5 Best Internships for HR Students

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One of the best ways you can learn is through experience. There is a need for actual experiences to enhance the learning of the students who aspire to become HR managers. That’s why most business schools highly recommend the best internships for human resources.

There are so many lessons and skills to learn during the internship. Aside from that, there are many preparations to accomplish. In this article, you will learn how internships best benefit HR students. If you want to become a competent HR professional, this article is for you.

What is it Like to Be an HR Student Intern?What is it Like to Be an HR Student Intern?

There are a lot of exciting and interesting experiences and learning when you become an HR intern. You may experience what it feels like to become an HR professional. Your experience includes the recruitment process that may vary from one institution to another. You may assist with posting the hiring advertisements, checking the applicants’ documents, participating in the interviews, and organizing the payroll data. You may be asked to remove the job advertisements on social media.

You will work with HR personnel like the manager, coordinators, analysts, and staff. You will learn their roles and significance when it comes to solving the issues and concerns of the employees.

You will also do some office work like updating the employees’ database and putting the new employees’ contact details and other pertinent information. During the recruitment process, you may be asked to send rejection letters and job offers through emails to possible applicants.

There are events that the HR department needs to organize, and you will become a part of them. That’s why it is essential to know the company you serve thoroughly. During the conduct of the newly hired orientation, you are expected to facilitate. Moreover, if there are inquiries from the staff about the institution’s policies, staff benefits, and schedules, you should answer them.

According to Jessica Browne, a former HR intern from SAP and Kingston Careers and Employability Centre, the internship gives her life-long learning. She was able to use this learning since now she is an HR professional.

What are the Best Internships for HR Students?

What are the Best Internships for HR Students?

Many companies offer rich internship experiences for HR students. Some of these are listed below:


Who doesn’t want to work with Google? Google is one of the largest companies in the world. You will learn a lot from their HR management team if you are hired as an HR intern. You may check out more details of their HR internship here. You can state your preferred location where you can work as their HR intern and your available schedule. You may work with them from 12-14 weeks or approximately 3-4 months. Your start and end date may vary by your position.


From Apple’s website, you may read, “Be an innovator, not a spectator.” If you can work at Apple, you will indeed have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The team will gladly welcome you and consider you a full contributor, which is great. You will have the chance to work with the world’s brilliant minds. You will be working on an Apple campus. You may submit your resume at Apple’s website. After your resume submission, you will be contacted by an Apple representative.


The Microsoft internship has both virtual and on-site programs. You will work with people from around the globe, especially if you have a virtual internship. You can learn from this company which is keeping you safe. You can explore their career website and enter your location to find more HR internship ops with them. Working with large companies can bring many wonderful learning experiences as an HR intern, but you may still opt to apply to small companies. You may have a higher chance of being the only intern handling all HR tasks. In this manner, you will learn more compared to big companies with high competition.


Cisco provides excellent internship experience for students who aim to be HR professionals someday. The interns will have different assignments. You will do research, analyze, and create solutions. You will be part of the team.

Cigna Group

The Cigna Group recognizes the importance of Human Resources in molding the employees’ work experience. You can apply to Cigna Group, and you will ensure that your career will be enriched. The company even recognizes the different talents and capabilities as well as the differences of the employees.

For more information, refer to LinkedIn and Indeed.com because these are reliable websites for HR internship program.

What to Look for in an Internship for Human Resources?

What to Look for in an Internship for Human Resources?

When looking for an HR internship should check if the following are available:

Can the company develop you to your highest potential?

When looking for an HR internship, you should ensure that the company can develop you to your highest potential. At the end of the internship, you must learn and possess the necessary HR skills like communication, technology, human resource management, administrative, and decision-making skills.

Can the company provide you with the best learning experience?

The company should give the best learning experience by letting you work as a real HR professional. You must be able to perform the fundamental HR roles and responsibilities like recruiting and selecting new employees, human resource planning, developing the employees, maintaining a good relationship with employees, executing administrative tasks, and monitoring employees’ performance and reward.

Can the company give you the correct type of human resource internship program?

HR internship comes in different types based on your chosen field.

  • Benefits and compensation internship
  • Employee relations internship
  • Talent management internship
  • Inclusion initiative internship

How to Choose the Best HR Internship: 7 Things to Consider

How to Choose the Best HR Internship: 7 Things to Consider

When choosing a company where you can have an HR internship, you may consider the following:

It offers career path alignment.

The company where you can have your HR internship should align with your career path. That’s why knowing the type of HR internship you specialize in is vital. Do you want to be in benefits and compensation, employee relations, talent management, or inclusion initiative internships? Your internship experience may be useless if it does not align with your career path.

It should have a complete package of an HR internship program.

The company should give you a specific program designed for your HR internship. In this way, you will learn your particular task. Therefore, you are guided in your scope and limitations when working. You should also know the proper procedures and rules. For example, you should know the rules regarding tardiness and absences. Who is the right person to consult if you encounter inquiries and concerns? There must be an orientation before the start of your internship.

What is the compensation?

One of the questions you may have is about the company’s compensation. Are you paid during your internship? If yes, how much is the payment, and when is the payment given? What will be your rewards in exchange for your services if you are not paid? Is it amenable for you? Can you support your expenses while having your internship if you are not paid?

The duration of the internship program

Usually, the duration of the internship program lasts up to 3 months. Are you available during these times? Is this enough to gain the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful HR employee? Consider some HR summer internships.

The location

Would you like to have your internship abroad? The location of your HR internship is essential, as you should also consider the distance and time going to your workplace. You may research some agencies or companies that offer HR internship programs abroad. You may also search around your place if you don’t want to go far from your home.

The values of the company

At the end of the program, what matters most is you have imbibed the company’s values. Are these values necessary for you to become a competent HR professional? You should not only look at how the company can develop your skills and knowledge. But it would be best to consider how the company can develop your attitude.

The process of the internship

Would you like to have it virtually or on-site? You can have the virtual option if you work for companies mentioned above, like Google and Microsoft. You may also opt for an on-site internship program where you must visit the office daily. In this manner, you will be able to work in the comfort of your home while getting the necessary skills.

Wrapping Things Up: 5 Best Internships for HR Students

There are many best internships for human resource students. However, it would help if you considered some factors when choosing the right company. Apply to one of the major companies in the world like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. You must ensure that the company can develop your highest potential and provide the best learning experience based on the specific type of internship program. Lastly, when scouting for the right internship company, you must consider your career path, compensation, program, values, location, and process.

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