The Best ATI TEAS Prep Books of 2019

By September 15, 2019 October 16th, 2019 Medical Book Reviews
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Looking to earn a living in the health sciences sector? Then you might need to take the ATI TEAS, which means you’ll need the best ATI TEAS prep book. The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills is used to evaluate how ready you are to take on the academic load of health sciences program. As such, many schools all around the country accept ATI TEAS scores as a requirement for your admission to their health sciences programs.

In that sense, if you want to get accepted not only in your dream school but also in a good health sciences program (such as nursing), you have to perform well in the ATI TEAS. The best way to do so is to prepare ahead of time and to use one or more of the best ATI TEAS prep books on the market. In that regard, we have listed what we believe are the best TEAS study books that can surely help you with the ATI TEAS.

Our Favorite for Best Overall ATI TEAS Prep Book (the best out of the bunch)

ATI TEAS by Kaplan

Kaplan has always been one of the more remarkable names in the test prep industry especially when it comes to books related to health sciences programs. In that regard, ATI TEAS by Kaplan stands as one of the best TEAS prep books you can find in the market today because of how it gives you a complete and comprehensive review experience in preparation for the TEAS.

Before you start using the rest of this ATI TEAS study guide, you have to take the pre-tests or the diagnostic tests. These tests were made for you to find out your weak points so that you can easily put more of your energy and focus on improving those areas. That means that you do not have to study blindly because you will actually know where you need to do better on. It also helps you save time because you no longer have to put a lot of effort into the topics and areas you already excel at.

Aside from that, you are introduced to an in-depth review of all of the topics covered by the ATI TEAS. The content review portion is so comprehensive and thorough that you probably will not miss an important concept that would come out in the TEAS. As such, this is a book that is perfect for helping you recall and even re-learn all the things you need to know to get a good score in the ATI TEAS.

The test-taking tips you can find in this ATI TEAS study guide are actually very helpful in the sense that they allow you to slip past difficult questions you probably could not answer had you relied on your knowledge alone. That means that you will be able to save a lot of time when answering challenging questions.

Finally, the ATI TEAS practice tests that come with this prep book are very difficult. They are much more challenging than the actual ATI TEAS. In a way, that is a good thing because the TEAS practice questions you can find in this study guide really work your brain hard. So if you can answer those questions, there is no reason why you cannot do well in the actual TEAS.

Overall, it is as complete an ATI TEAS prep material you can find in the market. You will be hard-pressed to find anything else that can do better than Kaplan’s ATI TEAS as this study guide already gives you a holistic preparation for the test.

What makes it unique:

  • It has diagnostic tests that are designed to let you know your weak points.
  • The practice tests are considered more difficult than the ones in the actual ATI TEAS.

Why choose this book:

  • If you want a good all-around ATI TEAS test study book, this one takes the cake.
  • The ATI TEAS practice test questions are very difficult and will really help you improve your test-answering skills.

The Runners-Up for Best ATI TEAS Exam Prep Books (still good but a little lacking)

ATI TEAS Review Manual by ATI

They say that it is always good to use study materials that come straight from the source of the test itself. In that sense, ATI TEAS Review Manual is a TEAS study guide that was made by ATI. And if you do not know, Assessment Technologies Institute or ATI is the company behind the TEAS. That is why you have to use their ATI TEAS Review Material.

Barely 200 pages long, this is a very condensed ATI TEAS prep book that goes straight to the point but still manages to deliver a great and comprehensive content review that covers everything you need to know to perform well in the test. The writing style is very relatable as the authors have made it easier for you to understand, digest, and absorb the concepts discussed in this ATI TEAS study guide.

Moreover, you do not have to waste time looking for the most important details and concepts because this TEAS prep material already lists down the crucial points that you need to know. And, if you are already confident with your own fundamental knowledge, you probably only need this book as it outlines all of the important points that will surely be questioned in the ATI TEAS.

In conclusion, it might not be the most thorough and in-depth ATI TEAS study guide on the market but this prep book delivers well and does a good job at what it is supposed to do. It makes for a good ATI TEAS prep book to use if you are short on time and are looking for something condensed and very concise.

What makes it unique:

  • It is the official study material for the ATI TEAS.
  • The way it discusses the topics is so concise and thorough.

Why choose this book:

  • If you are confident in your fundamental knowledge of the topics to be tested in the ATI TEAS, you will have no problem using this book as it already outlines the crucial points.
  • For those short on time, this is a good ATI TEAS prep book to use because it is short and condensed.

ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide by Mometrix

Mometrix is another big name in the test prep industry because of how they are known for publishing high-quality study guides. ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide continues that trend as it gives you a detailed and thorough review of the things you need to know for the ATI TEAS. It has a holistic all-around approach and provides you with enough confidence to take on the real test.

What makes this ATI TEAS study guide stand out is how well-organized its contents are. The layout is aesthetically pleasing and helps improve your retention. The contents are also organized in such a way that you can easily spot what you are looking for in a certain page. As such, it is a breeze to read through even though it is almost 400 pages long.

The way the content review portion was written also makes you feel like the topics are easy. It has a way of making things a lot simpler to understand while it also breaks down the concepts into simpler forms so that you can better digest and absorb them. As such, you will not find it difficult to go over the contents of this ATI TEAS study book as it is quite an easy and understandable read for any kind of student.

Finally, the ATI TEAS practice tests that come with this book are outlined perfectly in a way that matches the actual TEAS itself. This allows you to know how to approach the real TEAS as the practice test questions themselves are already a reflection of the actual test. For some, this ATI TEAS study guide’s practice test might be a bit more difficult than the real one. So if you can answer the questions in this book, you can pass the ATI TEAS.

What makes it unique:

  • It is very well-organized and the layout is amazingly pleasing to the eyes.
  • The ATI TEAS practice tests were crafted in a way that mirrors the actual exam.

Why choose this book:

  • Using this ATI TEAS study book will allow you to get a glimpse of what the actual test is like.
  • This book is best for those looking for an ATI TEAS prep material that is easy to understand and digest.

The Best Value for Your Money for an ATI TEAS Prep Book (good and affordable)

ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide by Trivium Test Prep

Cheap and high-quality, there is nothing you will not love about this ATI TEAS prep book by Trivium. The ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide stands as one of the more affordable study materials on this list but it does not skimp out on quality as you still basically get the best kind of experience by using this ATI TEAS prep book.

The way the book was laid out is pretty pleasing to the eyes as it allows you to read through the book without making you feel drained. It was also written in a very concise manner that allows you to stop for a while and digest everything in an instant without having to waste time wondering about what you had just read.

Another thing that stands out about the way it was written is that it is far from what textbooks make you feel like when you are reading them. The flow and organization of the topics make it easy for you to get through the chapters. And, more importantly, the way it was organized allows you to connect topics with one another so that you could understand how all of them fits in together in the grander scheme of things.

Moreover, you get to learn the steps and structure of the ATI TEAS in a concise way. That said, it helps you by making everything more accessible and time-efficient on your part as you do not have to go over a lot of words and pages just to absorb everything that is important to learn and know for the ATI TEAS.

What makes it unique:

  • It is structured so well and the concepts are arranged in a very understandable flow.
  • The way it was written makes it very informational yet still straight to the point.

Why choose this book:

  • It makes things easier for you to understand and digest without having to waste your time and effort.
  • This ATI TEAS study guide is cheaper than most of the other prep books on this list but it still is just as good in terms of overall quality.

Summary of the Best ATI TEAS Prep Books

Putting everything together, in this guide we reviewed the following:

ProductList PriceNumber Of Pages
ATI TEAS Strategies, Practice & Review with 2 Practice Tests $39.99 456
ATI TEAS Review Manual: Sixth Edition Revised $48.00 192
ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide $44.99 396
ATI TEAS Test Study Guide 2019-2020 $29.99 230

The ATI TEAS is the kind of exam that really pressures you because of how much ground you have to cover in only a span of 219 minutes. As such, you need to be able to know all of the topics by heart and learn test-taking strategies that will help you cut down the time you need to answer all of the questions. In that regard, you can choose some of the books on this list so that you will be able to cover all of the important concepts while also learning how to answer the ATI TEAS in the most time-efficient way.

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