Average PERT Test Scores: What Do the Numbers Mean?

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If you’re a resident of the state of Florida, then you have definitely heard the phrase PERT exam floating around at some point. PERT stands for Postsecondary Education Readiness Test. This examination is used by the state of Florida to ensure high-school graduates are well prepared for their college courses. In a nutshell, it evaluates what proficiency level you stand at to enable you to take excellent college courses.

However, one of the most anticipated questions involves the grading and scores of the PERT exam. How can you read the test scores, and what do they reflect? What’s the average grade? How do examiners determine your final score?

This article depicts all the information regarding PERT scoring. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

How is the PERT Test Scored?How is the PERT Test Scored?

First of all, there are a few facts you must be aware of before interpreting your PERT results. These include the following:

The test is divided into 3 subtests. These include Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. There are no failing criteria on the examination. It has not been designed to enable you to enroll in a university. Instead, it tests your knowledge to create the best courses for your college career.

  • Each section of the examination includes 30 questions.
  • There is no time limit on the exam. However, it’s recommended that you spend 2-3 hours completing the test, including all three subsections.
  • The exam must be completed on the same day. 
  • You might not be asked to take all three sections of the exam.
  • Out of the 30 questions in each subtest, there are 5 unscored questions. 
  • The average time taken to complete all three sections is 3 hours. 

As this exam is a standardized test, you receive a scaled score. It’s a reflection of how many questions you have answered right. As it’s standardized, you’re not penalized for any incorrect answers. Hence, it’s generally recommended to answer all the possible questions. No one can receive a zero on the exam, as there is a range for the scores provided.

Moreover, the PERT exam is provided in multiple-choice format and is administered digitally across some campuses.

If you’re wondering how to check PERT scores, you can access it through the Florida Department of Education. Your specific scores can be accessed through the Department of Education’s Online Postsecondary Education Readiness Test Repository. You will have to use your username and password.

What is the Highest Possible PERT Score?

What is the Highest Possible PERT Score?

The PERT score range lies between 50-150 per subtest. Hence, anyone can achieve the maximum PERT score on a subtest is 150.

Moreover, the general time spent per subtest varies. For example, students spend approximately 30 minutes on each mathematics and writing test. However, an hour is usually the time spent on the reading examination.

What is the Lowest PERT Score?

What is the Lowest PERT Score?

The lowest possible PERT score is 50. This is perceived as a poor grade on the PERT exam. It portrays poor skills in the subtest. Regardless, you don’t have to worry, as that provides insight into what college-level courses to take. Moreover, most institutes offer multiple attempts at the PERT exam. That means you’ll have the opportunity to sit for it again and receive a higher grade.

Moreover, something to keep in mind is that not all students in Florida will be asked to sit for the exam. For example, if you receive stellar SAT or ACT grades, you might be exempted from the examination. But you must still check in with your institute to evaluate your standing.

Average PERT Scores Needed for College Level Classes

Average PERT Scores Needed for College Level Classes

The average PERT test scores below qualify you to skip introductory courses in college. Hence, according to the subtest, the score you should aim for will vary. Below is a general guideline on what scores will qualify you to skip which classes in college:

  1. Mathematics: a score of 114 enables you to skip basic and remedial classes
  2. Writing & Reading: a score of 106 in Reading and a 103 in Writing will qualify you for the regular freshman-level English courses in college

The scores above are a reflection of what the average accepted score per subtest is. This allows you to either skip the fundamental level courses or will qualify you to take the most basic classes offered.

So, what is an excellent PERT reading score? It’s generally regarded as the 106 mentioned above. This score is required to enroll in developmental education or remedial reading courses. Hence, many college-level first-year courses regard this as the cut score.

To further understand the average PERT scores and which courses they qualify you to enroll in, refer to the PERT test scoring chart below. These are reflections of scores Valencia College is looking for. However, you can generally take it as a guideline for any college you apply to.

Exam Subtest Score Course Placement


50-83 Developmental Reading & Writing I
84-105 Developmental Reading & Writing II
106-150 Freshman Composition I


50-86 Developmental Reading & Writing I
90-102 Developmental Reading & Writing II
103-150 Freshman Composition I


50-95 Developmental Mathematics I
96-113 Developmental Mathematics II
114-122 Intermediate Algebra
123-150 College Algebra


However, another frequently posed question relates to the PERT test scores for dual enrollment. Many students currently going through high school aspire to study higher-level courses, specifically college-level ones. This is what’s known as dual enrollment. In other words, it’s when you’re enrolled in two separate institutions.

To be able to qualify for dual enrollment, the requirements are pretty simple. If you think about it logically, taking college-level courses requires you to pass the foundational, introductory courses. Hence, you must also achieve the minimum scores in the PERT exam to qualify. These scores are as follows:

  • Reading: 106
  • Writing: 103
  • Mathematics: 114

Moreover, keep in mind that you’ll often be obligated to sit for all three different subtests. However, the only score that will be considered is related to the course you want to take. For example, if you want to take a college-level algebra course, the only score that will be looked at would be the mathematics subtest.

What Does Your PERT Score Tell You?

What Does Your PERT Score Tell You?

The purpose of the PERT exam is quite simple. It simply evaluates your readiness for college, specifically in the English language arts and Mathematics. Hence, what your score will tell you is merely a reflection of your competence in the mentioned fields.

Moreover, if you’re more familiar with the SAT or ACT, you can get a general idea of how good your PERT scores are when comparing them to other scores. Below is a comparison table between PERT, SAT, and ACT scores. Remember that the scores mentioned below are the cutoff scores for each subtest. The cutoff score is the one that qualifies you for higher college-level courses, as opposed to basic ones.

Subtest Reading/Critical Reading Writing Mathematics/Elementary Algebra
PERT 106 103 114
Old SAT 440 440 440
New SAT 24 25 24
ACT 19 17 19


Northwest Florida State College provides a much more extensive placement score comparison. Check it out through the official document.

7 Tips to Improve Your PERT Score

7 Tips to Improve Your PERT Score

Solve Practice Tests

As each subtest contains 30 questions, practicing before the examination is vital. It will give you a general idea of how the exam is structured, what it tests, and how to solve the more difficult questions.

Moreover, keep in mind that there is no time limit for the exam. However, most students solve it within 2 hours, as the total amount of questions is only 90, and they’re all in multiple-choice format.

For a general idea and free PERT practice tests, check the ones offered by PERT Practice Test.

Know How to Study for the Reading Subtest

Many students seem to complain about the reading section. Even as a native speaker, achieving the cutoff score is difficult for many. The ideal way to do this is to read more and answer comprehension questions about whatever you’re reading. Moreover, don’t hesitate to reach out to a tutor skilled in the PERT exam.

Solve As Many Math Questions As Possible

The PERT Math test scores are often relatively high, as many students practice intensively for the examination. However, the point isn’t to compare yourself to other people. Instead, you should find your own study method to achieve great results. The cutoff score for the Math subsection is 114 out of 150, so you cannot leave it up to chance.

There are many ways to evaluate how well you stand when it comes to Algebra. An excellent method to start is using the 10-question exam offered by Test Guide. This will allow you to pinpoint the areas in mathematics where you lack foundational skills.

Check Your Previous Test Score Report

Assuming you’re sitting for the PERT exam once again, you will now be able to find your weak points. Note which section of the examination you scored the lowest in. This is supposed to give you the best idea of how to approach studying for the test. Moreover, try to figure out why you haven’t done well on the exam.

Mix Up Study Methods

If your initial study technique hasn’t worked the way you want it to, consider finding other, more innovative approaches. For example, your tactic might be to solve as many practice exams as possible. Another way is to study through a guide. Moreover, you can always reach out to a tutor to help you through the process.

Use a Study Guide

Investing in a study guide will save time and money if all else fails. An excellent guide is one offered by Miller Test Prep. This guide will allow you to reduce study time, as you don’t want to waste it stressing about the exam or using unnecessary study material.

Know Your Math Formulas

While the PERT exam provides you with a list of equations and formulas, you cannot guarantee to find them all. Some of them are not mentioned on the provided sheet. Hence, refer to a complete list of PERT math equations, and ensure you know them by heart.

Wrapping Things Up: Average PERT Test Scores

To bottom line is that the PERT examination is not a piece of cake. While many students might underestimate the time and dedication required, as many assume they can pass without studying, preparation is vital. Many might believe they already possess all the required information due to their foundation in high school. However, you never want to be underprepared.

Hence, use the above guide to understand what your scores mean. It will allow you to interpret your current grades and determine what scores you should strive for. Moreover, preparation and practice are the keys to the PERT exam. Hence, find your study guide, make a schedule, and stay consistent with achieving excellent results.

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