Is Purdue Hard to Get into for Engineering?

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Are you planning on pursuing an engineering degree? You should consider the one offered by Purdue University. However, many rumors are circulating amongst students stating that admission into their engineering program is competitive and challenging.

Hence, this article explores your choice as an aspiring engineer to enter the university’s program. From factors you should consider to your chances of acceptance, you can learn about all your questions by reading the article below.

How Good is Purdue University for Engineering?How Good is Purdue University for Engineering?

According to US News, Purdue University is ranked 4th among the top national engineering schools. It is safe to say that due to the Purdue engineering ranking, the university offers exceptional engineering programs. It comes fourth after Stanford, MIT, and the University of California, Berkeley. However, it ties in fourth rank with Carnegie Mellon University.

But there are various other Purdue engineering rankings according to the specific field you want to enroll in. Purdue University specializes in over nine engineering programs. Below are the specialty rankings according to the specific field:

  • Biological or Agricultural Engineering: 1stAerospace, Aeronautical, or Astronautical Engineering: 5th
  • Civil Engineering: 7th
  • Industrial, Manufacturing, or Systems Engineering: 7th
  • Mechanical Engineering: 8th
  • Computer Engineering: 9th
  • Electrical, Electronic, or Communications Engineering: 9th
  • Environmental or Environmental Health Engineering: 11th
  • Nuclear Engineering: 11th

Generally, Purdue University is widely regarded as one of the best universities worldwide. While it does not break into the top 100 list, it is the 129th top university worldwide according to QS Rankings.

As mentioned above, there is a wide range of different disciplines in engineering at the university. Since most offer exceptional facilities and top education, it is home to many research opportunities and state-of-the-art resources.

Hence, Purdue University should be one of your top choices if you are considering an engineering program. With its exceptional labs and research centers, you will find your niche and curriculum to thrive in.

How Selective is Purdue University?

How Selective is Purdue University?

As discussed earlier, the engineering programs offered at the university provide its students with exceptional opportunities. However, The Purdue engineering acceptance rate is not as low as expected. According to Purdue University, they accepted 37% of applicants for the Fall of 2022. As for the average over the past five years, it stands at approximately 47%.

But what about the general Purdue University acceptance rate? According to their admission statistics, 30-50% of national applicants are accepted. However, students with a GPA of 3.6 or higher have a 70% chance of getting into the university.

Hence, you might be excited to apply now since you have a 50:50 chance of getting admitted. However, the most challenging part about Purdue University is not the admission process. Instead, it boils down to keeping up with the schedule, curriculum, and intense obligations and requirements while studying.

For example, when you reflect upon the retention rates of its engineering programs, an average of 10% of each cohort drops out or changes majors after the first year. The retention rate is around 85-90% for each engineering discipline.

Moreover, many students struggle with graduating on time. On-time graduation is often considered to be the typical 4-year mark. However, the average number of years spent obtaining an undergraduate degree is usually between 4-6 years. As for Purdue University, More students seem to graduate from engineering after six years compared to the number of people finishing their degrees after four years.

This fact alone is proof that the university is complex. While getting into the university might not be difficult, having the ability to graduate on time and keep up with the draining course load might be your actual challenge.

What’s the Acceptance Rate?

What’s the Acceptance Rate?

As mentioned above, according to their admission statistics, the Purdue University acceptance rate is 30-50% for national applicants. But the Purdue University engineering acceptance rate is around 37% of applicants.

Hence, as you can see, the acceptance rate for any of the engineering disciplines is lower than that for other programs in the university. So, your chances of getting into Purdue Engineering range from 30-50%.

Hence, while the acceptance rate might be lower than you want for engineering, it does not mean you should not consider it an option. Instead, remember that there are various other factors you must consider. Before applying, consider whether the institute fits your needs well.

Why is Purdue Ranked So High for Engineering?

Why is Purdue Ranked So High for Engineering?

So, is Purdue hard to get into for engineering? As we have covered earlier, admission is not the most challenging aspect. Instead, it is all about the curriculum, the course load, and the momentum you must keep up with. This is what makes the university highly ranked when it comes to engineering. However, other factors weigh in as well. Read on to find out what they are.

Robust academic programs

The university’s engineering programs are known for their academic rigor, comprehensive curriculum, and wide range of available disciplines. They offer different levels you might want to attain. These are undergraduate degrees, graduate engineering diplomas, master’s, and online programs.

Moreover, the faculty makes up over 80% of engineering classes. Hence, you have many professors, researchers, and professionals in the field you gain insight from, research with, and discuss topics with.

Research Excellence

Purdue University is one of the reading institutes in research, specializing in engineering work. As a student, you have various opportunities to conduct research with professors, and your curriculum integrates laboratory work and projects that push you to learn through hands-on experiences.

Industry partnerships

The university has strong partnerships with industry leaders and other universities worldwide to provide you with internship opportunities, co-op programs, and even job opportunities. You can even study abroad by communicating with your program’s advisors. Some of the universities that partner with Purdue include the University of Bristol, ETH in Switzerland, ESTACA in France, the University of Queensland in Australia, and the Federal University of Vicosa in Brazil.

Strong future job prospects and placement

Students who graduate from Purdue are sought-after by top leaders and professionals nationwide. Employers believe these students have successful career prospects within their respective industries. You can find a job in one of your dream institutes through their strong network of alums.

Overall Reputation

Graduating from Purdue with an engineering degree is an honor. Only some universities can compete with it regarding reasonable cost, quality of education, and research opportunities. The only two universities that can exceed Purdue’s resources in engineering include Princeton and Cornell.

How to Get Into Purdue Engineering?

How to Get Into Purdue Engineering?

Above, we covered the question: How hard is it to get into Purdue Engineering? In this section, you can learn about the requirements and criteria you should strive for when sending your application. Hence, to get into Purdue Engineering, check the Purdue Engineering admission requirements below.

What are the minimum academic requirements?

The bare minimum that the engineering faculty requires includes a list of subjects you must complete in high school. Hence, you should meet those credit units or exceed them:

  • Mathematics: eight semesters
  • English: eight semesters
  • Laboratory science: six semesters (since we are discussing engineering programs, you are excepted to fulfill chemistry requirements)
  • Social studies: six semesters
  • World languages: four semesters

You can further dive into the high school requirements through their webpage.

What’s the average GPA required for Purdue?

What is the average GPA for Purdue Engineering? Well, there isn’t a specific number that will guarantee your admission. Instead, if you want a fighting chance in this competitive environment, reflect upon the middle range (50%) of students accepted achieve. Hence, the average GPA stands at 3.5-3.9.

What SAT and ACT scores do you need to get into Purdue?

The same applies to the GPA and SAT and ACT score ranges. While there isn’t a specific number that will guarantee your acceptance, you can increase your chances if you achieve the average (or what the middle 50% of admitted students) achieve.

Hence, the Purdue Engineering ACT scores usually range between 26-33. As for the Purdue engineering SAT scores, these fall anywhere between 1190-1410.

What are other essential application requirements?

There are other essential aspects of your application. While the class ranking is generally high, as the SAT, ACT, and GPA requirements are higher than average, you still have a chance regardless of your grades.

Moreover, you must complete the online application through the Common Application. This includes answering some Purdue-specific queries and constructing an essay. The essay section requires a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 650. The prompts often revolve around personal interests, backgrounds, beliefs, and challenges.

As for recommendation letters, they are optional for undergraduate applicants. However, the admissions counselor encourages you to send one, especially if you seek a scholarship, apply for an honors program, or aim for one of the competitive fields.

As for graduate applicants, they are expected to send three letters of recommendation.

5 Tips for Applying at Purdue College of Engineering

5 Tips for Applying at Purdue College of Engineering

Below are the top tips for applying to the Purdue College of Engineering.

Focus on recommendation letters and essays

The main problem with the admission process is that you cannot prove yourself or show your personality traits through an interview. The university does not conduct interviews with prospective students. Hence, consider sending a solid recommendation letter and extensive and excellent essays.

Read through the FAQs

The university’s prospective students have already asked various questions over the years. Hence, do not get overwhelmed if you find yourself in a pickle. You will find answers to most of your questions on the engineering FAQ webpage.

Demonstrate interest in Purdue

There is no consensus about whether Purdue University considers students who demonstrate additional interest. However, if you have the chance and the resources, we recommend you visit the campus, connect with current students, and talk to professors and advisors if possible.

Research the program of your choice

Learn what your desired discipline’s values and mission statements are. For example, Renewable Resources Engineering focuses on educating students, benefiting the environment, and enhancing technologies. Doing your research will allow you to tailor your application to target the values of the specific department.

Keep up with dates and deadlines

We recommend subscribing to the newsletters and continuously checking the engineering webpage for news or deadlines. As for the Purdue application deadline, the early action application deadline is typically on the 1st of November. As for the regular decision deadline, it is on the 15th of January.

Wrapping Things Up: Is Purdue Hard to Get into for Engineering?

In a nutshell, Purdue University’s College of Engineering is one of the top-ranked programs nationwide. While admissions are competitive, you can enhance your chances by focusing on your essay, attaining average grades and GPA, and sending an optional recommendation letter.

The university earns its high standing due to its various activities, research programs, and many opportunities it offers. Hence, do not hesitate to apply!

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