How Hard Is It to Get Into Creighton University?

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Are you wondering how to get into Creighton University and what you can do to help yourself stand out? Are you curious about their admission requirements? You have come to the right place if you can answer yes to either of these questions.

Creighton is a top private university in Omaha, Nebraska which offers rolling admissions. The institution offers a range of undergraduate majors, a diverse student population and a great community for other Jesuit students.

If this interests you, keep reading to find information on Creighton’s admission requirements, the university acceptance rate and even tips on getting accepted.

What is Creighton University Known For?What is Creighton University Known For?

There are several things that Creighton is known for, good and bad. However, it is important to remember that certain schools are not for everyone, and Creighton is one of them.  Before getting into students’ opinions, it’s important to know how well Creighton University’s ranking sits against some of your other options.

Creighton has received some series accolades from the Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report, and even the Wall Street Journal in the last few years. These awards include being named in the top third of National Universities for 2022-2023, being a top producer of the most Goldwater scholars 18 years in a row, and even being one of the top ten colleges in the Midwest for midsize institutions.

In addition to the national recognition that Creighton receives, its Jesuit values set it apart from other universities. You do not have to follow a specific faith to be admitted. However, you do have to have an open mind. Creighton University aims to educate an individual’s whole self. This includes their physical, spiritual and emotional self.

With this in mind, the core curriculum, referred to as The Magis Core Curriculum, encompasses several non-traditional components. The curriculum is rooted in Catholic tradition and aims to make students appealing beyond the classroom. Within the curriculum, students must take classes like Christian tradition and biblical tradition, in addition to traditional classes like mathematical reasoning. Students who have attended Creighton University and are not of a Jesuit faith have mixed emotions about these courses. Though they do not feel that the university pushes religion down their throats, students seem split on their feelings towards these courses.

The final thing many students associate with Creighton is the high tuition. With a year’s tuition at roughly $60,000, that is no shocker. However, the university does pride itself on the high level of aid it can offer its students. Currently, 95% of undergraduate students receive financial support from the university.

In addition to everything previously mentioned, Creighton boasts D1 athletics. They are a part of the Big East conference meaning there is no shortage of school spirit.

How Competitive is Creighton University?

How Competitive is Creighton University?

Though Creighton University is competitive, you won’t find them as hard to get into as Georgetown, another Jesuit university. For the most recent incoming class, students boast an average GPA of 3.9, an average ACT score of 26 and an average SAT score of 1220. Of the admitted students, “36% are ranked in the top 10% of their high school class (Creighton).”

What is the Acceptance Rate at Creighton University?

What is the Acceptance Rate at Creighton University?

If you are worried about your ability to get into the university, I wouldn’t stress too hard. Creighton University’s acceptance rate currently sits at 78%. This means that for every 100 students, 78 will be selected for admission.   In all honesty, those are not bad odds.

What are the Admission Requirements at Creighton University?

What are the Admission Requirements at Creighton University?

Creighton University admission requirements leave a lot to be desired, which may be a gift or a curse depending on the student. To be considered for undergraduate admission, students must submit the following documentation:

  • A completed application
  • Optional Recommendation Letters from a teacher or mentor
  • S. Counselor Evaluation
  • High school transcript and corresponding grading scale
  • Personal Statement
  • SAT/ACT Test Optional

Undergraduate Application

At Creighton, students have the option of utilizing the university portal application or using the common application. If you are applying to multiple schools using the common app, this is a great way to expedite the process. However, the Creighton application does have the pro of being shorter.

Test Optional

Like many other universities, with the impact of the pandemic still looming, Creighton continues with its test-optional policy. If students feel that they did not perform as expected, they are not required to submit their ACT or SAT scores. Students will also still be eligible for merit-based scholarships though high test scores may be used to increase the amount of aid received.

Though exams will not be considered in admission, the university still requests that all enrolling students submit an official copy. These scores will be used strictly for advisement.

If you decide to submit your test scores, Creighton University SAT requirements are no different from their ACT requirements. There is no preference given to either exam. You can also rest easy knowing that Creighton uses super scoring. This means they will take the highest score total of all your highest scores no matter the test date. Regardless of whether you feel you did amazing on your exams or if you bombed them, they are not the only deciding factor in your admission to Creighton, and there are no minimum scores you must achieve to be considered.

GPA & Transcripts

To be considered for admission, no minimum GPA is needed, much like the ACT/SAT scores; however, your GPA is considered for admission. Students are required to submit an official high school transcript. In addition to the transcripts, the school must send the scale on which you were graded. Both items should come directly from your high school.

For consideration for admission, the university recommends that “you to take four years of English, math and social science in high school at the highest level you’re capable, along with three years of natural science, foreign language and electives”. Follow this recommendation to bring yourself one step closer to admission.

Personal Statement or Essay

Your personal statement should be included with your application regardless of whether you submit it through the common or Creighton applications. If you choose to submit via the common application, a new essay is unnecessary if one has already been completed. You may utilize the essay included in the common app.

If you have not completed an essay, you must submit one with the university application. This essay offers the admissions team a chance to get to know you outside of your application. That’s it; that’s the prompt, write about you! In all honesty, the topic is up for grabs. Creighton allows you to write about any subject that interests you.

This can be overwhelming for some students and exhilarating for others. With that in mind, the university offers a list of topics that may help your writing process. These prompts, taken directly from the application, include items like:

  • Discuss a meaningful achievement, experience, ethical dilemma, or challenge you have faced and its effect on you and your future.
  • How would your best friend describe you?
  • How will attending Creighton University help you accomplish these goals?

Your essay must be between two and four hundred words and submitted in PDF/word format online.

Recommendations & Evaluations

Finally, you will need to submit your counsellor evaluation form. If you would like to optionally submit recommendations, these can be from teachers, mentors or any other advisor you may wish to include. These documents must be submitted electronically directly from the corresponding individual.

International Students

If you are an international student applying for admission, much of your application process will be similar to what is listed above. However, you are required to submit proof of English literacy. Your admission type dictates the score you will need for admission. The table below further outlines English Language scoring requirements.

Admission Type TOEFL Score IELTS Score PTE Academic Score Duolingo Score
Unconditional 88 or above (no section below 20) Overall, 6.5
(no section below 6.0)
58 or above 110 or above
Bridge 68-87 Overall, 6.5
(with one or more sections below 6.0) or overall 6.0
50-57 95-105
Provisional 67 or below Overall, 5.5 or below 49 or below 90 or below

How to Get into Creighton University: 5 Tips

How to Get into Creighton University: 5 Tips

If you still need tips on getting into Creighton, we have got you covered. Use the information below to get more informed about the university and understand how you can submit an application package that the admissions team won’t want to pass on.

Utilize Your Resources

Did you know you got an admissions counsellor at Creighton to aid you in your application process? Your admissions counsellor can be a great resource if you have questions about the process or the university.   If you knew this was the first person reading your application, would that make you reach out to them? If so, don’t be afraid to make yourself known in a good way.

400 Words Only Goes So Far

It can easily get lost when the personal statement topics are endless. Don’t let that distract you from the mission at hand, writing an amazing essay. Your essay should be personal and representative of the person you are. Find a subject and focus on explaining it as best as possible.

Don’t Leave Anything Blank

The Undergraduate application asks a multitude of questions outside of your essay to get to know you. Don’t miss these opportunities to explain who you are outside of your grades, especially if your grades are not where you need them to be.   For example, in the “Tell Us More” section of the application, students can express their religious affiliation and even explain why they decided to apply for Creighton.

Keep Community First

Creighton is big on developing the whole self. The same can be applied to your application. They want to see all the different sides of you. Don’t be afraid to let your community service shine; this institution wants to see it.

Take Advantage of Bluejay Days

If you are in the Omaha area or Creighton is your top choice for admission, we highly recommend attending a Bluejay Day. These days are visit days that are specifically for prospective students. They allow you to tour the campus, learn more about the admissions process and meet with some Creighton faculty. This is a great way to meet individuals like your admissions counsellor and explore other Creighton-centric opportunities.

Wrapping Things Up: How Hard Is It to Get into Creighton University?

If you are looking for a university with small classes, high ranks and an immense sense of Community, this is it. Though the university’s academics remain at the top of U.S. World News Lists, admission is only lightly selective.

The Creighton University SAT requirement remains optional even though they also practice super scoring, which can further boost your application. If you were on the fence before, this article has provided insight on how to get into Creighton University and give you the hope you need.

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