7 Best Benefits of Studying Literature

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Most children develop a habit of reading bedtime stories before going to sleep. Reading these stories seems like taking you to the other world, regardless of whether it’s a reality or fantasy. It is just like or even more than that when you study literature.

While there are many new changes in the education curriculum, there’s still no doubt that there are benefits of studying literature even in today’s modern generation. Students have reasons why they love literature, whether it’s a poem, story, drama, or folktale. Let us examine the reasons why study literature in school in this article.

Why is it Important to Study Literature?Why is it Important to Study Literature?

Before we answer why we study literature in school, let us first determine what literature is.

Literature is a collection of broadly written works such as poetry, dramas, essays, or letters conveying culture. However, literature is more than written works; it also includes verbal stories told from one generation to the next and visual literature such as drama presented in front of the audience. It also comes in different categories – also known as genres.

Students need to study literature because it is the only way to bring history, foreign language, geography, and culture to the present times. By reading and knowing the different literature stories, you will learn several characters that you can relate to. You will be amazed by how other individuals experience the same thing as yours. Thereby, it gives you lessons that you can apply in your daily life.

Academically, literature shapes your writing, reading, and comprehension skills. It even enhances your vocabulary.

How Does Literature Benefit Students?

How Does Literature Benefit Students?

There are several advantages of studying literature in various fields that can help shape the future of the students. For example:

In Education

You are taught how to develop your writing and reading skills early. You will first meet literature in school. By reading stories and poems, you will develop not just your reading skills but also your comprehension. The literature will also allow you to create various writing styles, which are all creative and unique from one another.

In History

History is your entry into the past. Learning about the past will guide you in the future. To know about history, you should study literature.

History is discovered through various forms of literature, such as writing, painting, and hieroglyphics. It is only through literature that you can have a glimpse of the past. You will know the previous culture and how it is carried from one generation to another, appreciating its practice, evolvement, and impact in today’s modern era.

In English

Literature is vital in English literacy. It lets you learn about literary texts from various theoretical viewpoints. Reading several works of literature will widen your vocabulary, giving you limitless knowledge on different subjects. Moreover, you will develop a habit of reading books.

In Career

Studying literature is one of the most neglected courses nowadays because of the misconception that it offers fewer job opportunities than other courses. However, little did they know that literature impacts your future career.

Can you imagine a world without literature and there’s only science and technology? Education is incomplete without literature. Literature helps you develop the critical thinking that is needed in your career. In addition, it will build your self-awareness, which is essential when dealing with people with different personalities.

In Psychology

Literature can help you learn about psychology because both have one thing in common – this is the study of human behavior. Through literature, you expand your knowledge about human personalities and behaviors.

What's the Importance of Literature in Modern Society?

What’s the Importance of Literature in Modern Society?

The importance of literature in this modern generation is remarkable. For an individual writer, literature serves as a way of expression. Many books present the reality in society so that you can have an in-depth understanding of what happened and continuously happening nowadays.

If literature can reveal society’s wicked work, it can also provide solutions, changes, and growth. It helps you acquire knowledge of today’s common issues, such as human conflict. As a result, you will gain a better perspective leading to good judgment and proper decision-making.

Literature helps humanity in this modern era by letting you understand the nature of humans. Literature teaches young people the importance of listening to the other person’s opinion to see how that person thinks. Literature is vital, particularly nowadays that there is a decreasing human interaction brought by modern technology such as gadgets and the internet.

7 Best Benefits of Studying Literature

7 Best Benefits of Studying Literature

Why study literature in school? The benefits of studying literature are well-recognized, which are discussed below:

1. It widens your knowledge.

There goes a saying that “knowledge is power”. Indeed, this is true. When you have adequate knowledge, you will know not just to survive but to become successful in this world. You can widen your horizon by reading books like those written by Shakespeare. You will understand the history, beliefs, and culture. You have the option to read books that tackle different places and subjects such as the races and practices of other countries. It lets you see the world even without going to those different places around the globe. All you need are literature books and a good spot, where you can sit and relax.

2. It develops your critical thinking skills.

Literature is a good and strong foundation for developing your critical thinking skills, which is needed when you start building your career and live your own life independently. When you read literature works, particularly stories and poems, you dig deeper into content like finding out the causes behind the events. You make your interpretations, reflections, and discovery that will eventually develop your creative skills.

3. It enhances your writing, reading, and communication skills.

Various types of literature come with unique and creative writing styles like the following:

  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Fiction prose
  • Nonfiction prose
  • Folktale

Initially, it develops your reading and comprehension. As you increase your vocabulary and become familiar with the various writing styles, you can also create your written work. As you keep reading, you will also learn how to write a grammar-free output such as an essay, a story, or even a poem. Moreover, you will practice your pronunciation through constant reading, improving your verbal communication skills.

In school, some events require you to join in actual stage presentation drama. Thus, this helps develop your acting skills and communication with your audience. You may also learn the different languages of other countries through literature.

4. It is good for your mental health.

Literature can relieve stress and help you relax, which is good for your mental health. You can get lost with a good book, use your imagination, and escape from reality to help you feel relaxed. By reading, you imagine the scenario in your mind that develops creative innovation and thinking.

It keeps brain activity healthy. It improves your concentration and your comprehension. In this way, your brain gets its exercise making it healthy and preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia – both are degenerative disorders of the brain.

5. It helps improve your well-being.

In this modern generation, where almost everything comes instantly, forgetting the value of stillness, literature can help you slow down and appreciate life. Through literature, you can develop a sense of purpose and meaning, making you develop empathy and become sensitive to the things and people around you.

It develops your character by being more kind, understanding, and humble. In literature, you get to know the different characters in the stories that can give you lessons applicable to your reality. By reading poems, you connect to your inner and deeper emotions; hence, you will know yourself better. Once you feel good about yourself, it resonates with the people around you, making this world a better place to live.

6. It helps develop good values.

This is true, especially for children, as most literature stories come with moral lessons, which is good for the kids. The students will develop integrity, responsibility, compassion, and loyalty. There are stories about sacrifices and love. Some instructors allow the students to share their insights and how they feel after reading the stories. In this manner, the students are given a chance to discuss and evaluate their values and beliefs, which is life-long learning.

7. It prepares you for your future career.

Literature helps you develop the skills, knowledge, and attitude that will prepare you for your future career. Writing, reading, and communication skills are among the needed skills in most jobs. How literature widens your knowledge through imagination will help you develop your critical thinking skills. Because literature provides information about human behavior and condition, it helps mold your character and attitude to maintain harmonious relationships with other people, which is essential when you are in a workplace.

Wrapping Things Up: 7 Best Benefits of Studying Literature

Literature may be neglected in today’s job opportunities, but the advantages of studying literature are still undeniable. It positively affects different fields like history, English, and psychology.

Reading literature works will increase your knowledge, making you powerful and successful. It can help maintain good mental health, which is needed nowadays because there’s too much pressure and expectations from us.

It can also develop various critical thinking skills, writing, reading, and communication skills. These skills are all essential for you to achieve success and fulfilment.

Lastly, it develops your well-being. Through literature, you will sense your greater purpose, and that is not just to live but to touch the lives of others. You can learn a lot from the different people in the past after reading their stories and testimonies, which you can apply to your everyday life.

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