How to Write a Diversity Essay?

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Are you thinking about college? If yes, then writing a diversity essay is one of the factors you need to know. A great diversity essay will help you get accepted to college. It is one way of expressing and telling the enrolment officer about who you are, your experiences, and other wonderful things about your life.

However, how to write a diversity essay for your college application? Why is it important? These are just some of the topics that we will be discussing in this article.

What is a Diversity Essay?What is a Diversity Essay?

A diversity essay is one of the requirements by most universities upon college admission. It highlights the students’ personalities, culture, unique experiences, beliefs, principles, etc. According to, the University of Michigan is among the universities requiring student applicants to write a diversity essay. Even the University of Washington requires student applicants to develop their Diversity essay. In this way, these universities will ensure that the students they accept are all naturally diverse and unique.

Different universities have different processes for how they require their applicants to write their diversity essays. Some would ask you to write about your background, personality, interest, and talent. Others will be about your belief and ideas. Other universities will ask how you will manage a student body organization.

You may be thinking that it is just an essay. But this diversity essay can be your key to getting into the university you want for college. Thus, it would help if you took this seriously. You are doing the first step, knowing more about the diversity essay as you read this article.

How to Write a Compelling Diversity Essay?

How to Write a Compelling Diversity Essay?

If you look at some universities, you will discover that they have their diversity statement. All they want is a diverse community with different ideas that would lead to positive change and even impact the world.

How to write a compelling diversity essay? You must ensure that your diversity essay meets the “What makes you unique?” criteria from the other applicants. You will find various ideas that are helpful for you.

Through the diversity essay, you can express your ideas and perspective to the admission officer. See that the admission officer will find your essay worthy of their acceptance as you can contribute to the university’s diverse community.

Before you begin writing your diversity essay, here are some things you need to consider:

  • What is the diversity statement of the university? You can check the website of the university where you want to enroll. They usually put their diversity statement on the website. From there, you will know what to focus on and what to write.
  • What makes you exceptional from the rest of the student applicants? Think of your experiences, life principles, beliefs, and ideas.
  • What can you contribute to the university community? It would help if you thought of brilliant ways to change the university once accepted positively.
  • What topic is the best for you to write about? Considering the above statement, you can identify the best topic to write about.

How to Write a Diversity Essay Introduction?

How to Write a Diversity Essay Introduction?

The introduction of your diversity essay is important because it will attract the admission officer. Your introduction should be interesting, keeping the admission officer reading until the last part of the paragraph. Below are the steps on how to write a diversity essay introduction:

Community Diversity Essay

If the prompt given to you is to write about the community where you are, then start with your community-diverse essay.

Look back and answer the following questions.

  • What are the communities, organizations, and associations you have been part of recently? Choose one that gives more impact as you proceed to the essay’s body. Please give a brief background about it in two to three paragraphs.
  • What makes it unique? Why have you chosen that specific community to work with? How does the community touch your life? What makes it meaningful for you? It could be another two to three paragraphs.

By answering the questions, you will elaborate in your essay on the background of the community and its uniqueness from the others.

Institution Diversity Essay

Some universities would ask how you will handle the student body organization if you are given the chance to lead. It would help to convince the admission officer that you could lead the institution. You may write about your leadership or enthusiasm to lead and serve others in your introduction.

Personality or Perspective Diversity Essay

When writing this kind of essay, always ask yourself, what is it about you that the admission officer will consider because you are authentic? You can begin with your favorite quotes or even tell a short story that later on you can relate to the body of your essay. Make sure it is interesting, which will let the admission officer wonder about what’s next.

In your introduction, do not write everything. You should keep some information that will be thoroughly explained in the body. Once you put all the ideas in the introduction, there will be no reason the officer wants to continue reading the entire essay.

What to Include in the Body of Diversity Essay?

What to Include in the Body of Diversity Essay?

After writing an interesting introduction, you may now proceed to the body. The body has detailed information. It is where you can freely express yourself. But, of course, see that you won’t go away with the essay’s main purpose, which is to present diversity.

Community Diversity Essay

Telling the reader about the community is not just enough. The body is where you can put the specific details of your experience. You can mention incidence that you encounter in which you have struggled. After that, how have you solved the problem? Did everything go well? It would be best to convey that despite the challenges, you have overcome them.

Aside from that, you may also put in the body your impact on the community. How did you inspire the people? Did you bring positive change? If yes, then put the details on how you have touched the lives of others.

Institution Diversity Essay

It is advantageous if you have served as a student body organization leader during high school. It will help you understand how you have handled the organization, particularly the challenges. It must be clearly stated.

Moreover, explain the programs and projects you initiated that will improve the entire organization or inspire the rest of the students. During the implementation of these projects and programs, have you experienced challenges? How did you solve them? Put everything relevant in the body.

Personality or Perspective Diversity Essay

In this part, you can expound thoroughly on the quote or story that you place in your introduction. Make sure that you align it with your personality. The quote or story should help the reader understand or know you more as a person. It’s like you are using a metaphor to understand your perspective better.

You can even choose popular issues as your topic, like your viewpoint on LGBTQ, feminism, and many more. Share your ideas about the things you agree with and don’t agree with.

How to Write a Great Diversity Essay Conclusion?

How to Write a Great Diversity Essay Conclusion?

Your conclusion is the summary of your whole essay. Like the introduction, it should be catchy. You can summarize your entire viewpoint and experience. You may include the lessons you learned from those experiences. How has your experience changed your life or your perspective? What actions do you make that lead you to change how you think and see things?

Example Diversity Essay Prompts and Topics

Example Diversity Essay Prompts and Topics

When writing a diversity essay, you must know the possible prompts and topics given to you so that you can be prepared ahead of time. Below are some of the essay prompts and topics:

Community Diversity Essay

  • The community where you live and serve. What makes it unique?
  • How do you help a certain group of people bring together?
  • What are the challenges you encountered in the community?
  • What are the solutions you made?
  • How did you bring impact to your community?
  • How did the community change your life?

Michigan University Community Diversity Essay Sample:

  1. “Everyone belongs to many different communities and/or groups defined by (among other things) shared geography, religion, ethnicity, income, cuisine, interest, race, ideology, or intellectual heritage. Choose one of the communities to which you belong, and describe that community and your place within it. (Required for all applicants; minimum 100 words/maximum 300 words)”
  2. “Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How would that curriculum support your interests? (Required for all applicants; minimum 100 words /maximum 550 words)”

Personality or Perspective Diversity Essay

  • Your most remarkable lived experience.
  • Your family background and circumstances.
  • Your standpoint about the world’s common issues like gender equality and freedom of speech.
  • Your belief, culture, and region.
  • Your hobby, skills, and talents.
  • Your outlook and goals in life.
  • Your greatest challenge and how you’ve overcome it.
  • Your most life-changing experience.

University of Pennsylvania Diversity Essay Sample:

  1. “Write a short thank-you note to someone you have not yet thanked and would like to acknowledge. (We encourage you to share this note with that person, if possible, and reflect on the experience!) (150-200 words, only required for first year applicants)”

Institution Diversity Essay

  • How can you positively change the institution?
  • How can you bring great impact to the university?
  • What are your leadership skills?
  • What type of leader are you?
  • What makes you a good leader?
  • What will be your plans once given the chance to lead in the university?

Yale University Institution Diversity Essay Sample:

  1. “Yale’s residential colleges regularly host conversations with guests representing a wide range of experiences and accomplishments. What person, past or present, would you invite to speak? What would you ask them to discuss?”
  2. “Yale’s residential colleges regularly host conversations with guests representing a wide range of experiences and accomplishments. What person, past or present, would you invite to speak? What would you ask them to discuss?”

What Do Colleges Look for in a Diversity Essay?

What Do Colleges Look for in a Diversity Essay?

Different universities have various parameters regarding how they look for diversity in the student’s application. According to, Harvard University usually requires applicants to write two 150-word and one optional essay. The first essay is usually about your extra-curricular activities or work experience, while the second describes your intellectual activities. The third essay concerns the other details of your life that you have not conveyed or the other accomplishments you have not mentioned yet.

The University of Michigan elaborates on its criteria for a diversity essay. The applicants should write at least a 100-words essay and a maximum of 300 words about the community they are living in. The second essay should be 100 words minimum and 500 words maximum about your unique personality or why you choose the university for your college.

The University of Washington requires applicants to write a 300 400- words essay about their personal stories, family, and community. They have a specific essay format in which correct spelling and grammar are considered. It should be double-spaced and in italics. Copy-paste work will not be accepted.

5 Writing Tips to Improve Your Diversity Essay

5 Writing Tips to Improve Your Diversity Essay

Writing a diversity essay should not be a burden for you. With proper preparation and tips, you will come up with a great essay that will make a strong college application. Below are some tips you can follow:

Prepare ahead of time.

Make use of the technology that is the internet. You can visit the website and look for the requirements before the application. You identify the university you want to enroll in. Like the universities mentioned above, they put their essay specifications on the website. You can browse them so you know what they are looking for.

Once you know what the university requires, you may begin to practice writing your essay. Grab that pen and write down your thoughts and ideas. Use the internet as it provides many ideas and examples of prompts. Just keep on practicing and improving.

Read the prompt properly and write a clear and well-structured essay.

If you need to read the prompt more than twice, do so. In this way, you can write a clear and well-structured essay. Your essay will directly answer the prompt. You must show connection and relevance based on the given prompt.

Use the correct writing style and tone.

Make sure that you use appropriate vocabulary words. You can use a conversational tone in your essay. Using the right figure of speech, such as personification, describes events, emotions, and ideas.

Be authentic.

From the word itself diversity, it means uniqueness amid the crowd. You must be real. Your essay should be genuine. It must come from the heart and be crafted through the brain. Do not fabricate stories that didn’t happen. It will defeat the purpose of the diversity essay and which is to identify how you can change the university community.

Show your reflection and insights.

More than the stories you tell, the admission officer is also curious about your reflection, insight, and idea. Share the things you learn from your experience. Explain why you disagree or agree with the statement. Discuss your viewpoint on the recent issues.

Wrapping Things Up How to Write a Diversity Essay?

Learning how to write a diversity essay is not difficult. However, it is challenging for some people. But with constant practice, you can make a good one. In writing a diversity essay, you need to be real. You should share your ideas, experiences, and reflections. It shouldn’t be coming from other people. Lastly, it would help if you told the admission officer how much you wanted to be part of the university by sharing how you can contribute to the entire community.

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