How Many Roommates Can You Have in College?

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Are you excited about college? Most probably, yes, you are! One of the things that you may be thinking about is the place where you can stay. Just thinking about it makes you feel excited as you welcome a new chapter in your life. However, plan to avoid ending up with the wrong roommates. A situation like this can affect your studies.

In this article, we will talk about various roommates in college tips. With adequate information, you will prevent staying with roommates who are challenging to deal with. Thus, you will have a memorable college life.

How are Roommates Assigned in College?How are Roommates Assigned in College?

In today’s modern generation, colleges like Eastern Illinois University and Ohio University require you to create a profile on the College’s virtual platform, where the students can match themselves. The roommates you will have depends on the college or university policies. Most of the time, you will be given an application form where the college will ask specific college roommate questions from you.

The college roommate questions are usually about personal lifestyle, like whether you are smoking, a heavy party-goer, or have a sedentary lifestyle. The questionnaire also asks about hobbies, academic interests, and personality. Some college, like North Carolina’s Davidson College, requires the students to take the Myers-Briggs test to determine the student’s personality, which will help them evaluate the right roommate match. Some colleges, like North Carolina’s Davidson College, allow students to choose their roommates based on their current situation.

However, other colleges like New York University and Colgate University no longer allow students to choose their roommates. They implemented this so that the students would meet different people from all over the world. On the other hand, other universities, such as Tufts University and Duke University, assign freshmen roommates randomly.

How Many Roommates is Ideal?

How Many Roommates is Ideal?

An ideal number of roommates can be from one to three in one dorm room. According to skyfactor study, 70% of first-year students have one roommate, 13% have no roommates, 12% have two roommates, and 6% have three or more roommates. If you live in a college suite, you will probably have three or more roommates.

The ideal roommates will depend on your personality. You should have one roommate if you are a private or an introvert. It will be easier for you to determine specific rules that both of you agreed on. In this manner, it will be easy for you to adjust and deal with your roommate.

However, you can have three or more roommates if you are sociable. You may love staying in the dining room or doing homework with many people. You probably don’t mind sharing the bathroom with many roommates around.

If you don’t love having another person in the room, you may choose to live alone. However, this may not be a good idea if you don’t have enough finances to sustain the place. Most of the time, the main reason you have a roommate is for you to share the cost of the place, which is practical nowadays.

5 Types of College Roommates

5 Types of College Roommates

There are different types of roommates. Of course, you can only expect some people to be like you since these possible roommates come from different places, and each has a different culture and upbringing. However, it should not be a reason why you can’t deal with them. Knowing the different types of college roommates is also a good idea for preparing for what you may experience inside your dormitory. Below are the types of college roommates:

1. The Meticulous One

Your roommate may be someone who loves a clean and well-organized place. In this case, you should be ready to keep your things in the proper places and avoid messing around. If you are not the kind of person who is organized, it may be easier for you to deal with this type of roommate. In the same manner, your roommate may find it difficult to be with you in the room.

2. The Untidy

There is also a chance that you will be with a disorganized roommate. You may find his clothes anywhere in the room. He may also leave his shoes in the living room. He may not also arrange his plates and other eating utensils after eating. If you are a meticulous person, you may not get along well with this kind of roommate. It may be a headache for you, mainly when you see his things all over the place.

3. The Party Person

If you are a silent and private person, you may not like being with a roommate who always loves to party. It may be annoying, especially if you are studying for an upcoming exam or want a peaceful “me” time.

However, if you are also a party like your roommate, chances are you will end up partying all the time rather than studying your lessons. It may affect your studies in the long run.

4. The Studious

You may also be with a serious type of roommate. This kind of person loves to study most of the time. He may keep striving to aim for high grades and be on top. If this is your roommate, you may love it if you are in the same boat. However, you may feel pressured, even making a little noise, as you may disturb him during his study time. The good thing about having this kind of roommate is you may be encouraged to also focus on your studies.

5. The Friendly

Your roommate may be friendly and approachable. Perhaps, he is well-known on campus. This kind of roommate is someone who may bring a lot of friends to your place even if they are not your friends. You may find this irritating if you are a loner, as you want your own time and space. There is a chance that they will become noisy and it will be disturbing for you.

Is Having a Roommate a Good Idea?

Is Having a Roommate a Good Idea?

Having a roommate can make your college life memorable if you choose the right person. However, your college life may be a nightmare if you are with the wrong roommate. By knowing its pros and cons, you will know if having a roommate is a good idea. Let’s check this out.

Pros of Having a Roommate in College

It is cost-effective.

It is practical to have a roommate because you will share a lot while staying in the dormitory, and among this is the payment for the place. It will be too expensive to pay for the room without a roommate. Aside from the rent, you may also share the groceries and utility bills. Thus, it is cost-effective, especially since college is expensive.

It can be fun.

It is fun and exciting to have someone in the room. You may be eating, sleeping, and studying together. If you have more time or both of you are stressed, you can party inside the room. You may find a long-lasting friendship while you are in college. If you have problems, you will also have someone to talk to. You may also clean together, that can make your life easier.

Cons of Having a Roommate in College

It can be a problem.

You may end up with the wrong roommate, who misses payments. You may end up paying the rent and the bills too. He may not bring some groceries, and your groceries may become his too. That means your cost will be more than expected. Since you are together, this can be a problem for you too.

It can be annoying.

You may not get along with each other, and that can be challenging. You may have opposite personalities. For instance, you may want some privacy, yet your roommates always bring their friends into the dormitory. You may want to study, but your roommate is always noisy. Perhaps, you want an organized and clean place, but your roommate is messy and untidy.

Therefore, having a roommate can be a good idea. However, you must ensure that you choose the right person you can get along with. If you are living with the wrong roommate, your grades may decrease, or you may lose the motivation to study hard. The worst is you may stop going to College, especially if you have a traumatic experience with your roommate.

Can You Change Roommates in College?

Can You Change Roommates in College?

Yes, you can change your roommate in college. However, you need to follow specific procedures. Most of the time, this takes work. If it is easy, the students may keep changing their roommates instead of learning how to deal with them. Changing roommates may be the last option after all the solutions have already been made.

It is essential to know the acceptable grounds when you can change your roommates. However, if the reason is not valid, you may need to deal with your roommate for the rest of your college years. That’s why it is also vital that right from the start, you have already identified and ensured that you are with the appropriate roommate.

3 Tips About Living with College Roommates

3 Tips About Living with College Roommates

Choosing college roommates plays a vital role in making you successful in college. Here are some tips you can follow:

1. What are your expectations? What are the things you like and dislike?

At first, it is a good thing if you set boundaries right from the start. You can be honest with your roommate about what you expect while living together. You can tell your personality, what you want, and what you hate while in the dormitory.

For example, you can tell him that you want to be organized and don’t want your surroundings messy. You can also tell him about when you usually sleep when you don’t want to be disturbed. It would help if you also discussed how you share things like the groceries, the utility bills, and even the household chores.

2. Adjustment is necessary.

If you are not allowed to choose your roommate, you can be with someone who does not have the same personality as yours. You need to adjust. After telling your roommate what you expect from him, let him tell you his expectations too. Aside from that, it would help if you also learned to accept these expectations. In this case, there will be a harmonious relationship between the both of you.

3. Communication is the key.

With proper communication, you will be able to solve problems. Do not hesitate to communicate and be honest with your roommates. When you talk about all the issues, there will be solutions immediately. If there are things you don’t like, you need to talk it out. Allow your roommate to talk to you too. When he talks, you must learn to listen because communication is a two-way, talking and listening method.

Wrapping Things Up: How Many Roommates Can You Have in College?

How many roommates can you have in college? Well, after you have read this article, you have better knowledge about having roommates in college. There are different types of roommates that you can be with.

Choosing your roommate must depend on your personality. Having a roommate comes with pros and cons. You can share everything when you have a roommate, but there are also disadvantages, particularly if you don’t get along well. You can also change your roommates but it is not easy. That’s why it is vital to choose the right one to avoid problems later on. Lastly, you may also follow the tips about living with college roommates, such as setting boundaries, learning to adjust, and constantly communicating.

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