Many Questions Do You Need to Get Right to Pass the Test?

How Many Questions Do You Need to Get Right to Pass the Test?

Depending on which Praxis test you took, it can be a little complicated to figure out exactly how many questions you need to get right. The best way to think about calculating a Praxis score from a practice test is by thinking about the type of questions on the test.

As we said before, there are SR and CR questions. If you took a practice Praxis test with only SR questions, you will need to answer around 60% of the questions correctly, on average, in order to pass that exam. However, this isn’t exact since the grading scale changes every year, but typically it will take around 60% of the questions to pass.

If the test you took contains both CR and SR questions, you will have a lot more estimating to do. Determining how the Praxis scoring works for any given CR question in any given year is almost impossible since they change the questions and the weighting of the questions every year. As with the SR questions, you should aim to be getting over 60% of the questions correct on every practice test you take. Answering 60% of the questions correctly will give you the best chance of passing.

When Do PRAXIS Scores Come Out?

When Do PRAXIS Scores Come Out?

Your official Praxis scores will come to you about three weeks after taking the test. The official scorecard will tell you the score that you received as well as if you passed the test or did not pass the test, so this is an important document. The official scorecard is what you will need to report in order to receive your teaching certification in many states.

It is essential to understand that the Praxis passing scores vary by state. This means that what might be considered a passing score in one state will not be regarded as a passing score in another state. For the Praxis subject tests, these passing scores vary a lot.

Although it is slightly more uniform for the Praxis core exams, it still varies some. You will need to get at least a 150 to pass for the Praxis core math, but if you live in ME, NC, ND, PA, or WA, you’ll want to check on your state’s specific rules. The same states as above have special rules when it comes to the Praxis core reading. For the Praxis core writing, most states require a 162, but those same five states have special rules, and SC only requires a 158. All other states require a 156 to pass.

As you can see, your Praxis score is important, but you must understand your score in the context of where you live. This can dramatically affect whether you pass an exam or not. Make sure that you understand what scores your state needs in order to pass, so you know what you need to do to pass.

How to Pass the PRAXIS Test?

How to Pass the PRAXIS Test?

The best way to pass the Praxis test, regardless of if you are taking a core test, a subject test, or a CKT test, is to prepare well. Knowing how to prepare for any Praxis can be challenging, so our tips and tricks are here.

Invest in a good study guide

Having a good study guide to help you study can be the difference between passing and failing. Study guides come with so many resources to help guide your studying, and many even come with multiple practice tests. Taking practice tests throughout the course of your time studying can really help you understand how you are progressing. Check out Praxis Core Academic Skills, which offers plenty of practice tests.

Create a study schedule

Creating and sticking to a study schedule can really up your studying game. It will help keep you focused and on track, so you won’t find yourself cramming the week before your test. Studying a little bit every day for a few weeks is the best way to prepare for an extensive exam, but staying on top of all that can be tricky. Having a visual way of tracking how far you have come and how far you still need to go is essential to success.

Know what you need to pass your exam in your state

Make sure you look on the ETS website to know what is required in your state. The ETS is the organization that publishes the Praxis exams. They also set many standards, so their website is the best place to find the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your exam and state.

Wrapping Things Up: What is a Good PRAXIS Score?

A good Praxis score can mean many things since each of the over 90 Praxis exams is scored differently. Each state also has its own standards of what they accept as passing scores for each Praxis exam, so you really need to know what is expected of you in your state.

Hopefully, we’ve given you the tools you need to understand your raw scores, unofficial scores, and official Praxis scores through this article. We’ve given you some tips and tricks that we love to help you get the best score possible. We’ve even broken down all the information that you will find on your official Praxis scorecard. You are now ready to get out there and crush this test!

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